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vadim z Jul 2
what a candy of a song
at times it's short
at times it's long
you see I cherish it a lot
to say the least, it's all one's got
to each his own
of course
with some regrets
and some remorse
but also love
of which one never has enough
and so I sing this song away
every morning
every day
years and months and weeks
unless I'm sick
or struck down by bad fortune
but even so
it finds its way back to this weary soul
and lifts one up
from bottom straight back to the top
oh what a song it is
it's often miss
it's often hit
and I shall only wish to keep it lit
a little longer
vadim z Jul 1
it's my genuine luck  
to often be out of stock for dinero
the engine of everything in our time
contextomy prime
and it's not that I have chosen this way of living
I just take it as a given, take it as it comes
see no point to grumble about it too long
here's a possible title for a possible song
where am I in comparison to King Kong
for the ground upon which I stand is not very solid
hereby I refer to that financial black hole in my wallet
a passing phase, cut to the chase
yeah right
try to deliver it to anyone that has ever cried
as for my spirit, I still can steer it
still got enough loving in me one better believe it
just getting old I suppose
hairline much thinner, soon to be bald
so what
for as long as this soup ain't too cold
I'll keep on floating in this brave new world
vadim z Jun 30
yes God
I'm lost
cannot see yet through my skin
but I sure feel that I will soon become a ghost

and what if I
stay trapped in here
forever wandering the Earth
would you agree if I to say
that living often is a curse?

yes God
please brighten everything
and everyone
with your everlasting light
let us not fight
when darkness takes it's toll
and you are out of sight

who's gonna save us then?
vadim z Jun 28
if you could show me that there is
a little more to this
with that, I then shall kindly follow
as if there will be no tomorrow
nor any other day
I'll change my whereabouts
will rest my head high in the clouds
no longer troubled by old doubt
on any given day
say, have you ever felt the way
heart feels when knows that has to go
but longs to stay
and is it right
to let go of many things that one might love
when the grip is tight
what do you say
if anything at all
is there a way for us to change
what we cannot control
Conor Martin Oct 2019
You've got that caramel charisma
That sweet tooth personality that leaves me wanting more
Where have you gone, I wish you were here
It's time we left the factory and came to see a world brighter than the glass ceiling allows

Sweet, No sweat
Its banter no barter
The high road not often spoke
A message among the common folk
Whispered love beyond the time
Around the reason of this rhyme
It's all I've done to ignore the signs
You should be mine
And will be holding hands
Along the river lagan
And our throats ache from
Songs over sang

Urge, Desire
Perception of the rain on our lips
Feeling sadness on finger tips
We know one night is all we get

Love then life
What is it worth
Grains of potential
Gritty like the dirt
We wash clean to
Bare our skin within
The linen cloth warmth
Of sultry affluence
The Napkin Poet Mar 2019
You left
A footprint
On the wood panel
In front of me

Your wet soles
From dewed grass
And drunk squats

Your mark
Lays upon me
I know you’re near
But not here
Conor Martin Mar 2017
Symphony of Silence throughout the night
Doors and windows latched and locked tight
Sleeping softly as dreams ******
Troubled times when morals where subdued

We’re shoulder to shoulder with the **** or the ***,
Look at themn's with the same eyes, not down the barrel of a gun
The pasts only purpose now, Make the blind clearly see
The mistakes they made with their ******’ corrupt legacy

It’s quiet in the cities cobbled streets, the birds pick at first light
Emerge from their nests, Like our generation glimpses first sight
The new formed world from the rubble of this war
No emblem or flag can heal wounds this vicious or raw
Brick by Brick, The walls of Peace rose to keep in hate
There’s no more guerrillas in the street, Only as heads of State

The Family divided, A Birds clipped wing
This Island, Our home,
Shared together
Squandered Alone
The North is quite simply, The most politically and culturally frustrating place to live in, Beyond people feeling so self entitled believing that their culture is better than anyone else's we are cannon fodder to the representatives who regularly pit one side against the other in order to enhance personal and political agenda, Do not read this believing that one side is more or less guilty than the other. Both sides of the co-existing divide are guilty of things beyond the comprehension of the wider population.
I Wrote this in one of my moments of frustration.
Brendan Sansome May 2015
Mr McParland;
our Primary 4 teacher lived in Newry,
Northern Ireland.
Not a City in those days,
but a dangerous border town.
He had wiry hair like a blonde Afro.

Pat Jennings;
world class goalkeeper for his country,
was also born in Newry.
Our man claimed to know him,
and went to school with the green giant.
We believed without reproach.

Yours truly;
age 6 & 7, in the years of the Hunger Strikes,
born in Belfast.
I was enthralled because Pat was of another
world to kids reared in our divided times.
A symbol of hope on an island of doubt.
Antonio Fonseca Sep 2014
Seagulls on the beach
along them chanting, I exist.
A mountain overlap on slaying deranged.

portrait of yore.
Sweet Belfast;
get obscene, now!
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