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Lucas Feb 14
always the dancer, we seek
among the turtle-reeds
for the one and true immutable path.
here is peace in the copper,
a cursive emanation of calming action,
of a love like serving tea
or making bread, a love that gives itself away.

remember yourself not as judge, but as an awe-struck lover of now
curious for the magic of all the movement, patient
and kind, freely giving what you get.

forgiveness is a tree giving shade to a lumberjack.
Lucas Jan 18
focus drips over
a too fast heart rate
as i live
with too many layers on;
i am not barefoot,
i am hardly breathing.

where, where, where/within, within, within.
i shine an “oh-my”
on my lovely wife
and she goes to GOD and prays for me,
we love each other, she prays for our child.

i am too old to be selfish.
not a moon, not far away.
i am here
sight-grace burning the veil of the roles i cherish.

i am not the world, i do not need it.
i have been given the greatest gift.
Lucas Dec 2020
there is a man in the garden
who prays while we sleep.
hypostatic growth
in the heart, analog
of eden;
eve and the luminaries
took residence in the void.
in the beginning,
before nostrils
or distinction
there was a man
in the garden
that prayed while we slept.
Lucas Oct 2020
steamed broccoli
leaks toward heaven
in a mouth
of scant highway excursions

horrid, hard boiled mantle bangers
invoke across the insta-wave
loud, loud
lathe induced labor pangs

big and falling
and told no often,
"i am not here, i shut my eyes.
i am now here, i come to listen."

the heathen code  
sold to be used on gourmet motherboards
is soul to spirit in man as animal on earth
making slowly its way through the rush
Lucas Oct 2020
the everywhere bounce
against the fringe membrane  
of foreign tasting hegemony
screams “mara!”
and it is the devil
that asks you if you desire to keep yourself.
and although we are leaves of a tree
aimed upon the renewal
we see the branch
and we talk of the branch,
for the branch is comfort
and there is great fear of the ground
among us falling leaves.

to accept our end as a rescue
is to break upon the skull a diamond
of GOD
and transport the soul
to the triune godhead.
death is every moment:
finding YHWH
is fresh birth.
Lucas Apr 2020
and foresight
arc over us,
a rainbow barking o body, o body
as the ground swells with the pregnancy of god.

i am on four windows of weeping horizons.
Lucas Dec 2019
the entry
is plastic
and strung on loose thoughts
of salvation come yesterday.
the entry
is water
and dope,
marvelous bug eyes under
a cemented glass brain.
the entry is warm jelly
and allergen,
dim lights become strong.

the entry is waiting
and it is beautiful.
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