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44.0k · Dec 2013
Going To Market With Nan
On Saturday mornings it always was the same
my Nan would say come Chris we are going down the lane
I would fret want to go to the bathroom but she'd drag me out again
knowing what a powder keg she was and thought her rather insane

It did not matter how big they were she had ***** of steel
if someone crossed her path they would come off ill
I was mortified by her temper, my word but she was strong
I have seen her throw hard men right over my head and they were gone

Now at this not so tender age I am
now I understand who I am
just another dangerous creature
like my sweet old Nan

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
32.9k · Aug 2014
Hard Work And Perseverance
Never relent to reach your dreams
never fall at the first fence
be brave and fight on
think everyone not your enemy

Stand fast and never yield
be strong for the time of deliverance
be a child of the stars so vast
with hard work and perseverance

Go by the beat of the drum
know that enlightenment is within you
be as we, stride on freely
for I truly believe that you can really do

(Poem For Larna Kira Kourtis)

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
6.1k · May 2014
Cockity Cock
It's a **** count down on Rockies ranch
Rock's got the list
and Clancy's got the **** counter
listen to Rock sing his favorite song
good old Cockity ****
to see how many heads pop up
time is a ticking
counting all those chickens
so cockity ****
get them heads up
my lovely *****

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
5.4k · Nov 2013
I dance like a lizard on hot sand
by the light of the sun I've done this before
it's like that, one minute waltz times four

Reptile be what reptilian is
on rock lazily warming in the sun
as my slow constitution has began

After midday hiding in shadows
with darting tongue, I smell my pray
by their nest I wait till the last of day

Then out they come in the cool of the night
a feast frenzy for all
yet this ***** lizard is so small

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
5.3k · Aug 2013
So long ago was the rebellion
when shield and sword clashed
how mighty those battles
far, far from our homes

All were once the same
till he shot his big mouth off
and a division was made
we knew then this was rebellion

Brother and brother locked in combat
sister and sister fighting to ones defeat
never should this battle of taken place
all because of jealousy of the human race

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
By NeonSolaris

© 2011 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
5.1k · Apr 2014
My Hamster Has Asthma
My hamster has asthma
it's so well not ****** cool
he sits there just looking at me
when I put him in his ball

The wheel I bought him to run inside
does sit in his cage redundant
for he has no want to play
my poor short of breath rodent

I took him to the vets
this coughing spluttering pet
I told of my malady
hoping he'd make him breath better for me

The vet looked at me astounded
and very confounded
as this condition he had never seen
a hamster with asthma looking cute and serene

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
4.9k · Feb 2014
Poppy My Poppy
He slumped onto the barbedwire
thinking of the end in no man's land
his uniform grey with ash
his army colours now blind to all

From out of a trench he had dashed
but dying no hero by the call of a whistle
just a name in a thankless world war
that in a thousand more years
will have tragically so many tears

No Poppy will grow here
whilst the bombs and gunfire go on
this land will not settle
with killing machines of metal

So he is dying with his blood and pride
yet not in a land for butterflies
he looks at his loves stained photograph
in his last breath gasps, Poppy my Poppy

By Christis Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
4.7k · Nov 2013
Ice Cream Ninety Nine
Ice cream ninety nine
I know you make my lips taste fine
I need a big one mister
give me your large ice cream, ninety nine

We hear you coming
with lame tunes, Mmm pretty shifty
but we love to see you here
in our slum of a f>>king city

Yet Ice cream man
your sauce is tasty
and the blood you put on
makes kid's like us factory

Come back ice cream man
just one more ninety nine
come on ice cream man
let us bleed you dry again

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka Neonsolaris

By NeonSolaris

© 2013 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
4.7k · Nov 2013
Sitting past the reeds
upon a willow tree
the kingfisher surveys
his watery larder

With keen polaroid eyes
a victim he spies
and measuring distance
he makes his next move

A flicker in thought
his blue metallic wings
now do go into action
such a beautiful thing

Down from the branches
wings folded back
he darts into the stream
by the banks waters edge

The minnow that was hunting
has now become the hunted
and out of crystal waters
the kingfisher is victorious

Out of the stream
with feathers to preen
after a hearty fill
of minnow and bream

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
4.7k · Aug 2013
My Loyalty
Oh cast me to the dark
so I have a chance to fight
let my sword on fire
make brave and inspire

My loyalty is only to you
you are the light of my dawning
what do you wish of me
I do promise to serve you

Soon they will know
just what a fool of love I am
my heart aches for you
I even dream with you

You are all to me
you are my dignity
and I truly love you
with all of my loyalty

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
By NeonSolaris
© 2013 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
4.2k · Oct 2013
The Lifeboat
Water lapped up the side of the lifeboat
as it bobbed up and down on the sea
only seven ****** had survived
the rest had gone under and drowned

The first officer and the stoker
lent over a fellow ******
he was coughing up oil
and in unbearable pain, was screaming

The stoker mumbled, He's not got long
then he started to sob in his hands bitterly
they had been torpedoed by a U Boat
a day and three quarters out of Italy

The coughing then stopped
the ****** was dead
so they said a little prayer
then tipped him over the edge

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
4.1k · Sep 2014
On The Naughty List
Have you been bad my friend
as you seem to be on the naughty list
let me just check for you
see all that you have claimed to do

Can I look at your pass again
sir by this your seven foot tall
and to boot, great with child
you can kiss it, you are on the naughty list

Oh don't give us this and that
I smell the bull, you're full of crap
you are on the naughty list
maggot, just one off the wrist

Now move over sir
as you are not welcome here
no point stomping your feet
you sir are not getting in

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
3.8k · Dec 2013
The Strike
Time does tell me to unfurl my dark wings
keep a blood red cross on your door
for like the last time I flew
it is time to take the first born

Years become seconds
I am programmed
to hunt and ****
by the orders

This is a deep communion
nothing to do with faith
just an action I must perform
deaths bitter sweet wraith

So from door to door
I will strike them down
**** the first born
all around the world

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
3.8k · Feb 2015
Asshole ( Explicit )
Hey bro don't push in front
you *******
hey **** for brains say thank you
you *******
Man you are going to make me loose my rag
you *******

Why don't you just ****** die
you *******
because I will ******* up
you *******
I will bleed you till you never believe
you *******

I can break every bone in your body
you *******
I can make you burn in hell
you *******
I can be wicked if I want
you *******

So get out of my space
you *******

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
3.6k · Sep 2013
Where Dolphins Dwell
Ocean calm but for moonlight now flickering
the wake of the playful children of the sea
here in secretive parlour they lift their heads up high
and sing profound longing to Orion with star filled eyes
their solemn songs with kind indifference they click and cry
in holy matrimony of cool waters joined with black velvet skies.

By Christos Andreas Kourtis
By NeonSolaris

© 2008 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
3.4k · Sep 2014
I Bite Naughty
As we transcend from the perfumed gardens
my hot lips climb your mount of venus
and by your belly button
I breath hotly on you and lay a kiss
I know I pretend to be prim and hawlty
but keep my secret, that I bite naughty

People would think me a ***** monger
a ****** beast with a unquenchable desire  
I rive and burn with anticipation
just to feel skin against skin
I'd do you and her to, it's my fault
that I do bite naughty  

I look deep into your eyes
as I move up ever forward
I reach your temple lips
and there I lay my hypnotic kiss
laying where you are my beauty
as I bite you naughty

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
3.3k · Aug 2013
Planes And Dragonflies
We walk by the river side
wanting the sky to fall
planes fly tree line low
she ducks her head as we go
as I hold tight to her hand

She has the look of eloquence
her eyes burn into my eyes
and by the riverside
we spot a blue dragonfly
we watch it's shimmering wings as it flies

We stop for a few moments
to watch this baby fly
as we care for all
and none care for us
as we are just planes and dragonflies

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
It was silk that handkerchief
that she kept in her slim red velvet sleeve
that windy night whist out riding
she did loose that hanky to the wind wild and free

Holding on to her mighty black beauty
she did let her chief fly with the wind
and as moonlight fell
it did land upon a still pond

A frog still breathing the breath of flies
dead in eyes did adorn himself
making the silk handkerchief his cloak
claiming all the kingdoms of the world

He claimed dark magic for his evil empire
bathed those so foolish to follow his lies
from spore to twenty ages past
he was their glory, for a thousand years to pass

Oh his sick blindness was his ignorance
making baby skinned lamp shades
as death by his hands came so easily
by suicide he'd die in a shallow cowards grave

The lady of the midnight rides
oh she did hear of his wicked deeds
so she made a black clothed thing
a dragonfly, with the heart of fire

It was sent to that time
oh to that dark age with jagged wings
it did put hate in a box
to save fit for another day

That silk handkerchief
oh did he know it's worth
pudding disdain is now the frog
and to our shame, so is this world

By Christos Andreas Kourtos aka NeonSolaris
3.3k · Nov 2013
My Brothers Naughty Dog
My brothers dog is a naughty boy
he chews on the furniture, and destroys his toys
the chap can even open the bread bin
scoffing all that is contained within

My brother did say, just the other day
with a huff and a puff in somewhat dismay
that he had caught his crafty mutt licking
the board that he chops his food on

He had wondered why it always kept clean
now he knows, all is not always what it seems

Yet my brother loves that puppy
and together they are so very happy
but he is a rowdy little sod
is my brothers naughty dog

By Christos Andreas aka NeonSolaris

By NeonSolaris

© 2013 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
3.2k · Nov 2013
Poppy walked the streets by day
she cried in the allies at night
she's still a kind and generous lady
who through circumstance had lost the fight

The vacant look in her eyes
dirt on her face that some despise
but if you gave her the time of day
wise words she would always say

People call her a down and out
but that's not what she's about
for from the front she had come
and no more would she hold a gun

She is a forgotten hero
and now she's a zero
she keeps her medals in her pocket
in a tissue next to her false teeth

One of the many now forgotten
one who's life now is rotten
this is Poppy the hero
this is one of the forgotten

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

© 2011 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
3.2k · Sep 2013
Upon still waters white with slender neck
this beauty glides so gentle in serenity
and as the reeds call to warm winds
she dips her head in acknowledgement

Mayflies skip across this crystal stream
I am in awe of this wondrous day
this is my heaven, my dream
so by it's cool banks I lay

Green leaves are everywhere
willows here weep no more
for this cool and pleasant waters
is where I will rest forever more

Our shatter light from wars holy
will blend with the brotherhood
and I pray to God
for he said we would

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

By NeonSolaris

© 2011 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
3.1k · Apr 2014
The Journey
He was tripping space *****,
whilst receiving some strange alien calls,
up on planet Acidon,

From where he sat he could see Uranus,
he was so out of his mind,
he thought he could fly,
boy was that crazy spaceman high,

The journey took him really far,
way out to a distant star,

His food supplies consisted of turtle soup,
but his bowels couldn't handle it,
so he often pooped,
after consuming turtle soup,

The journey had been long and laborious,
and his co-pilot was a drug dealing walrus,
that could not handle his drink,
it made his eyes go pink,
to the point that he could not blink,

They were so out of their box,
they could no longer think.

By Christos Andreas Kourtis and Larna Kira Kourtis
3.1k · Oct 2013
Tits Out Sunbathing
When I go on a poetic rant
I call it my **** out sunbathing
and boy do I flash them
whilst I am still breathing

I am trying to help other writers
just to overcome their fears
as I have become fearless
with devotion, so many years

You get to a stage
or maybe an age
that you care not what people are saying
when you have your **** out sunbathing

Yes, I know I am rather brash
smoking **** and flicking ash
drinking till the sun cries morning
a new day of poetry, just dawning

So as a would be sage
twenty first century made
I do hope to empower
writing is a life time, and not just hours

I write for the love of it
help all of this art waiting
for I am a **** for the art
with my **** out sunbathing

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
By NeonSolaris

© 2013 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
3.1k · Aug 2013
My Countdown To Suicide
Tic tic tic
I know it sounds sick
all that tapping on keys
my countdown to my sweet suicide

It's no big deal
for nothing I feel
this body, this flesh
good god 20,000 will do

If you live by the art
die by your art
this is my 9,997
before the gates of heaven

I will push myself to death
promise a utter messy death
glory to dark poetry
my countdown to sweet suicide

The fire burns deep within me
I will not retreat from this
no glance back, no romance
just my countdown to sweet suicide

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

By NeonSolaris

© 2012 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
3.0k · Sep 2013
The Tree Gnome
He sleeps in evergreen trees
tying his long beard to a branch
and there he dreams of rabbit stew
wishing to snare one per chance

His emerald coat is perfect camouflage
so he lays on his shinny gold buttons
thinking of mint tea and chocolate cake
after a feast of lamb cutlets and mutton

This little greedy plump fellow
with stripy socks purple and yellow
will sing in his sleep to the birds in the tree
with a voice so sweet and so mellow

With nightfall's, he descends to the ground
making sure no human presence are around
and he speedily sifts through park litter bins
looking for cooking pots made out of tin

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
3.0k · Dec 2013
Rich Tea And Biscuits
This is a party for the old and wise
a rave up with rich tea and biscuits
all talk of many years past lessons
I sit intently wanting to all learn

In their austere faces
I see the child within each
such wise ladies that mother me
give me freedom and never smoother me

I keep to my cup of Earl Grey
taking in everything they say
maternal goddesses
wise as Delphi's Oracle

It's a vertebral feast
to listen to history
knowledge can make a man
guided by women right

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.9k · Apr 2014
Dickens Socks
Dickens did lose his socks one day,
he said, oh what a shame,
on this clear yet rainy day,
Dickens socks had run away,

And only Dickens is to blame,
his socks divorced his plates of meat,
and lonely was his sweaty feet,

When Dickens did decide to write,
all he could write was,
what the dickens,
where are my mittens.

By Christos Andreas Kourtis and Larna Kira Kourtis
2.9k · Dec 2013
Naughty Asparagus
Get a big **** of butter
throw it in the pan
get your Asparagus out
cut them fresh, not from a can

Simmer them gently
use a little pepper
the more seasoning
makes it taste much better

Then put it on a plate
just for you and me
and see's who's first
to run to the bathroom for a ***

I watch from across the table
is that a tear in your eye
or is it a Asparagus stick
between your thighs

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

By NeonSolaris

© 2011 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
2.8k · Feb 2015
My Determination
No way will I yield
you better **** me first
do you think I will not hold my ground
oh boy not with my determination

I was born on the outer world
so before this speck in the cosmos was formed
my determination is truly vast
as I am her pride, her sweet last

I mean to fold space and time
show my holy determination
show you what this crossbreed will do
show you what this mother of Earth can do

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
OBTW Glory to Poetry V V V
2.6k · Jan 2015
Dumbest Of The Dumb
Some do call me stupid
some do call me a guy wise
some think I'm a mental case
some just chastise

If they knew the tender light in my eyes
if they only once met me face to face
they would see I am goodly and kind
and not what they think in their shallow minds

I'm just a storm in a teacup
a diminutive feller
just a shot in the dark
but I am getting better

I smile long and hard
for they don't know my stars
let's see what comes
from the dumbest of the dumb

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.6k · Feb 2015
My Dark Fraternity
We are few
but our voices are many
we of the dark fraternity

we are strong
and we are proud
in our dark realms

We are delicate as a black rose
with blood on it's spiteful thorns
this is my black fraternity

Let the dark bring all we claim
make havoc our destiny
us of the dark fraternity

Slay them when called
destroy one and all
in my dark fraternity

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.5k · Feb 2014
A Purse Full Of Pearls
From the sea I bring you it's treasure's my love
the bounty I have is from Neptune's shallow domains
with his blessing I have a purse full of pearls

I will endeavour to find a merchant skilled
and he will make this adornment for me
proclaiming my undying love for you

I am your humble servant
with a purse full of pearls
to put around your slender neck

I have held all your letters to my heart
wishing year after year we would meet again
not just as lovers, but the best of friends

For I have travelled far and wide
with salt winds in my eyes
to give you a purse full of pearls

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.5k · Nov 2013
Seeping through placid mother Earth
the molten rocks now vent their revenge
for this is Yellowstone
at the eve of nuclear winter

The last such eruption
made cold and dark the lands
and this one, in our modern world
will foil all of mankind's plans

See the choking smoke
the Pyroclastic flows
watch the life burn
in it's heated wake

See the skies turn from blue
see the sun be covered
live the nuclear winter
which we are deemed to face

Ten years without the sun
ten years without crops
ten years of a mini ice age
starvation and death, ten years

By christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.5k · Sep 2013
Fiddler Crab
He's a bit of a diddeler
but more of a fiddler
as he scampers about the shoreline

He's a bit of a digger
and fast as a trigger
try to catch one, I tell you it's hard

He's a real survivor
a deep sea diver
when food is scarce on the beach

He never looks bored
shaking that extra large claw
I hope he's not looking for a fight

oh fiddle de de
please come to me
my fast footed friend, fiddler crab.

By Christos Andreas Kourtis

By NeonSolaris
© 2008 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
2.4k · Nov 2013
Slowly it slides on sub zero waters
trying to find a pathway to the sea
sheet of pure blue and heaven white
lumbers discreetly for aquiline is quite

From the top of the world
frozen fingers reach down
claws frantic on solid ground

No religion no sage
no saviour just age
and the relentless pull of gravity
will take it from mountain to the sea

This sculptress of valleys and dales
and fjords that can be seen for miles
travels without sound
onward bound

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.4k · Oct 2013
With staggered steps it climbs to the canopy
there it will reside very patiently
near the blossoms of it's prey
from the morning till end of day

With tongue of elastic and sticky
outstretched hideous not pretty
it snaps at all that come to visit
unfortunate winged nectar feeders

It's bulbous eyes dart frantically from it's emerald frame
one to look at the blossom, the other the skies above
for as it waits for it's tasty prey
hawks do prey it's kind from above

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.4k · Nov 2013
How Not To Use Spaghetti
Spaghetti is a fragile thing
never make a ship out of it
it will just swell and sink

Never make it a string for your arrows
for more your hands sweat
more limping your arrow will be

Never plant it in the ground
for whom have made this foolish choice
a spaghetti tree was never found

Never use it as a sword
for the only things you would maraud
would be yourself as an ingredient

So Never use spaghetti
even for confetti, mark my words
how not to use spaghetti

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.3k · Sep 2013
The Jelly Baby Rebellion
Out of their packets they marched
no more would they have their heads bitten off
no more would they be discriminated by colour
this was the Jelly Babies sweet rebellion

Out of the shops they did march
not before setting fire to them
for no Jelly Tots or Gummy Bears
could follow their war cries

They marched to the sea six by six
knowing the shopkeepers would be waiting
but they had the hearts of lions
and no one could keep them
the call of freedom was sweet and strong

The boats were on the beach
you could hear the little cheers go up
but the shop keepers brought their dogs
that with glee ate them all up

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka Neon Solaris
2.3k · Nov 2013
Letter Box Of Love
I just posted my heart to you
in the letterbox of love
I'd send you my all
but I could not get inside

The park was greener then green
clouds with golden seams
was this all a dream
a letterbox of love

It stood there on the street corner
throbbing pink and pulsing
leaping as if it was my heart
that crazy letterbox of love

It took me nearly an hour
to post my heart to thee
I wish I'd had the instinctive insight
and tied that letterbox to a tree

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.3k · Nov 2013
So Much To Do
So Much To Do
I watch the parade go by
yet by her I wait
she whispers
see their works

I beg her I need not read
especially what they think of me
I fear not in this idiomatic state
for I rebuke all in this mode

Let me show
let me show

She laid her head on me
when those who presume,killed her
I am not dazzling and grateful
for I did fight all the way

Don't make me break the covenant of peace set
as all will be paralysing to my orders
I need not waste time on affairs of yours
so little time and so much to do

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

By NeonSolaris

© 2013 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
2.3k · Apr 2014
Cheese And Peas
Jesus looked just like me
both made of cheese and peas
and that time he got nailed to that tree
I was eating cheese and peas

And you, God girl of sweeter glories
don't you dare look away from me
for we are the same as was
made of cheese and peas

I would not eat you
as you would not eat me
for we are just the war wanting
made of glory, cheese and peas

Let me turn the earth to dust
for in god they do trust
better give parliament to me
sweaty of cheese and peas

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.3k · Oct 2013
My Naughty Pussycat
My ***** is at it again
drinking water from the toilet bowl
though I give him water every day
he has a preference for toilet water

Oh yes my ***** has been mischief
head butting doors to get in to see me
I say no ***** no
can't you see I am trying to write

But gosh ***** just rubs against my legs
and I feel warm inside and rub his head
I forgive him because I love him, you see
for he is my feline friend and naughty *****

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
By NeonSolaris
© 2013 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
2.2k · Sep 2013
My Naughty Pussy
My ***** is at it again
drinking water from the toilet bowl
though I give him water every day
he has a preference for toilet water

Oh yes my ***** has been mischief
head butting doors to get in to see me
I say no ***** no
can't you see I am trying to write

But gosh ***** just rubs against my legs
and I feel warm inside and rub his head
I forgive him because I love him, you see
for he is my feline friend and naughty *****

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
By NeonSolaris

© 2013 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
2.2k · Nov 2013
Burger Bar Blues
He watches face pressed to the window
hunger pains hurting his stomach
watching them flick the burgers
right into the plastic bin

They don't care for the hungry outside
the homeless the down and outs and starving
their Company tells only to sell
the rest are consigned to the bins

Been told it's company policy
yet I think it's a ****** travesty
such a waste of edible fast food
I wish their was something I could do

Maybe a poem or two
about my burger bar blues
that's about all
I can really do

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.2k · Feb 2015
Daylight Countdown
It's a daylight countdown
like a ten nine eight
who do we appreciate
the darkness of the night

I dismount my dragon Jet Black
for eons I have battled on his back
now I dismount my ride
and place my feet back on land

I pull out my timepieces
I lay them on the ground
and then open a portal
making no light or sound

Daylight countdown
to the realms of my darkness
see I have been most disciplined
by her of many names

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.2k · Oct 2013
Candy In The Fairground
She was sweet with her bubble gum lips
she looked up with her big brown eyes
her body was wanting all a trembling
I wanted her as much as she wanted me

So we got on the ghost train
we went round and round
till we did jump off
where the sirens did sound

Just me and her in the dark
it was naughty but such a lark
we fumbled around as the carts went by
she pushed her hot tongue in my mouth

If I had come, I would have died
for she was so wet for me
so I took her there and then
with the carts going by

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.2k · Oct 2013
The wheel spins slowly to a stop
traffic screeches to a halt
the aslant to this crime
is now far away, speeding across town

Another monday hit and run
another angel of death on wheels
this weekly occurrence
in this city of steel

Euthanasia is banned here
yet the maniacs on four wheels
want to finish what they started
they want to finish you and me

So they drive with headlights flashing
their horns blaring liken to speed demons
dive friend if you can, out of the way
for they pay tax for these road ways

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.1k · Nov 2013
The Toadstool Goblins
The Toadstool Goblins are at it again
soon as the sun goes in and it starts to rain
they have eaten all my cabbages
I think they are going for my sprouts

I think I may set a few beer pits up
they can't get enough of the stuff
they drink their fill, then can't stand up
then in they plop and drown in the swill

Well off I must go with macintosh on
down to the store for some beers
sink the traps for the blighter's
then when drunk they fall in
I will hold my can up and say cheers

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.1k · Dec 2013
The Buttercup Pixies
Through the sunlit valley they dance and sing
smiling with constant purity in the arms of spring
in the dales, new born lambs are bleating
daffodils push up to the sun, kindly beating

The buttercup pixies start to find worm holes
to pop there little seeds in threes into
then by night and day they watch the seedlings grow
underneath the shelter of a nearby toadstool

Then at six in the morning
when most folks are yawning
they gather their red hats as a team
and skip to the nearby crystal stream

Then with hats in hand scoop up the water
no more then just over a quarter
then bound back to water their seedlings
sweetly fastidious and tending with feeling

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
2.1k · Nov 2013
Reptile Cowboy
I'm a Cowboy, a villain in black
I drink whiskey as if it was going out of fashion
and yell ye ha, as I ride wild creatures
the coarseness of my words
is the amour of my cold tipped heart

My pain is reptilian and waiting
for I have eyes so very steady and firm
and no matter how you hide
one slow as me will by numbers
have the will and tongue to find you

I may crawl on my belly
on most days and evenings
I may be a lost soul on a barren twig
yet my name is rebellion
and I don't give a fig

I ride storms that are too much for most
I push myself to the limit
and when things go wrong
my claws do dig deep
and I never relinquish my prey

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

© 2011 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)
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