In that moment it clicks.
I know exactly what to do.
Our bodies fit together like puzzle pieces.

In that moment time stops,
For about an hour we are endless.
She looks up at me and smiles.

In that moment I melt.
Her hair is everywhere
There is sweat on her brow.

In that moment we don’t care.
We are each other .
We are happy.

To my parents,
I am their proud product
Doing what they could not
Striving towards goals life would not allow them.

To my friends,
I am loud and mean
Always doing what I shouldn’t
And always complaining.

To my ex,
I am a stranger
Walking in the skin of an old friend
That turned out to be a monster.

To you,
I am new
And interesting
Which makes you curious and scared.

To me,
I am trying to get by
Struggling to find myself
Mostly scared of becoming nothing in the cruel cruel world.

I wake to the sunlight coming through the white curtains.
I roll over to see those green eyes looking back at me.
You smile a mouthful of shiny white enamel that reflects the light I just turned away from.
These moments are the ones I’ll cherish forever.
When everything means little and all I care about is you.
Time moves slower when I am in your eyes.
I forget where I am and all care to know.
I reach out to touch your face
But my hand hits the sheets beneath your head.
I blink and you are gone.
I remember that you haven’t been there for months now.
Yet, I am still having this dream.
It makes me fear that I am stuck.
Doomed to always wake next to empty pillows and cold sheets.

It started on a Saturday.
It always starts on a Saturday.

He thought she was mad at him.
He did not know why.
He never knows why.

I did not know either.
He came to me.
He always comes to me.

I asked her what was wrong
She said “nothing”.
Nothing is ever wrong.

I told him what she said.
He looked sad.
He always looks sad.

But I think I know whats wrong.
And she’s right.
Nothing is wrong.

Nothing is wrong
Everything is fine and that scares her.
So she shuts down.

— The End —