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Apr 2017 · 663
From Afar
I watch her without her knowing
I have seen all her delicate ways
she is my trust and loyalty
my wonderful comforting friend
my vow is to never leave her
till my time on Earth does surly again end

I was ready to give love up
then this wonderful soul came along
I was ready to write myself to death
for all was death to me that I did so long
her charms and beauty, her kindness and ways
made me think to leave in a few more days

Then days became weeks
weeks did become months
from our first meeting, then after a year
I did marry her with all my hearts cheer
soulmates we are, a star with a star
now away from her, I love her from afar

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 438
In The Sands They Walk
Many times I have sat here
on the beach watching the tide
the ghosts of days gone by
all those that did fight by my side

Yet now not so alone
where emptiness I call my home
I hear them chatter and talk
in the sands they walk

It makes me feel still alive
to hear the oceans tide
and I think how lucky a man
that I did not die on blooded sands

I trace the steps
listen with wishesintent
for their justice and freedom
as I'm alone now and hell bent

If only I was with them
if only if it was that easy
I would join them in their chatter
and nothing else would ever matter

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 326
If Only For The Dark
If only for the dark
talks of death
and the question
who will pop off first

The annoying stories
those of who will die first
if only they realized
I was dead at my birth

Systematically spastic
hands tied behind my back
with those that think they can deserve heaven
trying to mask their tracks

I came here for a reason
to a place I could howl and bark
for when I do deliver
it will be only for the dark

I hear the calls from a massive ocean
the time of tides unmeriting
with the beat of my hearts
I do boldly go in tatters

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 413
A Shadow Play Of Sorrows
I hide the pain as well as I can
yet I think no one could understand
most have not a clue
not a clue I am close to the edge

I have forgotten what I look like
not looking forward to tomorrow
for I am in a place I don't want to be
in a shadow play of sorrows

Hope lays bleeding on it's back
positivity just walked out of the door
here I sit dying inside
waiting to fall to the last floor

Oh unjust world
the cruelty of you cuts deeper than any knife
you have left me in the realms of despair
losing all hope or any care

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 391
Blood And Guts
Hush my love no weeping for me
life is transitory and I am still here
you touch me my love, you know of me
many times I have been there

Only you know how to love a dead man
a creature without a care
one of knowing much
the last of those of blood and guts

My transitory stance
that with all my darkness you romance
with such innocence
I shield you from the dark

My empires are such
that if they knew of my deeds
they would in these lands
call me that one of blood and guts

Winter has gone
but my heart is cold
without your caress
I would grow deathly and bold

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 416
Sparrow Of Poverty
No supplements for him
poor sparrow in the depths of despair
they just chatter and pecking at him
with no remorse or care

He limps to my window
he does chirp to come in
and I pick up his frail body
for me and him are now kin

I give him mealworms and tea
tell him don't worry I ingest the same you see
and with tears in my eyes
I lay one of compassion on his head

I tell him as I always do
get dark thoughts out of your head
for in less than a hundred years
all will here be dead

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 882
The Way She Smiles
The way she smiles at me
it's a magical glow full of love
and her eyes burn into mine
like turning water into wine

She is my everything my all
she is a giant of love ten foot tall
and I love her so very much
and I long for her touch

I would be broken without her
and I will never doubt her
that she is mine and I am hers
till the end of our sweet time

She did find me
what a lucky man I am
and I love her with a passion
like love could ever go out of fashion

The way she smiles does make me cry
without her apart of me would die
I so wait to be with her I need to hold her
and with much love and nastiness, give her a *******

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 376
Human Faith In God
Two Million years of blind faith
ten billion life's lost in the name of god
what the **** is wrong with this ****** picture
wake up humans, faiths I have none

A sick joke are your religions
a stupidity of man's machinations
a control factor for the weak
hoping for an ever lasting life in heaven

First, the faithful danced to the sun or the moon
throwing **** then sticks at each other
and then the dumb became dumbing
with many words of fantasies made by man

Invented lies badly scripted and written
they believe in a god
well well go on your way
who the **** are you kidding

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 254
Heaven Has No Place For Me
I am looking for miracles
looking for lost dreams
as now I am on my knees praying
but there is no heaven for me

I lost my wings
when I could not take ****** as a thing
that you can ****
and be a hero still

Heaven has no place for me
no goodly grace for me
no reason to forgive me
broken are my dreams of forgiveness

Relentlessly others of my kind never forgave me
so with my continuum epitaph
I cover my tracks and laugh
as I erase my path  

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Yes much alive this Poet LOl ... Oh Yes  lol
Apr 2017 · 244
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time
they thought I had a preselected preference to poetry
but no I write as my souls cries
this is not poetry it is a confession

If not for the word Poet
I would have died years ago
no one .... no one
would  understand my sacrifice

Wow unfair and I am still cursed
with every ****** write and verse
but may hell freeze over
before I give up the fight
for if not a poet
I am a creature of the night

See my castle
hear the thunder
see the lightning
as darkness puts us under

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 310
Crushed By My Own Blood
My own brother came down
he used me as his emotional punchbag
he told me I am useless and a hippy
it hurt me very much and was broken and sad

Who needs enemies with my own blood like him
my heart is broken
my mind is full of doubt
all because of him

For over two years when he was ill
I cared for him with his TB and pills
and my reward when he got better
is this.. a ****** kick in the head

I will try to forgive him
but I will never forget
that he did hurt me so much
that I wished I was dead

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 178
In This Fascist Nation
It's true
my country has turned
from a place I loved
into a nation of fascists
one big salute... HEIL
to my fascist nation

I need to get the **** out of here
for everything here now makes me sick
I am waiting for the day
when stormtroopers break down my door
I need my guards close
I need to stay secure

No one can speak out
no one can say no
and they watch you
and they monitor you
where ever you go
in this fascist nation

It's not Great Britain
it's ****** Britain
and those in power
are trying to take us down
we are the enemy
they have the jackboots to crush us into the ground

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
On that night a storm was ******
the sea was whipping up wicked
bubbling foam of brine glowed on the moonlit beach
and there I did see her come from the dark of the sea

With seaweed as body armor
and lighting and thunder calling her name
I hoped she was one of mine
and her ship under the waves was intact

In her cold wet hand's
she held the light
something magical
a treasure of the night

I watched her come to me
her arms wide open
and I knew without her
my heart would be forever broken

When next to me
she kissed me
the taste of her lips
was something rather fishy

I fell for her embrace
from that day till now
I make love every day to her
wanting to make a new kind of human race  

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 508
Give Me The Night
I count the days
then I count the hours
till the time
I do lay with you

Give me the night
give me the night to share with you
for I love you more than my many life's
for you are my everything my all

I love you more then I love my goodness
I love you more than all my nightmares
never will I give up the fight
just give me the night

Those times I can hold you
the nights I wish to die with you
and in my last breath
give my life for you

I am misunderstood by most
but I have never been misunderstood by you
how can others know me
like you know of me

I share my nights with you
my sorrows with you
my ****** nightmares
all because I love you

You are my peace
you are my heaven
you are my last bastion
of a life that never ends

In my dying unrelenting madness you do heal me
and without you, life would **** me
yet again and again I fight
please my love always give me forever the night

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Apr 2017 · 251
On The Rivers Bend
Drifting slowly down crystal clear waters
I watch the mayflies dance upon warm winds
floating down blissfully
to I reach the reeds on the rivers bend

Hers by the willows and reeds I disembark
just by the hidden clearing  
I put my blanket on the ground
sitting listening to the waters sound

Such a blissfully beautiful morning
a wonderful start to a day
spying on a kingfisher
as he hunts on the waterway

The leaves on the trees serenely sing
my soul is in heavenly serenity
I wish this morning would never end
as I sit here and write on the rivers bend

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2016 · 332
Something Very Special
We walk parallel lines all the time
both made from the same caste
both are rebellious rebels
I know you are something very special

We do ignite when we are together
flying sparks through the night
my dark side is the neon light
that in your wisdom you preserve

Stars were given the glow adorned
when our life's were giving form
our matrimony will be our glory
with poetry our guide to many stories

How sweet how wonderful
that after many years I have found you
I lay my vast powers at your feet
for honor and dignity, I do keep

You are the spark
you are my jump start
and for you sweet love
I do now show you my vast arts

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2016 · 331
As Winter Makes Haste
Soon comes our mid winter
cold and calculated is our pace
we wed this January
as winter makes haste

In the time and place most perfect
this is now our wedlock
a place of freedom and happiness
without the chains and padlocks

I have found you
my dreams have come true
for I am in heaven
when I am with you

As winter makes haste
hand in hand like in an egg and spoon race
we will be together forever and ever
racing to springs return from its endeavors

So we will wrap up warm
with silver wedding rings
to the song of cathedral bells
and the wonderful start of our spring

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2016 · 303
She Does Wait For Me
After all the new worlds
all that together we did discover
we traveled among the folds
even here on this homeland we are under cover

Fleet wise yet alone
brothers and sisters of discoveries
home without a home
with only our own do we find recovery

Proud are we, stoic and valued
we know of our past
we know of here and now
we even know our fates cast

If wonderment be your yearning
if fate you could keep
you could be a new recruit
no sorrow would you ever weep

We are the last voyagers
the one's that keep time at bay for all to see
soon we sail into the night again
for she does wait for me

BY Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2016 · 275
Our Union
My soul was lost
my mind more than crazy
my body did burn and dim
till I met you, you healed me

It was a covenant
a meeting of two to one mind
the first time to the last of the time
I truly know that you love me like I love thee

You are my rain when parched
my silver glowing light force
you are my star when I am fading
the last life I will have before my death

Black things adorn us
we send the devils to bed
you and me my sweet dark one
we will be mystic, me the king and you the queen

We plan ahead hard always thinking
wanting to always be together
not so many words without descriptions
not many could truly understand our union

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Nov 2016 · 751
I'm Crazy In Love
She took my heart
she has my soul
god help me
for I kneel to her

I'm crazy in love
out of control
and I want her
I need no other but her

Some nights I cry
for she is my all
and crazy do I miss her
her kin and all

Soon I fly to her
fly to her back in cold blue skies
with my heart overwhelmed
as we meet looking into her eyes

She is my all
and I love her so
but if she said, I don't love you
yes of course I would go

Then I would go to a mad house
where they would not heal my sickness
they might try to tame me
but I'm crazy in love

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Nov 2016 · 316
Did The World Change
Did the world change today
has it been a shocking day
for me it is just what was written
now it is time for the last war

Now we watch the monkeys **** each other
watch them burn in the flames of their destiny
we go soon to another world of hell
with wings of silver we will cleanse and heal

Our glory is to do by her sweet word
the word of the truth with no denial
this world turned to mange
so watch you change

It's written in the stars
you have truly been invaded by Mars
now read them and weep
for all I proclaim I keep

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Nov 2016 · 369
As We Fall
As we had fallen from glory
with our wings burnt to nearly ash
broken and torn we laid
and oh god death we played

As we fell one by one
everyone a brother sister or son
we still screamed freedom
to the end of mind slavery

She will not be disappointed
for I live only for her
she will comfort me
as we do fall again

Empty we are of fight
we want to die with all our might
take our holy ways
from this devil of this Earth

Each of my own I will catch
and from the fire a Phoenix will hatch
each time
every time

Swings and roundabouts
just bat and ball
as me and my kin

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 386
Back From Battle
Why I miss this
why is that longing in my heart
why do I never settle
so wanting to get back to battle

I know I am here, my god on ****** Earth
a place of many of my births
time is just a click click tick tick rattle
when you are back from battle

The ones I did serve left me
the ******* betrayed me
and me and my crew
had nothing to do but die in the sands

Some wars are for nothing but greed
it's a curse and a demon seed
yet here are some still of righteousness
that do fight for you and bleed

By Chrisrtos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 398
Far Too Long
I miss your kisses
I miss our communions
but I must watch the giants defeated
all of the soul taking mothers

She of many names told me to hold the line
and with tears of bitterness I did what she did command
because of her we lost the Landstrad
now I break the line of duty to fight hard

Don't touch me , don't you dare come near me
I am lost without my weaponry
back to the blood war, screaming a war song
for I have sheaved my sword for too long

Five Legions come with me
my sweet faithful
dead are we or soon to be
but we fight to the end

Stand fast my brothers and sisters
this time we had waited
we stood by and watched
for far too long

Christos Andreas Kourts aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 246
Night Screams
I know she dwells in the shadows
I look for her always at the chimes of midnight
she leaves me with thoughts of her
with a razor blade and shaving cream

I think her as insane as me
I have watched her cut the throats of chickens
oh she is one as dark as me
and not all as it seems with our night screams

Our pain has been our strength
we have both suffered for far too long
I will love her we I die,and never to lie
we are of the darkest of night screams

We make love in our double coffin
just me and her no one else could fit in
so then we close the lid and do many things obscene
so no one does hear our night screams

By Christos Andreas |Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 1.0k
How Beautiful You Are To Me
I think one day I will put into words
one sweet day
how beautiful you are to me
maybe on the day we are joined

My sweet delicate flower
you know I have much power
warrior to warrior fighters we bow and bend
your the inner, I am this worlds end

Soon my sister I will covert you
make you mine once again
I think one day you will understand
that I am not a man of this land

Then after midnight talks
where in darkness we walk
then I will tell you of many things
and how beautiful you are to me

I do cradle you under my invisible empire
things of the past present and future
my love for you is given
and my love my heart is yours

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 253
When I Asked For Her Hand
When I asked for her hand
I did it all wrong
stuttering and panicking
I planned this for so long
I just put the ring on a bench
she did pulse and thought
it was like my last million years
as her eyes did fill with tears

My love for her is unspeakable
in my heart it is most peaceable
I have much faith and much trust
that a happy life ensures for the both of us
she said yes to me
to a ****** idiot like me
and I love her
I love her
I love her

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 401
Time Does Move Forward
I did break the chains of time
making havoc most profound my crime
making fast my assent
in the name of knowledge

Time does now move forward
you to me it is standing still
and I am alone but proud
on this ******* anthill

So **** my dust
I do not turn to rust
from pen or quill
I mean to enthrall and chill

A man of steel
with much of a crazy zeal
with much death in his eyes
and projections that you will feel

Time does move forward
blindly onward
but I am standing still
on this ****** anthill

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka Neonsolaris
It was late the train to oblivion
it screamed into the station of the dead
stopped on a penny farthing
then let off steam in anger

It was the time to say goodbye
time to let sleeping dogs lie
it was time to now deploy
that perfect moment of pure joy

The platform was packed with the hopeful
and in between those cringed the lost
so many relying of springs hope
yet winter did dwell forever here

Embarking and disembarking
braking the chains of servitude
the cost was the written word  
that was strewn all over the tracks

Come my dears to heaven said the driver
yet all the tickets were to hell
and the smoke emanating from the engines
was only sulphur you could smell

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 338
The Way I Love You
The way I love you
it is like no other
your emotions I feel
the closeness you resemble
in many ways like a brother

Even though I do travel vast distances
I came to you with arms wide open
to a land of love most supreme
to hold you once again
even though you know not when

Hush little baby don't you cry
this little mega puppy came from the skies
through nova clouds of dying stars
in battles most fantastic
all in the name of Mars

You have tamed and charmed
you have me disarmed
and by your side I stand
not just as your lover
but here at your command

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 283
When It Hits The Fan
Steady was the motion
rpm ten fifty five in emotions
let that arrow finish me
on that day in twenty sixty three

They will fly to calm me
some of the brave will try to disarm me
but they know I am from the warrior clan
when the word is said.... all hits the fan

The silent and dead will walk the streets
not one word will be uttered
as in their ruffs of silver
with every fold a pleat to many defeats

Let the swords of honor never die
let light fill my eyes
we and ready and steady and waiting to go
from the darkest days of sweet wind rain sleet and snow

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 340
The Power Of The Pen
I watch them write
I see in their eyes fight
sweet is the power of the pen

Look at them go
not one is taking it slow
Christ, oh the power of the pen

They write as fast and concise
they are hell bent in poverty
but rich, with the power of the pen

They fell from that tree
just like you and me
and boy do they write
that is the power of the pen

Trained to make them fast and short
in fantastic dreams and thoughts
laced in fantasy is the power of the pen

And when their lives are over
pushing up daffodils and clover
they will be remembered,from then
by the power of the pen

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 264
Gentle For Just Now
My warriors chuckle and say to me
sweet war lord are you turning *****
I glance at them with silver sword in hand
smiling I say, no ******* chance my band

I am saddled to my horse
five G's from a stand still
I kiss the earth goodbye
as I rip through the skies

My own think me too ****** gentle
well just gentle for now
soon comes that word and number
the keys and contact to give them all hell

I sing in unadulterated malice
as her kingdom is my palace
watch me stride the sunlight
like as if I don't justifying that  

Bit by bit byte by byte
the endless battle I do fight
oh **** holy cow
but gentle just for now

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Oct 2016 · 826
Nerves Of Steel
Hers songs bring devastation
her lyrics are circled in death
she is my queen of darkness
and only for her do I draw my last breath

Battle in the skies
monster machines do scream
the call of duty
makes cold the call of life

Twenty thousand drop ships
making silent their deposits
the land will turn from green to red
till all of our enemies are dead

They gave us pills
so we would have nerves of steel
fighting to the last
remembering the wars of the past

From our gun blades we let out hell
to all the foes we do demoralize and ****
none will stand against us
deliriously drugged with nerves of steel

It was cold it was dark
with much murderous intent
in my world and space
it was a walk in the park

Bt=y Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Aug 2016 · 325
Stars And Bars
I watched her fall from grace
seen her throw up all over the place
watched her at a Hollywood party
take on twenty men and killed them

She would be cut and bleeding
but she did not care a buck
she was as ****** as me
and she knew this whole world did ****

She was stars and bars
a killer kitten like me, hard
she told me in her last days here
she wanted to die and disappear

She gave me her stars and bars
all of her knowledge and thinking
and with pride I said goodbye
when by my own hand I killed her

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Aug 2016 · 340
Playing Risk
In the shadows playing risk with the devil
with faiths misguided and insidious
they do dance with the unknown
not knowing we see them all

Attacking the unarmed
killing without deception
all in the open
in the name of a backward god

We in the know
will not let them go
our activity is merriment
taken the monsters on

Such vengeance we will wield
going on the **** **** ****
they play risk
we destroy them all, to none exist

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Aug 2016 · 383
Coming Home
Just a few more battles
just a few more ****** wars
then there I come my love
oh my love I'm coming home

All is done and dusted
her storm comes
her pride and joy
with arms spread open

I land soon to take off again
just a refuel and weaponry intake
then back to the black velvet
hunting my enemy down again

Sky lords so loyal
killers so invisible
so full of fight
and proud to be called warriors

I am coming home my love
many notches on my guns
but for one like me
it was a joy and much fun

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
This is the place we come
to see our fallen sisters and sons
this is the place we contemplate
all the good deeds we have done

This is the place we wear our uniforms proud
where the roar of the cannons is not so loud
this is the place we find our missing
some alive the others earth kissing

Even the trees seem to bow
with tears of sap on tender bark
as we pay our respects in ardent deliveries
in the garden of tranquility

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jul 2016 · 354
The Crash Of A Star
They can't feel the pain
they know little of suffering eternally
no looking in the mirror for me
for my soul shines you blind
I fell from heaven
the last of my kind
and love to humanity I do endeavor to bind
make man love man
out worlds love out worlds
the the benefit of a Earth still sitting in blue
proud and most egomaniac
with little ants upon it

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jul 2016 · 433
Water Water (Dark)
Blood red is the water daughter
a billion cells on the alter bleeding water
dripping down from the granite bare
bleed now,you know the slaughter fare

Red water full of proteins
blood of an acid child
full of venomous endeavors
child of good and dark deeds

I am one of them
some think a demon seed
but far far from that
I am her wonder cat

Oh yes I fight with no mercy
sing to the four winds
in deliberate concise deliberation
for I am hers and she is mine

Dark tales and misgivings
stark realities still sing
as I am from the darkesd of night
with a sky full of stars

Water water for her
the child of the devils daughter
braking barriers changing time
till the end of many rhymes

No saber rattling
no cause without effort
for if I have you in my sights
then I will have your neck

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jul 2016 · 548
Orbital Love
Love from above
love so orbital
the glare of the sun does ignite you

You glow in the cool of the night
you are my orbital passion
as gentle as the moons pale milky glow
I hold you in my sights waiting for tomorrows sorrows
when my love you will be out of my sight

I want your blood in my veins
I want the howling to begin
I want the whispers of love
that by command I do obey

We are matched by the stars around us
they call to us and make our dreams come to reality
you have become my orbital love
as now you always revolve around me

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jul 2016 · 449
Hush Hush Gardens
We are interlopers with one goal
to get back to the Hush Hush gardens
there we will lay in lush green grass
letting the days do we go past

Rolling and swaying all in loving care
as we do discard our underwear
two in a throwing our inhibitions away
for five nights and five days

In the Hush Hush garden we keep many secrets
of deeds buried in the cool sodden soil
our good deeds are many
and yet we do still toil

Lightening is cascading on dark skies
in this ancient garden of the low and highs
for this is the place we buried our dead
where we stay calm as others do loose their heads

Both in unity
both sick in the head
so close in soul
that we are the communion of the dead

By Christos Andreas Kourtis akk NeonSolaris
Jun 2016 · 376
The Jump
The jump, that big one
leaping into the unknown
fearless and free
eternally screaming freedom

Diving driving myself down
just to ache a sonic boom
sliding on times wings
with a bag of goodies and other things

I always hit the ground hard
they used to me the flying brick
I did say brick,and not
that mad ******* ****

Now and then I have to jump
back into the abyss
do the deeds and bleed
yet my wings can take it

We again jump soon
with sweet battle on our burning lips
waiting for the end to come
when me and my kin hit the ground

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jun 2016 · 712
You Know Me So Well
Our hearts flutter like butterflies wings
in this love so true I said I do
you know me so well
as if we have always been together

When I kiss your sweet lips I am in heaven
your touch takes me from hell to heaven
I want to be with you every minute of the day
and listen to all the beautiful words that you say

I love to dance with you in many ways
my love for you does break every record
to be by your side and protect you
is a priority of things to do

Every time we are apart
I try to hold back the tears
but I know my love
that I will be with you till the end of our days

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jun 2016 · 381
Yellow Petals
You lighten my heavy burden
your kisses have melted my heart
I love you so much
my soul does shatter when we are apart

Your love has moved me in a new direction
made me see anew
when together we reclaim good times
and our romance is out of the ball park

Never a day goes by with you without laughter
never a night together do we not caress
I know you will keep that diminutive rose
in the cup by the side of the bed

As your yellow petals fall
I know you will think of me
when without you I feel so lost
as you are sister lover and friend
and I will love you to the very end

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jun 2016 · 408
Going Rouge
If you don't want it don't take it
if you feel poison they tried to **** you with
take the fever and fight back
don't take it like a ***** on your back

They know what they have done
and yes I am going rouge
may their dead gods help them
for the great storm is upon them

Lets see how they will deal with one like me
as I descend to smite them with encoded wings black
lets see how well they will fair
when her fleet Angel falls upon them

I will scatter them like sheep
the ant people will have no mercy
as I **** and destroy
till my sister sun screams morning

Time I have to freeze with much ease
all my gunships poised
just to see the fright
with much pleasure in my eyes

Oh yes I am going rouge
nothing will stop me, all the human fools
this time I don't hold back
all my fleets are ready for my call

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
From the throne the broken and dying came to me
twisting and contorted riving in agony
dripping down dark stairwells
to me their vertebral blooded end

In the time of the lizard king
so much ****** ****** has been committed
even some of my own were poised to fight
yet I told them to hold there ground and wait

This never ending war
this fight without retreat
battle hardened with fight we sing
to the defeat of the lizard king

I kiss and tend the wounds of the fallen
with all I have I heal them and give them love
and when evil comes to my domain
I will smite all their armies

Sweet saviors I make in a blink of an eye
words of the last I do sing
by all I own all empires I will bring
to the defeat of the lizard king

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
May 2016 · 370
Swimming My Way Back Home
My life did start in England
when pride did lay down waiting to die
just like the people now in poverty and despair
such are now the shadows now small in the ruins of our cities

The sirens did still sing of cold warnings
screaming that the war does never end
and in Eve's apple upon ancient tree  
in blossom you will find me sleeping in deaths arms

Yet I swim my way home
back to a country I have grown to hate
all my extraordinary endeavors mean nothing
in this hell that I call my home

Oh dark oh dark world
oh dark country so full of exhausted people
just trying to clamber on the highway of life
yet so waiting to be crushed underfoot

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
By the glow of moonlights gaze
in the sea of the greatest of dreams
where fall the tears of truth like rain
this is where the trees do talk
with eyes for leaves most pronounced

So placid is the death of reason most compounded
when they think possession does sleep
but the curiosity of her dark crown and glory
that one whom has many names and never sleeps
once was reluctant to come to fluoridation

From the forest of forgiveness
oh yes my wings broken
yes my ****** scars you can see
******* light with me again in the day
then glowing dead in this nightmare

Sinking slowly deadly dreaming
I watch my forest of talking trees chatter
and with sword of much might
I do silence them one by one
then place my banner of the good and warrior on their roots

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
May 2016 · 320
She Want's My Eyes
She wants my eyes that girl
she waves a shinny silver spoon in her hand
she makes light the banging of wood on metal
as she looks mystically into my dark eyes

Oh how I love my mad ******* of a girlfriend, ok wife
she can put fear into my underpants
she springs summer autumn and winter
my soul is filled with all her seasons

Should of come to you years ago I think
here are my eyes so very fearless
here are my works and many lives
here is my hand in your's my wife

My eyes have seen many things
the rise and fall of kings
battles most fantastic
before earth came to form

I dance of those of the unknown
I bite like fury of many Gods
but for you my ******* diamond human
here you go, here are my many eyes

See what I see
be what I be
and if you love me
die with me

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
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