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 Nov 17
Thou cant have light without
Over casting sorrow on your
sweet, sweet smile.

They say it gets easier.
But time doesn't heal all wounds.
It just gets comforting to be as lone.

Roasting on an open fire.
For all to see and cast words
they can't comprehend.

I've been places
God can't go.
But you my love, were always herem
 Nov 9
Loneliness is just the state of mind.
You left me in.
Done like the orange leaf.
Holding on, barely.
To the ghost
of a tree that died, ages ago.

Its melancholia.
 Nov 4
Depression is, living in a sbowglobe.
Watching the world move around you.
While you're dealing with the guilt
of waking up disappointed for being alive.
Mania is just making up for lost time.
 Oct 19
Melancholy in the shadow moonlight.
Like the other
incubi before me;
I'm out for blood.

Cursed to forever roam.
A dying star
in a cluster of extreterrestrial

Detachment is the only light.
In the darkness we serve.
Infernal righteousness is far superior to Bible *******.
 Sep 24
I'm not really one to lay
on my back
and just take it.

While life continues to **** me.
In every position, possible .

Unless money is involved.
I'm no longer interested.

Boy, I'll be whoever you'd like.
If the price is right.
I'll spin your wheel of misfortune.
 Sep 22
At this point .
I'd rather gouge my eyes out.
With an old, rusty spoon.

Then to have the misfortune
of ever catching your gaze.

Once again, I'll play pretend.
As the blood comes trickling down my face.
Nonchalantly trying to please your vindictive ego.

But just you wait.
The worst is yet to come.
**** is about to go down.
Like a full blood moon.

I will take you out like yesterday's news.
Cast your back to which you came from.

Get behind me, Satan.
It's my time to shine now.
Smooches, *******.
 Sep 19
I'm eternally striving
to melt away in your sunshine.
But real life has got me
hella salty.

Over cast covers the sky.
Like Winter's silent sorrow.
A fresh blanket of snow always hides
Last night mistakes.

Regret in the morning is stronger than espresso.
 Sep 18
Trash Queen euphoria.
Dumpster diving for
day dream mania.

Everything's swell
when you're out of your mind.
I'm good thanks,
Im fresh from the psych ward.
 Sep 11
Personally, ive never understood your motives. But I forgot, I don't have a voice in your mind.
I'm just another
crazy *****.

Mixed mania and euphoric depression. Sulking in deep seeded rage.

I am but a chameleon.
With my thoughts.
With my feelings and my personalites.
Histrionic, demonic and quite triggered.

It's like I'm living in third person.
But still,running the show from the upper stage though.

I guess, our lot in life is to play our hands.
And play them well.

I'm sitting on a royal flush.
But you'd never know.
It's just not my turn to play yet.

Life's a really hard game.
 Sep 9
The incredible guilt,
I have for telling you
Deathscsweet seal
Is the hardest cross,
I've ever had to bear.
slowly in silence.
Burning like the Matches
only speak.
This course is speeding up my hour glass.
A little too fast for comfort.
 Sep 7
If life would kindly
bring a ******.
The next time it decides to
**** me raw.
That'd just be great.
I like it rough.
But even a massochist
has its limits.
And I'm on the border.

On the fence.
Exhaustion has never hit so close to home.
Which by the way is incinerating.
If I could sleep this off I would.
I'm just trying to stay out of my mind.
I don't like what's happening there, right now either.

Like reality.
I'd rather not be a part.
Of these shenanigans.
 Aug 22
You just have a sound about you.
That makes me want to
in midday traffic.
With a **** eating grin,
smeared on my face.

Landing nothing but
Impoverished strategies at modern day lobotomies. On the cheap-cheap.

Euphoric depression is a wild ride.
And you can't ride.
Your mind is just too short.
 Aug 20
Sometimes you just feel so
zombie esque it hurts to breathe.
The twitches
of a witch's
evil eye.

of a former ghost.
My personalities paid host.
Posessions, demonic in blood relations.
I'm lost, in my own sea.
Dead like the one before me.
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