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To their gardens, they go in silent procession
all the tools of the trade by their sides
their wheelbarrows are full
with such an array of flora

Making our parks pretty
in the middle of our cities
so all can have that nature feel
with a beauty that will make your soul refill

From six  in the morning to late at night
they work hard to make your eyes delight
planting with loving care
wonderful pretty plants everywhere

They take pride in their work
working hard planting in soil and dirt
with aching backs at the end of the day
they go home and rest and relax

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
You have to do it one day
when you have been dismayed
been lied to and betrayed
you have to know, it's the end of a chapter

You just have to get on with it
there are better humans out there
that don't have pregnancy tests
hidden in their underwear

Never again never
I will hate this one forever
no forgiveness
for my last was merciless

She played me like a fool
she did not love me at all
so never again
as this chapter does end

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Someone has been ******* my wife
that's what he told us
going out every day
advertising her dernier

We knew from the start that she was a ****
but he did not believe he denied it
he really could not see
the woods from the trees

Then she hit him hard
lied like a fat living lard
made all to be wrong
with her ******* birdsong

We helped him up as he cried
why me when my heart she does reside
god help a man that is broken
and heartache is his only token

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Yes I have been crushed and broken
murdered and blown to bits
have been tortured
and treated like ****

I did ride the world of dragons
broke all the rules of causality
never to die never to rest
as I'm the master of death

Been to hell and back
waterboarded on a rack
had my mind ****** up
even drank from the devil's cup

My deaths have numbers
to date ten thousand and fifty-six
this new one will be soon
as I have the date finely fixed

By Christos Andreas Kouris aka NeonSolaris
Our network keeps us going
we don't want to be stagnant without arms
we are loaded and ready to go and do
we all have fear in our hearts but we have to fight

After all these ****** years
I still battle hard
I will not leave my sisters and brothers
on this ****** battlefield

We have nothing to lose but our lives
we have and will be back again
you will see what it is like
when hope is torn apart

Our supplies
oh god we have many
mind machines never seen
and new uniforms

I will not give the order
till we are all ready
and on earth
to the time I will

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
They are weird to touch
wet and slimy and a bit gritty
but they were here
before you you see

Yours have no eyes and can not talk
in my lands, some could even walk
we rode them like camels across desert sands
just ****** on them when we needed to

Oh don't worry I was in a different form
nothing like a human
my body was wasplike
if you hug me it would be like hugging a crisp

I look at your Earthworms
you have so ****** many
I wish they were as big as ours
and are wiser than owls

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
No no, it will never happen
I will never stand down
my troops have fought so hard
and non want peace again

When you rattle a hornet's nest
god do we fly with malice in our eyes
you want a fight is a glory
for we will ****** destroy you

They stand by me
knowing the lies you did spout
so let battle commence
I will have you all so cry and pout

Justice will be swift
we don't take prisoners
and your name
I promise will never be whispered

We will hurt you where it hurts
we mean to crush you
for all that you have done
and did do, I hate you

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
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