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Feb 22 · 118
The closed book.
The closed Book
Abandons words
Speaks with lonely eyes
Stores up thoughts
Inside the mind.
A private world inside.
Thinking deep
Mind mesmerized
Ticking time Bomb
Tick tock Tick tock

Could go off at anytime
The private world explodes.
The closed Book
Has been overlooked
By passers bye.
The story never told
And was never heard.
Some people are like a closed Book they keep things to themselves .
Not always in there interest.
Nov 2020 · 178
My favourite comedian.
I remember my favourite comedian
He was crazy and acted daft
When I was on the downside
He would put an end to that.

He had a funny way with words
And could often tell a tale
He always drawed attention
His humour it never failed.

He could have been a big name
In a movie or on the stage
And if he chose to be one
I am sure he would make the grade.

He never had to try hard
He liked to play the clown
No one found him annoying
He was fun to have around.

He was full of innuendos
And he almost crossed the line
But he never was affensive
He wasn't that way inclined.

Then that was many years ago
Now he's gone and that is sad
He was my favourite comedian
I should know he was my Dad.
Nov 2020 · 135
Drinking with strangers
My friend Harry put all his trust
In all his words when he drank too much
Now he is sober and wonders why
He drank and drank the bottle dry.

Foolish he was to drop his guard
Forgetting it now is very hard
He started off with just one taste
He carried on and spoke in haste.

But now he has learned his lesson well
And this advice he wishes to tell
Be care full my friends when you've had a few
You just don't know who you are talking too.
It happens,
Nov 2020 · 252
This summers day.
Here we are on this summer's day
Nothing much to do
The flowers they are on display
Yellow white and blue.

It's time to take things easy
Our working days are done
We get our pension weekly
Now we are soaking up the sun.

Now we are getting older
But we are youthful in our minds
The winter's now are colder
They were warmer in our times.

Our children they have fled the nest
They have gone there various ways
Although we see them less and less
Sometimes they come and stay.

Now we are never in a hurry
We come and go as please
And we have no reason to worry
We just love the summer breeze.

Now we count our blessings
There's far to many to say
And there are so many reasons
To enjoy this summer's day
Winter is here but we had a lovely summer.
His work is cleaning Windows
He's been doing it all his life
He was fifteen when he started
Now he's married to his lovely wife.

His children they have all grown up
They have left and gone there way
And still he is cleaning Windows
Fourty years this very day,

He has got himself a tidy round
His reputation is going well
Many things in life he has seen
And there are stories he can tell.

He works in all kinds of weather
The cold never puts him off
He starts early in the morning
And he never seems to stop.

There's an art in cleaning Windows
You can see by the way they shine
If he fails to clean them properly
He will never get paid on time.

He travels to many places
The countryside and towns
His business it is booming
New customers he has found.

He plans to retire at sixty five
Only ten more years to go
He will sell his cleaning business
To whom its too soon to know.
I clean my patio window I never seem to get it to shine.
My window cleaner makes a perfect job of making the patio window shine.
Nov 2020 · 65
Those days of rock n roll
No more rock around the clock
We reached and fullfilled our goals
We made it to the top spot
A million records we sold ,
Now that was many years ago
We had our fare share of hits
Still we do the acasional show
We are comfortable but no way rich ,
The music world is in our blood
There is only one life we knew
We'd do something else if only we could
But there's nothing else we can do ,
Like many a band we have had our day
We don't compare ourselves with the rest.
The acasional gig we sometimes play
But we admit we have past our best.
So now we've grown much older
Far away from living the dream
For with age we all got wiser
Knowing nothing's as good as it seems.
Once we reached above the clouds
Far from the earth down below
Singing and playing to all the crowds
In those days of rock n roll.
Back in the days in rock n roll.
Nov 2020 · 117
One man an his dog,
I got up one early morning
From a nice warm cosy bed
Retired and no more working
I took the dog for a walk instead.
Outside it was rather frosty
And it was only seven o'clock
I fetched his lead and took him out
For a mile around the block.
He can be rather annoying
He kept making a winding sound
And the cold I really felt it
As my feet stepped on the ground.
I don't do this very often
I just thought I would give it a try
I gave into this demanding dog
And now I'm wondering why ,
He knew just were he was going
And can see I'm an easy touch
He will have to learn and realise
That he cannot trust his luck ,
Now we've done our little journey
We are tired from  walking the street
Now it's off to bed to rest my head
And like he I'll go back to sleep.
Crafty pet he is .can be very manipulative.
Nov 2020 · 87
Do the best for your children
Take them to the beach
Give them all the love they need
While they're still within your reach.

They'll be grown before you know it
They will leave and go there way
Just think of those lovely moments
And those wonderful happy days.

Now you will see them drifting
Like a ship sailing out to sea
It's sad to see this happen
But its the way it has to be.

A home is what you make it
And you can only do your best
Provide for all there every need
It's down to them to do the rest.

You know you will always worry
That is what all parants do
So go ahead and care for them
And just hope they will remember you.
Nov 2020 · 68
High Times
He says goodbye to rock n roll
But not to his fans and friends
No more reaching out for gold
His fame came to an end

Then he found his destiny
A simple and quiet life
No more traveling on land and sea
He has children and wife.

He has photos all around his walls
They are there in his living room
They were taken in those concert halls
When his band was in full bloom.

The members they have now dispersed
They are doing their very own thing
No need to work play and rehearse
Before getting on stage to sing.

Now he's living his life in the slow lane
No more traveling from place to place
He never put faith in the music game
You can tell by the smile on his face.

So he says goodbye to those high times
He had more than his fare share of them
Now he relaxes at home and there  unwinds
With memories of way back then.
Those days of Rock an Roll
Nov 2020 · 73
Cotswald Cottage.
We are heading for the Cotswolds
Just two hour drive from home
We have hired a little cottage
Built from Cotswold stone.

We'll be staying in a village
With a shop a church and a pub
A beautiful little getaway
Where no ones in a rush.

If you've never been to the cotswalds
And seen its surrounding towns
With all its lovely walkways
It is a joy to look around.

There's lots of lovely villages
And so many country lanes
We never have to travel far
No need for busses and trains.

We are going to take it easy
We are here for just one week
Then it's back to the hustle and bustle
With the city and busy streets
The Cotswalds a lovely part of the British countryside.
Nov 2020 · 87
We need to build a bridge
Across this great divide
It's time now to forgive
And forget this foolish pride.

A simple word of anger
Can be like a sinking ship
Let's bail out that anchor
We need to get a grip.

Now it's time to do our best
And try and make amends
Forget about those past regrets
Families should all be friends.

Just one thing we failed to see
We had those happy days
And happiness it still would be
If rage didn't step in the way.

So that is all that can be said
Let's make the matter shine
Beneath the bridge is ruby red
And the water is our bloodline.
Families often fall out over silly things
But it seems make things right on a later time.
That's what its like with the Bloodline.
Nov 2020 · 176
Winged Messengers.
Sitting in my favourite chair
One early September morn
A little Robin came along
And he settled on my lawn.
He stayed a while and made me smile
He then flew on my wall.
This little Robin that I saw
Had a message to tell us all.
Then suddenly he spread his wings
And then he took to flight
Flying off into the air
Disappearing out of sight.

Then suddenly again it happened
It was such a lovely sight
This time a bright coloured Butterfly
To my eyes brought such delight.
He stayed a while and made me smile
He then flew on my wall
This lovely Butterfly that I saw
Had a message to tell us all.
Suddenly he spread his wings
And then he took to flight
Flying off into the trees
Disappearing out of sight.
Job 12:7.However,ask,please the animals,and they will
Instruct you;Also the birds of the heavens ,and they will tell you.
Oct 2020 · 145
Word land.
I have found my little word land
My friends are poetic words
And they treat me very kindly
When my  writing is Obserd .
There are no laws on paper
To say what's right or wrong
I just hope that sometime later
My words will all move on
Now my poet friends are skillfull
They never lay down any rules
I put my thoughts in writing
My pen is my only tool.
Who knows what will come later
Feel free to criticise
I'm  happy in my  word land
It's there were I reside.
A little abstract poem about words but mostly all of you who write them who I  regard a friends.
Sep 2020 · 250
Battling with Giants.
Those Giants seem so harmless now
They don't bother me any more
They used to be So scary
When they entered through my door.

Those Giants they were very strong
They could crush me with one hand
But when they see me falling
These days they help me stand.

One time I battled with Giants
They were far much bigger than me
Now  they are very gentle
And they fill my heart with glee.

Have you ever battled with Giants
In there many shapes and forms
It's said they have always been there
From the day that we were born.

They say there are no Giants
Well not in a literal way
They come in the form of obsticles
And they are with us every day.

Giants they can be beaton
And we can bring them to there knees
And when they are defeated
They become as gentle as the breeze.
We all are faced with Giantlike situations in our lives .
What a relief when we overcome them in there many shapes and forms.
Aug 2020 · 479
Sailing on the blue.
I'm out there in the ocean
And I'm  sailing on the blue
I'm not really worried
Where I'm heading too.
The storms can be very fierce
And the waves they can rise high
I'm not all that bothered
And I'll tell you the reason why.
Because I'm out there in the ocean
And I'm  sailing on the blue
It's really so amazing
What the imagination it can do.
I have a fascination with the ocean and tiny islands
This poem is my imaginary boat across the sea
In reality I have a fear of the sea I'm happier on land..
Jul 2020 · 156
Laying down to rest.
Yesterday he ran so  free  
Then he walked us off our feet
He jumped right up and then we found
He was exspecting his favourite treat.
Upon that day he wanted to play
He just never seemed to stop
Then on that night he didn't seem right
It was on the floor he flopped.
He climed on our bed then didn't move
It really was so alarming
We thought about the bone he chewed
Hoping that it didn't harm him.
He laid and laid and didn't budge
He was such a saddened sight
We shall wait until the morning
We couldn't sleep that night.
At seven o'clock he gave a bark
we thought he would never stop
He ran down stairs at such a speed
The pigeons all flew off.
Now he is completely oblivious
To think he almost made us sob
We had one hell of a restless night
Whilst he was sleeping like a log.
Take good care of the elderly
Keep them free from the cold
Give them a ring and you will see
Their worries will unfold.

They may be concerned about eating
And all their daily needs
Don't forget about their heating
And all there anxieties

We are living in times of hardship
And many are feeling down
So hold out your hand of friendship
Let them know you are around.

When they were in there infancy
They never worried about a thing
Never could they  ever see
Just what this world would bring.

Now there's something that is beautiful
And its a wonderful thing to be told
Lets say to the aged and vunerable
You are far more precious than gold.
There's lots of elderly who are lonely and many can be forgotten .
Well in reality we may not say to the elderly they are far more precious than gold. Maybe we can show it.It's just a thought. Ecclesiastes chapter   12 ;1-14.
May 2020 · 138
Butterfly wings.
Lost within those desert sands
Trenches deep on war torn land
Uncertain days .now fear abounds
We're guns and bombs the only sound.
Children hungry with not much to eat
Walking on streets no shoes on their feet.

Young folk are so disillusioned
Within a world faced with confusion
Promises that never come true
What's mankind supposed to do
Let's hope one day this story will pass
And peace and love will forever last.

Now it seems we have to stop and think
For life as we know it is on the brink
Let us see if the tide will turn
And hope that lessons will soon be learned
Those foggy times for now are here
We hope one day the fog will clear.

Let's stop for a while and take controll
Now possitive thoughts must be our goal
No longer fill our minds with fear
There is a light that's very near
The picture now paints better things
Like beautiful flowers and butterfly wings.
May 2020 · 113
Forward and back.
Simply go backwards
Is as simple as saying
Forwards !
If we go backwards
Then how can we go forwards ?

Is not forwards the way
We should go
By putting one foot
In front of the other.

Do we want to go  
For we have done
All things before
Been to all the places
And seen all the people
So why do we need
To go backwards at all.
Written bye wife my Valerie non rhyming.
Apr 2020 · 328
The traveling troubadour.
He never sings in stadiums
There are no curtain calls
He follows his musical heartstrings
That leads him to village halls.
Singing songs for a living
And he'll tell you he wrote a few
His love it is for music
And he is out there singing for you.
He travels around the country
Performing one night stands
He never makes much money
And he hasn't got a band.
He was never there with the big names
They just gave him a little slot
Then he doesn't  care for all that fame
He is happy for all that he has got.
Now he's been around for fifty years
And still doing his same kind of thing
His fans they are still out there
So he thanks them for everything.
Music is not all about fame.
Apr 2020 · 660
There's a poet in everyone.
The door is there for the opening
You know we all hold the key
Pour out your thoughts on paper
Your on the road to poetry.

Your words at first may falter
Like a child's very first step
But the more that you keep writing
There will be words you'll never forget.

You know you will never regret this
It's the greatest therapy
And before you really know it
Your a writer of poetry.

There's a poet there in everyone
Thats what a poet said to me
So if you really whant to be one
Then you will master poetry.
Poetry is there for everyone. Saddly most people I know have no interest
In writing poetry  that's the difference.
Mar 2020 · 352
Poem for our times.
Fear runs through the poets pen
Until all the ink runs out.
So much in words must be said
Within our times of doubt.

Then again things may change
For the better or  for the worse
In this world of uncertainty
Put some Sunshine in a verse .
Mar 2020 · 179
The Parcel
There was a knock at my door
I ran downstairs quickly
As I opened the door
To my surprise and joy
There was a parcel
           Just for me !

I was so happy
As I never had a parcel before
So I quickly picked it up
Ran back upstairs to my room
I was filled with excitement
I ripped the paper off  with all my energy
                  With happiness

Wandering what it could be
As I was tearing and tearing
The paper piece by piece
I eventually came to the last one
My heart skipped a beat
Then it dropped
My mouth went wide open
With disappointment
Only to find out
That my parcel was
      An EMPTY BOX.
This poem was written by my wife Valerie.
I think it has a good message behind it. she tends to write non rhyming
Poetry .I hope she keeps writing.I feel she has great potential.
Feb 2020 · 258
Let it shine.
Let it shine let it shine.this gift of love
Let it spread let it glow from heaven above
Let it find those darkened places
And put a smile on saddened faces.

Let it shine like the sun from above
Let it spread like the wings of a dove
Let those grey skies turn too blue
And help those dreams all come true .

Let it shine let it shine this gift of love
Let it spread let it glow from heaven above
Let it seek for those lonely hearts
And find two lovers who will never part.

Let it shine and never let it fade
Let it be there every day
Let it be that  shining light
Love is a need in all of our lives.
Jan 2020 · 166
Secret hideaway.
My mother had that certain look
I could see it in her eyes
It was then I started wondering
Was my dad telling little white lies?
I know they both liked a tipple
My dad had his beer at night
But mom went to bed at ten o'clock
And then turned off the light.
My dad worked as a carpenter
It was his chosen trade
He built a little cabinet
And it was beautifully made.
When mom got tired and had her fill
My dad he stayed downstairs
In that cabinet he had a hideaway
He thought mother was unaware
Then little did he realise
She has known him for many years.
He could never fool my mother
She just new his whiskey was there.
Nov 2019 · 350
New tomorrow.
Sailing away from darkened waters
Moving ahead to a beautiful stream
Those nightmares now are far behind you
Your free to go and follow your dreams.

Looking now to that new horizon
Your world is now a happier place
The look of fear and deprevation
Has now turned into a smiling face.

Past regrets there are so many
No need to let them get you down
The wonderful thing about past regrets
We have the power to turn things round.

No longer the burden is on your shoulder
The weight off your mind has been carried away
Just look ahead to that new tomorrow
For tomorrow will be another day.
Oct 2019 · 610
Bedtime poem.
Here is a poem to help you sleep
On this cold and frosty night
Snuggle down between the sheets
Then just turn off the light.

You know its really bitter outside
But inside its nice and warm
With pleasant dreams now close your eyes
Untill another day is born.

Forget about the weather outside
Your sheltered by roof and walls
The temperature may just decide
To cause the snow to fall.

So here is a poem to make you sleep
On this cold and frosty night
Snuggle down between the sheets
Then just turn off the light
Winter is almost here and and the cold nights have arrived
I'm not a big fan of cold weather but it does help you to appreciate
A nice warm bed.and the comforts of life.
I used to be a live wire
Out every single night
Living my life in the fast lane
Heading for the City lights.

I used to go to the discos
Dancing with all those girls
I fell in love with one of them
She set my heart a whirl.

Soon after we got married
We had children one two and three
Then it was time to knuckle down
It was a working life for me.

We saved to get a mortgage
For a house that we could buy
Working on the building sight
Those bricks just multiplied.

We saved and went on holidays
With those summers on the beach
It was such a wonderful happy time
A break for a couple of weeks.

Now that was many years ago
No moŕe dancing around with girls
No more life in the fast lane
We are living in the real world.

Now our working days are over
We are older it must be said
And when it comes to nightime
We get tired and go to bed.
Looking back to the days when we were fancy free.
Aug 2019 · 904
Orchestra of Angels
Caught up in the strings of violins
Flying high above the trees
The echoing sound of sweet melody
With beautiful orchestral harmony

Celestial lights with joy they bring
Taking one somewhere afar
Distant worlds where angels sing
With orchestra and shining stars

This velvet voice a delight to hear
One's mind and soul are carried away
With no fear or regret everyone's there
In a place where nirvana waits.

Savouring this moment that,s like a dream
Where all can come and go as please
Caught up in the strings of violins
This musical feeling of ecstasy.

Now it's back on earth to reality
This music just took too flight
The orchestration reached the heart
Reflecting this beautiful stary  night.
I heard a song accompanied by a beautiful orchestra
On the radio never heard it before it took me to another realm
Such a lovely sound,it was out of this world.
Aug 2019 · 694
The circle.
Come and join us
You will fit in well
Our minds intwine
We are all of a kind.

Let's make plans
And lets shake hands
Together we get on fine.
So welcome to the Club.

You have a face that fits
So stay within our circle
Together we all click.
Have you ever felt that you are not
Part of a click and you are some what left out of things.
Not a very well written poem but I wrote it some years ago when I felt
I wasn't part of a group of people. I didn't feel welcomed.
Jul 2019 · 1.3k
The sparrows have returned.
Sparrows are coming from nowhere
I thought they had all disappeared
They've been gone for such a long time
We haven't seen them for many years.
All of a sudden they all reappear
There sound is rather unique
Such a pleasant bird indeed
When they wake you up from sleep.
I wonder why they have returned
It seems like a mystery to me
One day we'll find the answer
Untill then just let it be.
Maybe things run in cycles
In a sky that's governed by wings
We may have gained much knowledge
But we don't know everything.
This world is full of confusion
We will never quite understand
It's the same with all the sea life
We are simply mortal man.
I remember when I was a child
Sparrows were not all that rare
Then they started dwindling
I was totally unaware
Then it was brought to my notice
Where have all the sparrows gone ?
I looked and could not find them
Then suddenly I found only one.
So the moral of this story
They left but no one knew where
Now sparrows all flock together
And we see them everywhere .
This year we have had seen no end of sparrows in our garden
We haven't seen them for years or at least not seems
The sparrows have returned.
Jul 2019 · 770
Technologically speaking.
Books will soon be fading out
Devices are what we explore
Technology will keep progressing
We are improving more and more
There will be another way too write
They will say no need for ink
Just press the words on your tablet
We have newer ways to think.

Now everything is download
And we are ordering things on line
Soon banks will be run by computers
The sign of these changing times.
Things seem to be moving faster
More so than the speed of light
Keeping up is very hard
When things change overnight.

Now cars will soon go electric
And no drivers will need to drive
It will be similar to a sat nav
We should never be surprised
Who'd think the time would ever come
Where technology rules this earth
Say no to political robots
That simply will never work.
Basically just a fun poem and exaggeration
Of some possibilities. not to be taken seriously
Maybe the moon for holidays in the future.
Lets hope this storm blows over
It is looking rather bad
Its really so alarming
When nations get raging mad.

It only takes one foolish move
And all we need is one
Lives could be in Danger
And our planet could be gone.

Looking at the papers
And hearing all the news
It's really not surprising
Why folk drink so much *****.

No need to speak of dooms day
We have heard it all before
Then in these times of warfare
The enemy's at the door.

This storm it may pass over
And it could happen in a flash
Then the fear of it passing
Is the chance it may come back.

Lets hope the nation's all see sense
They have so much to lose
They know the consequences
So what road are they going to choose.
Sometimes we can't help but worry about the stability of this world
With so much friction between nations.
Jun 2019 · 364
Growing pains.
I feel I am getting older
Full of aches and pains
My body keeps on telling me
I will never be young again.

I used to be a drinker
I admit I drank too much
But now I'm reaching seventy
I hate the blooming stuff.

Now I am on the Doc spot
Every day I attend the gym
Although I feel I'm losing weight
I will never be nice and slim.

My wife and I walk our dog
We take him out each day
He chews and sniffs at everything
I won't tell you what I say.

Youth they say is a flame that burns
But I feel my flames gone out
Now if you were to see me
Well I'm nothing to shout about.

I wonder how my wife does cope
I'm beginning to repeat my words
And when I try to tell her things
She says I sound absurd.

So I guess I'll have to face the fact
There's no more climbing hills
For me its the downward spiral
So I'll carry on taking the pills.
May 2019 · 524
Saving Mother earth.
Our planet begs for mercy
There's fear of it going boom
The end of all humanity
Sorry for the doom and gloom.

Let's not ignore the warnings
It is written in the stars
This planet it is crumbling
From pollution and our cars.

We have to stop and wonder
Doesn't have to be that way
No need to make those blunders
We still can save the day.

Don't wish to sound alarming
But the facts are clear to see
Humans keep on harming
With increasing hostility.

They say that times are changing
In some ways for the best
Then the balance could be hanging
If we completely ignore the rest.

So never forget our mother earth
And the struggles she's  going through
Lets notice her for all her worth
There are things that we can do.
Rather a topical subject of late.
May 2019 · 1.8k
Grand Piano
Nothings more grandeur
Than the grand piano
With the peaceful sound
Of a symphony
Violins harps all join together
In perfect Harmony.

Nothings more calming
Than a flowing stream
On a summer's day
Such a delightful scene.
At one with nature
Like a beautiful dream.

Nothings more soothing
Than the feel of the Breeze
The gentle movement
Through the leaves on the trees
Pleasant smells from flowery scent
Accompanied with garden bees.

Nothings more brighter
Than the glittering stars
With the glimerring moon
In the universe Afar
The grand piano plays a tune
A wonderful melodious way to start.
Listened to a beautiful sound of the grand Piano
On TV it created a wonderful setting in my mind
Of all kinds of pleasant thoughts.
The fear and uncertainty
Is lying straight ahead
We have to face reality
It's a fact it must be said.

We live in a world of confusion
We see it on the news
And we are often disillusioned
Properganda is what they use.

The mighty they make us shudder
We hear them everyday
No agreement amongst each other
Just fearful words they say.

No wonder there's  addiction
With Drugs and alcohol alike
Predictions from politicians
They never get it right.

Many stop and wonder
About this Nuclear age
It takes one foolish blunder
From a simple act of rage.

Things may not be as obvious
As Destruction from a Nuclear war
Mother nature waits before us
She stands outside our Door.

The shape of this world is changing
But not in the way we may think
Man seems to be endangering
Many creatures could become extinct.

Now all of this seems troublesome
With a planet that no more could be
The end of this world is sure to come
When there's no more  Honey Bees.
Fearful times we are living Nuclear threats
And wars .But it is mother nature that is more likely
To bring this planet to its knees .It is said that without
The Honey Bee or let's say the little garden Bee.
This earth couldn't Exist.The sad news is they are in decline.
At least that's what the experts is time to act and preserve
These little creatures not to mention other creatures.
May 2019 · 897
What ever happened to Rupert
We don't see him anymore
A real childhood hero
Before and after the war.

He was there in our imagination
And in his world of fame
But if he's no longer with us
Now that would be a shame.

I was such a fan of Rupert
He is such an amazing Bear
He had so many adventures
And stories he would share.

Rupert had a lot of friends
A Fox a rabbit and mouse
Lets not forget Bill Badger
We cannot leave him out.

So what ever happened to Rupert
Did he really go away ?
Well children grow to be adults
But Rupert is here to stay.
Rupert is a lengondry fictional Character
Who brought Joy to children's live since 1920
Still alive in Children's imagination.
sad thing children grow up to face the harsh world
Called reality .
Apr 2019 · 1.5k
Keep the new flame burning
You have reason to be proud
We were there to hear you singing
Your voice was clear and loud.
We knew that you would get there
And still you can go far
Keep your dreams glowing
And you could become a star.
Keep your feet on solid ground
Don't look left or right
Rome the ancient City
Wasn't built there overnight.
We were there in the beginning
And will stay untill the end
Just travel along your music world
Who knows what's around the bend.
You may not be in the mainstream
Just go and follow your heart
Keep that new flame going
Along with your musical art.
Now we will stand behind you
And will pull your every string
Your songs will keep on flowing
We just love to hear you sing.
Many artist never make it into the mainstream of the music world
But that doesn't mean that they are not highly talented.
Many just don't get that break.this poem is for them and there fans.
Apr 2019 · 449
Rising from the Ashes.
They Bombed our town.
And left it scattered
Our City destroyed
Our Windows shattered.
The plane's they came
Buildings start falling
People are lost
The injured are crawling.
Seems this is the price
For the victims of a war
Blowing up homes
Like never before.

Now all of a Sudden
That peaceful sound
A dove from above
No war to be found
This deadly time takes a turn
No more that dreaded sound.
Now we look to the future
With hopeful glee
And wish for that peace too stay
Let us wait we will see
Tomorrow is another day.
So as this war ends and passes
And again we will be free
To rise again from the ashes
A saddened price for victory.
When we look at all those towns and city's Bombed
And brought to ruin.It is almost like ä Miracle how they rise again
When wars come to an end.
Mar 2019 · 346
Waters meet.
Caught in the waves of confusion
Tossed and turned and disillusioned
Pessimism and criticism
Making choices and wrong decisions.
Storms are rising whirlwind winding
Lost in the clouds no place for hiding
Playing this game of tug of war
No one in agreement anymore.
What we need is a meeting of minds
It is a must with these changing times
But change will never come to be
With this strange old world called reality.
For now we all can have a vision
Before we face the final collision
So never throw your hopes away
The colloidal course can stay at bay.
No need to fight against the tide
And get lost within the ocean wide
Let's  board upon that passing fleet
And let it take us where waters meet.
So much division in this world with all differant views  
Will we ever find unification ore common ground.
Will one day Our raging seas find a fountain where waters meet
Together on this earth we live
The animals and human kind
It's mostly take and rarely give
With mankind's selfish mind.
Take a look at the animal kingdom
A very large world indeed
But there's really no compassion
When it comes to human greed.
Tigers are in danger. We see it on the news
The elephants soon to be extinct
Fighting a battle they only can lose.

But we are mighty humans
In this world of more wants more
Then many folk are fuming
We all should be appalled.
Just look at all our nation's
We are mighty and we are strong
We act with no hesitation
That's why many get it wrong .
Now there is no logical reason
For those strange things that some do
The animals deserve there freedom
For this world is their world too.
Many animals Elephants tigers the list goes on
Not forgetting dolphins and other creatures of the sea
Soon to be gone it we fail to take heed of there plight.
Mar 2019 · 462
I remember Mr meadows.
He was known as Mr meadows
A man I knew so well
His past now left in the shadows
His story's he would seldom tell.

He was wounded in the trenches
In that deadly first world war
He was humble sincere and sensitive
Like no man I have Known before.

He was good and so kind hearted
He was there when one felt  down
And always around when needed
You would see him in the town.

That was many years ago
He died aged seventy two
He lived within his Bungalow
In a row of just a few.

Mr Meadows lived for others
He was never a selfish man
He would always help those mother's
Who would struggle with a pram.

Mr Meadows was the quite kind
He hardly would say a word
He kept his thoughts inside his mind
His fears were rarely heard.

You may just start to wonder
What's so special about this man
When you felt you were going under
He would be there to take your hand.
Mr Meadows i remember well an unassuming gentle man
You could say somewhat a timïd man .some people used to
Take advantage of his gentle nature.not realising  he was involved
In the first world war battles.I feel he must of suffered from the affects
Of the horrors of war.
Mar 2019 · 449
He stands outside your mind
And will tear your thoughts apart
He will distort your vision
Then Paint your thinking grey.

When reaching out for hope
He will take that hope away
Then he will lurk in every corner
And will plan your every move.

He is the master of deception
And will convince you with his words
That the truth is but a lie
You are at the crossroads in your life.

You have two roads to chose from
The decision is there within your hands
You have the power to figure things out
And escape from his grip of doubt.
When I look at the birds in the sky
And the flowers and nature convinces
Me of a creator .but some times we all
Can be affected by Doubt,
Feb 2019 · 400
He said the word Hello.
He wondered up towards the bar
He said the word Hello
An angry face looked at him
He recieved an awful blow.
He went crashing into tables
Then he landed on the floor
Glasses smashed and broken
His chin felt rather sore.
Those blows they kept on coming
One two three and more
He saw the chance and took it
He just ran towards the door.
The whole thing was alarming
He couldn't help but think
He was only trying to be friendly
When ordering himself a drink .
Then again he had to wonder
About that dreadful place
She may of  looked  a stunner
But her manner was a disgrace.
Feb 2019 · 557
The wacky song.
There's so many wacky people
Some say that I am one
If its true what they are saying
Then let us sing a wacky song.

It's not a Crime to be wacky
Sometimes it can amuse
Wacky can make one happy
Such a tonic and that is true.

There's many ways to be wacky
With the things we say and do
It starts when we get chatty
With those crazy words we use.

Some people seem so serious
No wackiness in there lives
But they are not oblivious
To the wacky world outside.

So if many of us are wacky
And it cannot be proven wrong
Then let us get together
And we all can sing along.
Just a wacky poem that's all.
Feb 2019 · 375
After the fame.
Round and round on the money go round
Your hopes they kept on turning
Those fortunes ran dry no wealth was found
It's the music game you were learning.

Not all that glitters is made of gold
And it's not always greener on the other side
You followed your dream giving your soul
Then your hopes they  passed you by.

your futue was sealed through rose coloured glasses
You looked at your world through a crystal ball
You thought your name would reach the massis
Only to find they weren't there at all.

Now singing your songs just to get by
You tried to aim for the stars
You used to play in concert halls
These days it's clubs and bars.

The music world's not what it seems
It is the nature of the game
Now your looking back on broken dreams
There was never that Hall of fame.

So when you made it too the top
There was only one way you could go
And when that time your music stoped
You were back on earth below .
The music world in the main stream is fast paced
Many carry on with music after fame.,Seen so many
Who were so well known who we rarely hear now but still
Great .It's the nature of the game.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
The woodland .
Many leaves have fallen
Where we live here on the wood
It seems those leaves are calling
We would answer them if we could.

For we are like those leaves
That wither and they die
Our lives can be compared to seeds
We are mortal you and I.

We all are like the seasons
They come and then they go
Then there are many reasons
One day we all will know.

There really are many mysterious
Some strange some weard some good
Within this small community
Called the woodland Neighbourhood.

So let us all remember
When we see those fallen leaves
From spring until September
The answers are within the trees.
We live on a place called the wood
Surrounded by trees and birds of every kind.
This is a metaphorical poem and somewhat symbolic.
Jan 2019 · 352
The Country's call.
Playground full of children
Running having fun
Living out there childhood
Like children have always done
Not knowing of the future
And what they will go through
There is a wind that's blowing
Were is it heading too .?
Unrest upon the horizon
It can be seen above the clouds .
And there will be much friction
There within the crowds .
Then there will be a rising
And then there will be a fall
And many of those young men
Will answer to the country's call.
During the second world and not forgetting the first
World war many young men as young as 18 years old
Answered the country's call to go to war.looking at the world
In modern times young men all over the world are still going
To war young men and also women.
Jan 2019 · 738
The old log fire.
Outside its cold the weather is bleak
Tired and weary longing for sleep
Sitting here by the old log fire
It's cosy and warm the flames rise higher.

Looking outside its starting to snow
We are staying here nowhere to go
Very soon we will be off to bed
Jack frost outside every ones dread.

Winter is fierce an unpredictable force
And we can hear it howling outside our door
Very soon it will be time to retire
As the flames slow down in the old log fire.

Now Dreamland is waiting we can hear it call
Let's say goodnight to the winter fall
We shall close our eyes throughout the night
And our dreams and thoughts will take to flight

Time to rest tommorow  will keep
It's freezing outside the snow is deep
Now tomorrow will start another day
And the old log fire will burn again.
Freezing cold last night the cold weather certainly helps me
Apriesiate a warm bed.nevertheless can't help thinking of
Those many Homeless in our town's and around our city's.
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