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Conor Martin Mar 2021
The cough and splutter of the engines, Failure to launch yourself
Diagnose the problem, Self centred inflictions gripping on the fear
Grip the wheel feel the sweat on your palm
Let the wind whistling through the window. Bring upon an overwhelming calm

Measuring the pace by our distance to the place We think we are meant to be
Against the others shadow, In the overhead lights as they repeat the message of who we wish to see
In the rear-view mirror, And the only one looking back is me

Flash of the Lights that run through my mind, I hear the woosh as they
Cut the air above the roof, like an asteroid in the sky plummeting to the ground
Bringing hope to the masses behind the iris’
Blips of life on a blacktop monitor of the heart

As we see the blood on the motorway of journeys of the others before
Can you see no one really reached the goal, On the cold hard shoulder
Pushed out by the lack of a helping hand in a measured, heartless box

Was this really a race when i feel emotions jumped the start
Breaking down my being and counter steering against the barrier of my heart
I awake from the worst fears undesired and I find myself here again

Sitting at the lights, Red goes to amber and I cant muster the fight
Going for all the wrong reasons I want to make right
Body and Spirt versus my minds diversion on the path less often trekked

My instructor for living, The Shrine for reprisal, As the engine kicks into life
We race down the highway, As the bumps rumble our being but we enjoy the ride
Hand on our shoulder to direct us to arrival, Pass the test of time

We see the gridlocked side streets, Acknowledge and bypass the line
Staying straight on our heading, Travelling onwards towards the light
Conor Martin Jan 2021
A dogs heart has no weight or mass to be measured
They are one of life’s true honest pleasures
A dog does not see the bad you’ve done
A dog cannot only love one
The heart they have cannot contain their soul
As it runs through open fields
And closes gates to pain and hurt

They heal old wounds of friends we lost
And care not for how much our clothes cost
Dogs create joy wherever they roam
And all they ask is for a pat or a bone

When we walk, we walk together
In life whatever the weather
As when we love a dog
Then we discover life’s true treasure
Conor Martin Jun 2020
Walls of the Heart, Courting fear
When will normality let feelings prevail
Sober judge witnessing senses tell tall tales
Take this Boy away and throw him in Jail

Slamming Iron doors of Minds own creation
Emotional Embargo leads to its fragmentation
Guards of silent despise, A narrow slit slides
Demise makes good viewing for the Devil's eyes

Finger Nails, Clawing marks into stone, Counting days one by one
Reality is too far and gone, These anxious heights from which im thrown, Bruise the body and beat the soul

I cant wait to feel the sun
Burn upon my Mental flesh, malleable and Taught
The reminders of time
I'd rather forget
Conor Martin Apr 2020
In sweet visionary illusion
Swept up in mindless delusions
Grand thoughts swelling fourth
As mind over matter which pierce the sky
And at this time I cover my eyes
To Shield them from reason
But their is no need as it’s all obscured by clouds

Grey is the colour an eclipse of judgement in fine detail
Status Quo agenda, dig a hole
Bury my head in the sand as it comes through the other side of a flat moronic earth
Social distance from reason, No vaccine to cure the brain from this ignorance plague
Weeping from the wound of privileged upbringing, In a prison surrounded by lacklustre villains watching society crumble from the cell of self justification, Locked doors and keyless thought

Rushed to the windows to watch the sky, No way to see the sun when it’s obscured by clouds.
Conor Martin Dec 2019
Before the dawn
The transition of Lucid dream
From Reality, The bleeding realms
The minds eye untethered and set free
As the dark soul gathers pace on the light
Catching up
Then coming back to life

Take a Heavenly line
Down the new found path
Free from insecurity and anxious decline
Starring into the sun
Black heart no more
I'm rushing back to life

The astral plain memories
Over my shoulder please refrain
From talking of the dark past again
A brighter day, First step forward
As I walk on new found land
As I bathe among New found light

Better than then Me, Back to the Me
I always wanted out, Do not dwell
As I remember how to fly
Soul to soar beside the sun
Reflecting the other side
My journey through the dark

Now I've come back to life
A 1st draft
Conor Martin Oct 2019
In the long hours
When loneliness rears it's head
This iron soul on shoulders lay
Raising with the shift to night
"I've waited for this inky blue"
The midnight rider onward at dawn
With Common sense no more among
Gods with little soliders burden the young
Taking away what never belonged
Peace on earth, In airfilled quotes
Nightmarish slumber
As impatience grows
Imaginations creatures crawl from dark divides
Split the earth and atom between the whispers and the eye
The silent figure at the bottom of the bed
In the long hours
That's when all my living is in my Head
Sleep paralysis
Conor Martin Oct 2019
You've got that caramel charisma
That sweet tooth personality that leaves me wanting more
Where have you gone, I wish you were here
It's time we left the factory and came to see a world brighter than the glass ceiling allows

Sweet, No sweat
Its banter no barter
The high road not often spoke
A message among the common folk
Whispered love beyond the time
Around the reason of this rhyme
It's all I've done to ignore the signs
You should be mine
And will be holding hands
Along the river lagan
And our throats ache from
Songs over sang

Urge, Desire
Perception of the rain on our lips
Feeling sadness on finger tips
We know one night is all we get

Love then life
What is it worth
Grains of potential
Gritty like the dirt
We wash clean to
Bare our skin within
The linen cloth warmth
Of sultry affluence
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