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Apr 2020
Adam's Atoms

was it 4000 years or maybe even 4 billion
and how did it really happen who knows
was there really an Adam was he the first
one book says that's the way the story goes

does it really matter by what name we call him
no matter which way you are leaning it's true
someone someway had to be the first of our kind
there was a beginning long before me and you

so where are Adam's atoms these days
does anyone actually think they know
where did the atoms to make Adam came from
was element 117 there then and did it glow

enhanced stability for super-heavy nuclei
validating the concept of the measured decay
you didn't really think after all
we could have possibly been made from clay

are lanthanoids soft enough to work
when it comes to making a man
they are after all luminescent materials
but impossible to hold in your hand

yes it is science over most of our heads
an incredible creation no matter how it's done
Adam has a lot of relatives to relativity
his atoms everywhere you want an example I am one
  Gomer LePoet....
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
   Holly D
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