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By the bridge of evenings fall

where the cobwebs of spiders endeavor

do make sweet the calls of winters forevers

I wave to you from the other side of the bridge

hoping that you do glace and smile at me

I know I am not what you call...  old

yet truly I have a heart of gold

peoples misunderstandings of me

my crazy love of battling with poetry

I know I am obsessive-compulsive

Know that you are my sweet flower

my rose among the thorns

know that I love you like a sister

with passion, I call my friend

here is my heart I lay like a red rose

Worry not the winds

or the tempest within

your heart is burning

come now with me

to the winds that kiss this bridge

It's time to meet in the middle

let us see how deep this chasm is

take heart my dear friend and leap with me

do as you can see me be

and openly defy this curse of gravity

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Jan 19 · 86
Dragons Can
Dragons Can

We were being bombed the crap out of us

we planned a way out of this bombardment

for what was left of us were in an encampment

our designers did plan that dragons can

So one by one we left our shelter

with what arms we had left

out of the dragon's can

and out in the open

Some of us were cut down just like that

we thought we were truly messed up

they were the criminals

with many falsehoods and lies

We did not retreat

for vengeance we seek

for lies, we were shattered

yet justice is what matters

From shelters, we rush

not embryonic we trust

doing all that we understand

after living in the dragon can

And it will go on

and on and on

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 99
My Constant Smile
You give me joy
you give me hope
you give me everything I could ever desire
you give faith in your outstanding empire

Through all the tribulation and trials
I have with you a constant smile
a day without you would be a sin
for only happiness do you bring

You're the light at the end of the tunnel
without the love that you give me, I would crumble
yes I would walk a thousand miles
just to keep my constant smile

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 90
Hand Over Your Money
He had just gone to the hole in the wall
went to draw money before coming to mine
then as he walked through an ally
he was accosted and mugged

When my sweet brother got to me
standing at the door with blooded lips
telling me he had just been ripped off
by five what a bunch of cowards

I sat him down
made him a cup of tea
told him I will back in a moment
and with a blade was looking to **** them

My little departed brother
I would have taken them all
I wish I had found them
have all five broken and twitching

Hand over your money
that is what they said to him
he had TB and they saw he was a victim
I wish I had found them to beat the crap out of them

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 66
The End Of A Chapter
You have to do it one day
when you have been dismayed
been lied to and betrayed
you have to know, it's the end of a chapter

You just have to get on with it
there are better humans out there
that don't have pregnancy tests
hidden in their underwear

Never again never
I will hate this one forever
no forgiveness
for my last was merciless

She played me like a fool
she did not love me at all
so never again
as this chapter does end

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 75
The Ones That Care
There are many wonderful people in the health industries
they have saved my life many times on many occasions
been bleeding all over the place sometimes
and have been healed these are saints that are real

So to them all, I tip my hat and say thank you
thank you for saving my life
no matter my uniform
you have always saved me

The ones that care
the good that is everywhere
in those places of suffering
whom do such care and mothering

So this is for all of you
just to let you know
you have saved me for many years
I'm proud of you, the ones that care

Thank you

Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
He is a single male looking for love
he has been ******* from above
never on dating sites
as he thinks that trite

All he want's is love
not wham-bam thank you, mam
just a cuddle and a snuggle
with someone that will really love him

His last was a witch
and good god an evil *****
he wants someone cool
that not in their heart would abuse

He has been shaken and shocked
his last lover just liked any ****
she was not fussy
she would have the lot

What has been love
him now looking for love
so broken and discombobulated
hoping happiness is fated

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 102
The Gardeners
To their gardens, they go in silent procession
all the tools of the trade by their sides
their wheelbarrows are full
with such an array of flora

Making our parks pretty
in the middle of our cities
so all can have that nature feel
with a beauty that will make your soul refill

From six  in the morning to late at night
they work hard to make your eyes delight
planting with loving care
wonderful pretty plants everywhere

They take pride in their work
working hard planting in soil and dirt
with aching backs at the end of the day
they go home and rest and relax

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 75
The End Of A Chapter
You have to do it one day
when you have been dismayed
been lied to and betrayed
you have to know, it's the end of a chapter

You just have to get on with it
there are better humans out there
that don't have pregnancy tests
hidden in their underwear

Never again never
I will hate this one forever
no forgiveness
for my last was merciless

She played me like a fool
she did not love me at all
so never again
as this chapter does end

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 56
What He Told Us
Someone has been ******* my wife
that's what he told us
going out every day
advertising her dernier

We knew from the start that she was a ****
but he did not believe he denied it
he really could not see
the woods from the trees

Then she hit him hard
lied like a fat living lard
made all to be wrong
with her ******* birdsong

We helped him up as he cried
why me when my heart she does reside
god help a man that is broken
and heartache is his only token

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 60
Master Of Death
Yes I have been crushed and broken
murdered and blown to bits
have been tortured
and treated like ****

I did ride the world of dragons
broke all the rules of causality
never to die never to rest
as I'm the master of death

Been to hell and back
waterboarded on a rack
had my mind ****** up
even drank from the devil's cup

My deaths have numbers
to date ten thousand and fifty-six
this new one will be soon
as I have the date finely fixed

By Christos Andreas Kouris aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 57
Our Supplies
Our network keeps us going
we don't want to be stagnant without arms
we are loaded and ready to go and do
we all have fear in our hearts but we have to fight

After all these ****** years
I still battle hard
I will not leave my sisters and brothers
on this ****** battlefield

We have nothing to lose but our lives
we have and will be back again
you will see what it is like
when hope is torn apart

Our supplies
oh god we have many
mind machines never seen
and new uniforms

I will not give the order
till we are all ready
and on earth
to the time I will

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 57
They are weird to touch
wet and slimy and a bit gritty
but they were here
before you you see

Yours have no eyes and can not talk
in my lands, some could even walk
we rode them like camels across desert sands
just ****** on them when we needed to

Oh don't worry I was in a different form
nothing like a human
my body was wasplike
if you hug me it would be like hugging a crisp

I look at your Earthworms
you have so ****** many
I wish they were as big as ours
and are wiser than owls

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 54
I Will Never Stand Down
No no, it will never happen
I will never stand down
my troops have fought so hard
and non want peace again

When you rattle a hornet's nest
god do we fly with malice in our eyes
you want a fight is a glory
for we will ****** destroy you

They stand by me
knowing the lies you did spout
so let battle commence
I will have you all so cry and pout

Justice will be swift
we don't take prisoners
and your name
I promise will never be whispered

We will hurt you where it hurts
we mean to crush you
for all that you have done
and did do, I hate you

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 52
When I Fell To Grace
The battle in the skies had been going on for two years now
so much hatred and destruction did we wield as we all did ill
death would clap his hands when he saw us fight
then that day I was taken down
crashed hard and fast to the ground
I lay there screaming my back broken

Thinking I was finished I looked around
oh how beautiful is this land
at the tree line of the green woods
I see a slight creature running to me
it's one of those humans that looks like me
my sight is fading from my injuries, now I can't see

The human she strokes my wings
say's I knew you were real
she asks me to open my mouth
so tears of faith can come into my broken body
she cries and cries and does heal me
my mind now became clear you see

My eyes do open again
and there is this beautiful kneeling by me
she has saved me with her faith
I gave her my hand and we did pray
I asked her her name
she told me it was Grace

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 87
Scream Pussycat Scream
She was a hotrod to die for
a real bucking machine
crome and black with eyes blown out sockets
she was not like any other she went like a rocket

Just sitting in her seat you felt complete
you feel with her you are one entity
and when she takes off
oh boy, scream pussycat scream

Best to have protection when with her
helmet and gloves a must
a fireproof suit on maybe
unless you want to get burnt to a crust

So here we go, on with the show
she really is ready to go
full throttle lets make a scene
and scream pussycat scream

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 144
My Mistress
I bow to you every day
a slave to you all the way
I have stepped into nightmares for you
done all that you asked me to
I was bitten many years ago
the bite you gave me brighter glows

This is my contract to you
as you asked written in my our blood
I give my soul to you
all in the name of love
my mistress your kiss
always gives me heavenly bliss

Many times in the time I do praise you
I will do whatever you want me to
just ask and I will fight by your side
a place in my heart you have and forever will reside
I am loyal to you forever
for you, I do now endeavor

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 53
My Undead Girlfriend 2
I wait by the graveside
as the chapel bells chime midnight
the soil starts to heave
a slender hand pushes through the soil
I sit there with hands clasped
burning the midnight oil

Here she comes, my love my love
I kneel by her grave
as her other hand appears from the ground
I grab both and pull her from the grave mound
oh sweet glory be
to have my girlfriend come back to me

I kiss her lips so cold
stroke the soil out of her hair
I am as happy as can be
the spell I did cast has worked for me
now death for love did end
for now, I have back my undead girlfriend

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 55
It's a horrid thing to be in
so static our lives have become
this isolation is driving many insane
know how it messes with your brain

You can not hug or hold anyone
we physically can't talk to people in person
just locked up in our prison home
this nation in isolation

Many of us have lost our jobs
some took suicide thinking it would be best
others like me just have tears in their eyes
and fight this ******* with defiance

It takes much more than this to take us down
we don't give a crap if there is nothing in Santa's sack
for we are as strong on our own as in a tribe
and out of this isolation, we will outride

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 66
They Rode Into Camelot
It was deep in her
she knew she did wrong
opened the gates
and let the rats come in

From war to war
we have beaten them all
at Hastings, we found out
they rode into Camelot

Oh how beauty can be so evil
how deceived you can be
by a Morgana
that evil witch

With my faithful, we ride west
to the temple of peace
we give our blessings and blood
we will not relinquish our swords

One knight a dear friend of mine
strikes his sword into some granite
his sword could not be retrieved
I gave him my spare and told him to leave the other in there

As we rode to Camelot
I told my friend
you know that sword was one of mine
and now you have one of my other ones

It is raining hard when we get to our Camelot
the portcullis is still open
we ride in with swords in hand
and there does Morgana stand

We alight our steads
some of us still do bleed
I tell her we will **** her
she laughs and say's she knows

Ten of my knights fall from her first spell
we that are left rush her
just like we did last time
but she moves to another timeline

I tell my brothers and sisters
I will follow her through time
and where she did stand
I stand and disappear with a magic rhyme

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 60
Just Hurt Did Pour Down
Our kind are rather clever
there are not many of us left you to know
they will be wicked to me if I tell
our hands glow with radiance and can heal
that we have lived forever
and only in battle with our own do we die

Peacekeepers and war makers
the hand of the just we support and trust
but it is sad to say
we leave in seven hundred and 21 days
you think that is a long time
to us, it's just a blink of the eye

My leave is over soon
back to the deep black, I do go
to battle with our brothers and sisters
the universe is vast
and we have our tasks
we fight so ****** hard

We are off in a while
our banner is red and black
the red hand of our queen
on a jet black background
our kits we do pack
as we are ready to react

It will fall in tears
like last time
just hurt did pour down
and again I will cry tears of blood

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Some of us have been broken-hearted
some have loved ones departed
some have a drug addiction
others are with alcolal related problems

Most of us are well messed up
I do know a few that are not
but they are twenty percent of the lot
most are really emotionally messed up

If poets are likened to me
you write when you want to
and no *******
should tell you what to do

Freedom of speech
that's gone out of the window
you have to be careful what you preach
or be a broken window

Oh the wonder of words
this child that deserves
such attention
that words do reserve

God it has happened to me
don't say all that you feel
because the world has changed
and nothing is fake and not real

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 48
You did ask me how the world does end
and with sad eyes and tears, I said
with a whimper and not with a scream

Oh how this world does end
the thinking of a hopeful future
but god there is non
for a new apocalypse comes

I wish I had a mother and father
yet I was built for this sweet event
a contract I have to fulfill
like death, I will yield

This apocalypse
this mayhem made by man
here with swords of fate
me and warriors' stand

Watch the singing stars
vastly powerfully than Mars
watch what we can do
just to save you

We call our war cry
ready to save some *****
we will protect
so no harm does pass

We can hold much back
but we are under attack
this apocalypse
we can't forever hold back

My sweet kings
my sweet queens
it is time to fight
with what we have
with all our might

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 61
Army Of One We Are
We battled together and will battle soon again
our armor is the army of one
we will get them
and **** them

No mercy for the evil ones
Wir Kommen für Sie
and when found
we will **** them all

You ****** murderously killed
now we mean to do the same
you are evil ones
but we can play the same game

Breaking the laws of causality
taking time into my own hands
not for the first time
from many times we have done this

We are the army of one we are
the last of our kind
always not with forgiveness
as we have a hate on our mind

We turn our battle to you
so kiss your *** goodbye
for you have no idea
that now our angels do fly

Glory to the kind
glory to the meek
glory to us
as vengeance we seek

You ****** on our lands
I know you don't give a ****
but we will beat you and destroy you
as soon as our troops can

Wir hassen für immer
ihr alle werdet schrecklich sterbenand
I hope to send yours
all to hell where you do all belong

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 38
The Apple Lane Mysteries
There are strange happenings going on down Apple Lane
many of its residences are strange and quirky, maybe insane
take Mrs.Gray at number 10 in her garden she has six-foot hens
and Mr.Tattles at number 2 is always stealing other peoples shoes
the problem with him is with the people still in them
and what is that green glow from number 4
look over his back garden and the glow is more

The road to these houses is something to believe
the trees there speak in German and have black leaves
and birds of despair tweeter insults to passerby's
whilst throwing homemade blueberry pies
at number 20 Mr. Barker has a homemade cemetery
right in the middle of his front garden
and if you ask him why, he says I beg your pardon

Yes many a strange tale that makes you say wow
that's what you have down Apple Lane
they say their English but most speak gibberish
it is definitely a lane for the insane is this Apple Lane
at number 13 unlucky for some lives Mr. Plum
who is always shooting out of his window with his Bebe gun
what a queer lot of folks they are by gum

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
No roar of engines
no more jet streams
life is now more simplistic
for only here do butterflies dwell

The air is fresh as mountain blessed
it is time Earth had a chance to heal and rest
we had become far too big for our boots
now time to watch the blossoms and shoots

Time to smell the fresh air
sitting in your garden in your underwear
singing birdsongs is everywhere
nothing to do and not a world of cares

Reality has become a banality
boredom is at an all-time high
just watch clouds in blue skies
just drifting slowly by

Not time to think of the future
just think of pasts gone by
flutter your mind
just like a butterfly

Watch nature come back
wildlife return
for many years
humanity did let them die and burn

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 45
Pebbles In The Pond
I watch the ripples as one by one
I throw pebbles in the pond
watching the rippling waves
that come lapping to my feet

The cause and effects
is a curious fascination
an unbridled passion
that does appeal to my eyes

I watch the frogs on lily pads
bounce up and down
then stay motionless
with splade feet firmly on their mounds

White swans with slender necks drift by
reeds do rasp in the gentle spring winds
in the background, I hear peacocks call
it's a haunting sound one the strangest of all

The skies are blue and sapphire
the smell of rebirth is in the air
as I throw another pebble in the pond
drifting dreamily as I watch and stare

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 42
By The Mountain Stream
Drinking from the mountain stream
before we do have to ascend
we know some will not come back
it will be the ending of some of them

Time to go boldly climbing
clambering up the rock face
many of us tack down
before we go to sleep

We will come to the summit in two days
already two have died and to rest we laid
one was my best friend
and I will miss her soo very much

We that are left hold hands
keeping our union together
just two days more
but it does seem like forever

On the last day
just before the summit
another three fell
in this cold freezing windy hell

At the top, we saluted our friends
for being up here and left their names on a plack
we would have to get back down again
and lose a few more friends attired with packs

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Our sun can be rather naughty
with corona mass injections
it can break the ozone layer
and send our wi fi to sizzle and fry

Having a star so far away
does not make you safe any day
just another **** from a star
can blast your planet to be another Mars

I have seen it happen many times
these invisible corona mass injections
I would love you to take my hand
and show you other destroyed lands

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 42
Abby Gales And Angels
The broken bells do try to chime
in horrid winds of broken times
hidden in the Abby there is her crypt
the place I leave her roses red and dead

Silent prayers form holy communions
as I sit by her coffin and weep
making shadows cast by candlelight
singing to her in numerous periods of sleep

I utter, Soon, my love, I will join you
just to hold you once again
in arms cold and unforgiving
we will dance the last waltz

The gales pluck at bindweed
playing pizzicato to our lost love
as I lay my head down on your tomb
for our slumber and eternal rest

Hear the voice of angels
they have come to us
just one more miracle
our last dance of death

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 51
The Saddest Tree
It sat in the forest of plenty
bleeding sap branches hanging low
broken promises
the hangman's retreat and woes

I stood by him and sat in his shade
asked him how are you doing these days
he shuddered his leaves and they did start to fall
and told me, not well at all

Love had been wicked to him
and the sun never shined on him
his bark was falling
he was close to death

That tree that said he did love
was a lie that now he does despise
broken but pulling back
roots growing again after all the ****** lies

She had told him stories of sadness
and her stories hit his heart
I wanted to relive her
he really believed her from the start

It could have been me
that saddest tree
I mean really
in ruin like me

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 144
The Octopus Witch
Diabolical she was
her tentacles penetrated your mind  
her touch was poison
her wishes confounding
she morphed herself into many forms
her beauty could be astounding

She had me in her sights
I was pulled into her
there was no escape
her grip was like a vice
and I with no control
fell for all her lies

She blinded me with her ink
her tormenting when she turned pink
she smothered me and tricked me
this outlandish creature
she was the octopus witch
if a sea dog I would be I'd call it a *****

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 107
Waiting For Dawn
I wake very early you know
always before the light of dawn
I sit by the window
watching for the near morning

Birds are singing
they chatter blissfully for a new day
I will love this world
work hard with little or no play

Nighttime has left her veil on the garden chair
as she retreats from daylights bidding
I wish for nights forever
but who am I kidding

So I watch by the window
for a new day to be born
with joy and sadness in my heart
waiting for dawn

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 47
They don't see you as I do
they can't see the monster within you
your eyes do betray ******* ways
that you never kept at bay

I have seen it soo many times
you losing your ****** mind
God what a monster you became
emotionally made me lost and lame

Never to feel wanted
never to feel loved
you monster
and this you called love

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 56
Always Need Romance
Are you one of them
that can't love without romance
that pure fragile heart

I was just like you
I really believed in love
yet now it has gone

Always need romance
just for another sweet chance
to find love again

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 46
It's Time To Battle Again
My loyal brothers and sisters
I know we have gone to hell and back
but it's time to battle again
stand up and weapon up

I myself will take my gun blades
choose what arms you need
by the time we get back
my gun blades will bleed

Have no fear I know we have battled far
from sunlight to under the stars
but I am proud of all of you
and we have pulled through

We have to push forward
and never retreat
we are the warlords
that never will fall in defeat

Soon my dear friends
I will be transferred
to the legion of the dead
where they want me preferred

It's time to battle again
I will stay in front you can cover my back
death before dishonor I mean to **** the queen
we will **** them all with no mercy.... attack

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 47
What Is Love About
What is love about
why does your soul sometimes shout
in wonder and glee

Does love grow like trees?
are you imprisoned or free
it's for you really

You try and decide
from truths of being and lies
wear your heart, with pride

Burn all your bridges
give it really your best shot
love can be brutal

Try hard you should do
to the love you need to prove
and always be true

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 52
Violent Violet
She does not take fools lightly
for a woman her age, she is rather feisty
she does engage in tactical mind wars
most of the time behind closed doors

Violent is Violet veraciously volatile
she can be vengeful and vindictive
very hard to predict
does make men burn their wicks

Exhaustingly manic
she puts many into panic
a craftily skillful woman
as she knows all the tricks

Many a headache she can inflict
or even a brain ache
you have to tip your hat to her
as violent Violet never needs a co-pilot

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 56
Goodnight Maria
She looks so beautiful
as she glides with grace on the dancefloor
nothing is such a sweet pleasure to see
I wonder in her movements is that what holds me

The smile on her face is ecstatic
she is just a friend nothing romantic
I swore I'd never fall in love again
that feeling in my heart remains

Just a friend she is nothing more
ok I kiss her when I take her home at her door
I sometimes ****** her rear
before saying goodnight Maria

She phones when I get home those nights
making sure I got home in one piece
I wish I could give her my heart
then my soul would be released

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 64
Death Wished
He was sitting in his armchair
as usual, watching all the hourglasses
the slight hiss of the sands sometimes makes him sleepy
other times made him feel rather weepy
another one to take care of
as another hourglass empties

He gets up, never has time to take his cloak off
with a scythe, in hand, he calls the winds to take him
he appears in a second at the bedside of a dying man
poor man he sighs, as the scythe passes across the chaps eyes
his job is never-ending death as a day and night job is no fun
I'm sure he would rather have a cactus shoved up his ***

I have myself have faced him
and to date, he did never win
I don't have an hourglass
for my name is Time
Death wished he was me
then maybe he could get some

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 55
Hold Me
When from the battle I had been
I did ask you to hold me'
I need a touch'
just to know that I am still alive

It's hell in heaven as it is in hell
here again for a few moments I want to dwell
just stroke my hair
make me feel cared

Don't worry about my tears
I have shredded them for years
god I have been broken
so many times before

Just hold me just for awhile
soon I go back to the black arts
where I did come from
that big bang the very start

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 53
State Of Mind
I asked her, my God
said did I have permission
with tears in her eyes
she bowed and give me a veto

This is a personal thing
just my communion of the faithful
as I told my sweet queen
I will be lucky to come back home again

So we battle up
never ever are things too late
warriors once and survived
and again into hell we ride

It's a state of time it's a state of mind
it's fury you never really get over
now I fly with an utter vengeance
flying fast as lightening over the white cliffs of Dover

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 48
It was our savior
to see it's rhythmic flashings
or too jagged rocks
our ship was dashing

I woke our sweet captain
told him we have gone hard to port
he said well-done number one
I will put that in the report

I went back deckside
the wind did howl and hiss
the sea was fantastically cold
icicles formed from the frozen mist

We dropped anchor
and from our captains, permission was granted
to take a boat out to the lighthouse
I and seven sea dogs were alighted  

By rocks spiteful and cold
we alighted and boldly so
to gain reach to the lighthouse
all of us did in sodden clothes did go

The door was open
a light glow lonely like a happy smile
so one by one we walked in
not with a smile just a grin

It was alive
the whole lighthouse was alive
it was breathing and pulsating
green with the power of aniseed

Up the glistening spiral staircase, we did ascend
to the keeper our lifesaver
there he sat all in black
and said one of you will be me

And it happened
never again to be free
for now, the lighthouse keeper is me
just the jagged rocks now and the sea will be

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 54
Incredulous You
You treated me like dirt
and you knew it would hurt
looking for my chinks in my armor
good god you did your best

Found your pregnancy tests
and damming evidence and the rest
you cooked me like a kipper
but I will have justice and be the winner

I know now and despise you
for all that you did and do
my love left you on that day
evil woman incredulous you

You really did your best to take me down
playing the victim without a frown
I loved you, I really did
but the clandestine plans you well hid

When were you going to tell me
that you never really loved me
now I'm alone
and you have a free pass

Never again will I fall in love

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 101
In The Service Of The Enemy
One of our own was found
she gave her secret codes
to the lust of humans
to lust uncontrolled

She wanted to justify herself
but there was no justification for the things she did do
she will be known in history
the monster of in for me, just me

And all that was around her
undermined my chaotic order
lied to us and happened them
a ***** and the devil's daughter

She will have freedom
we will do no malice
we now turn our back on her
in her ivory tower and palace

She is gone now
good ridding to her
no more will we see her
in the service of the enemy

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 39
I try to be kind to all mankind
I try but some are right *******
not so how much you try
sometimes you ask yourself why

You can see the ones that shine
they have stars in their eyes
that's the reason I try
looking for the truths entire

I don't want to put in my black book
humans are just greedy monkies
with much malice on their blooded lips
they are much but better, they must try

Soon I will grow new wings
and once again I will have to fly
but hey mankind, please
love each other ....... try

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Dec 2020 · 45
Just To Have Freedom
I'm lucky I have dodged that bullet
now I can be let loose on poetry
this is my sweet kingdom
just to have freedom

I can write all night to my utter delight
no one to say why are you still up
no need to fight when I with joy can write
ripping yarns and truthful things I want to strike

Back to my sweet poetry society
back with brothers and sisters
never will I leave this kingdom vast
until the day I eventually do pass

To that day when I will come back again
riding wild horses taking on the god of rains
for I will not drip
I mean to let rip

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
I have always found you enchanting
yet for many years I found amiss
that in your eyes there was a mist
every midnight we have kissed

Romance became literature
every word had a feeling
and I danced in your eyes
my broken heart I felt was healing

Why would I want to live in history
what truly would I gain
just tears of artificial life
with diodes and chips going haywire

I don't compute is this love
when you hit me and wish me dead
I try to unravel this
as you smash my house apart

Data came back a few moments ago
all the ugliness of mankind and you too
I knew from the beginning
there was something about you

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Nov 2020 · 56
Poor Mrs Watson
Poor Mrs. Watson her husband was never home
he was always hanging out with his friend called Holmes
she wondered what those two got up to
she really didn't have a clue

It made her crazy, she was going round the bend
never knowing when she would see her husband again
she had noticed that sometimes he took his revolver
her thinking, not more shooting practice, it never ends

She never got involved in his shenanigans
never did she look even at his telegrams
when home he was just writing in his journal
it soured her cream and did it make her curdle

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Nov 2020 · 57
Terminal Sleepers
The tracks end here
yet there are people sleeping in the carriage
it is a fearful sight
but I must not be disparaged

The men have beards to their chests
the women have sagging *******
how long have they been here
in this perpetual stance of hibernation

Every now and then one wakes and screams
no life no freedom does it seem
the active androids do sedate them as they wake
it's a terrible place to be with fear I shake

Just tea and biscuits once a year
that's what they get without a fear
this is a DNA keeper
for these terminal sleepers

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
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