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Jan 19
By the bridge of evenings fall

where the cobwebs of spiders endeavor

do make sweet the calls of winters forevers

I wave to you from the other side of the bridge

hoping that you do glace and smile at me

I know I am not what you call...  old

yet truly I have a heart of gold

peoples misunderstandings of me

my crazy love of battling with poetry

I know I am obsessive-compulsive

Know that you are my sweet flower

my rose among the thorns

know that I love you like a sister

with passion, I call my friend

here is my heart I lay like a red rose

Worry not the winds

or the tempest within

your heart is burning

come now with me

to the winds that kiss this bridge

It's time to meet in the middle

let us see how deep this chasm is

take heart my dear friend and leap with me

do as you can see me be

and openly defy this curse of gravity

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Christos Andreas Kourtis
Written by
Christos Andreas Kourtis  London UK
(London UK)   
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