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 Mar 2021
I scream out loud
No one hears
it leaves my mouth
light as a whisper
I’m angry
but mostly depressed
no longer able to breathe

Feeling used and abused
I open my mouth again
But nothing comes out
I try again
Coughing up words
As sharp as an arrow
blunt as a pickaxe handle

Blood red as a dying rose
escapes my mouth now
It runs down my throat
next to my beating heart
That no longer
can dance for you
#heart #love #missyou #muststop #cantstop #mustmoveon #movingon #keeptrying #beatingheart #depression #sad #breakup  #thinkingofyou #latenightwrites
 Nov 2020
Melissa Rose
Have you ever died from heartache?

Watched as grief spilled
over the edge of love
drowning the very essence
that makes you whole

Have you ever died from heartache?

Sinking into the sea
of emptiness
consumed by the darkness
as your soul fades away

Have you ever died from heartache?

Gasping, grasping, gasping for air
like old black and whites
the only memories of you
have no colour

Have you ever died from heartache?

I will

when she finally takes them
from me
I won’t bear to live
another day
 Oct 2020
CJ Tims
I am ashamed
At how broken i am.
I apologize
For the amount of stress
I may cause in the midst of your
Efforts of trying to keep me held together.
I apologize
that i continue to fall apart
Before your glue has time to dry.
I apologize
That every time you pick a piece of me up,
Yet another breaks.
I am trying.
You are fixing me slower than i am breaking,
And i am ashamed.
Thank you.
Thank you for not giving up
On a broken piece of nothing.
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