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May 2020
Man Overboard

the storm was well observed
you could see it in the distance
signs of discourse obvious
there was way too much resistance

the skies were turning hell fire red
serpent seas thrashing at the sides
visibility extremely limited in his head
prepare for oncoming tides

batten down the hatches matey
set the main sail in it's proper place
rocking to and fro sickness coming on
taking on excessive water splashing in his face

the bilge pump is out of order
sinking deeper by the moment
huge wave of discontent knocking now
increasing the internal torment

with a final fling of natures force
all this energy that was stored
flung him to his watery grave
SOS came the call the man was overboard
hypothermia wont take to long
to settle in his aching heart
bitter cold words of his final song
tearing the canvas binding all apart

Morpheus... aka Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
     Eloisa, anna and Bogdan Dragos
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