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''I'm not convinced that I am doing it right." the little girl said,
And she tilted the glass so the insides slipped out.
The moon gazed down and shook his head,
"No, no, not at all, my dear, my sweet."
She hung her arms low, so her fingers grazed the soil.
"I'm trying, I'm trying!" the little girl moaned.
And from the dirt appeared a worm,
"Not enough, not enough." was all that she heard.

And down she fell to the ground in a heap.
Cleanliness being next to Godliness,
Makes our ***** Earth disloyal to its maker.
They asked me,
what is love?
And I said,
Love is that fine line
between heaven and hell
My mind wonders if
I'll ever stop
writing about
Boring clothes
Quiet unvoiced thoughts
Loud voice
Loud presence
Today -
It is a Winter's day
The sun is burning so brightly
It sears my eyes
The temperature is perfect
The weather
Is reminiscent of Spring

Today -  
I buried someone
All clothed in black
And weariness

*I buried myself
Look at me.
Hear my thoughts.
Screaming, crying,
Hear my voice
like the wet sand is now dry
and the cracks are forming.
My words are hitting a cold steel wall
No door, no window
no way is it possible to look inside
and see whats happening
after bashing and thrashing and screaming and beating
i wisper
Please face me"
Teaching high school kids the craft
Directing them in their school show
Teenagers singing just off key
With a band that's one beat slow
Holding rehearsals when the gym is free
Have you really sunk this low
Are you truly at your bottom
Or are you "Waiting for Godot"?


Doing plays in local theater groups
With untrained  amateurs on stage
You tell them all your stories
And you keep them on their page
It's not exactly where you started
Talent that you just can't gauge
Selling programs in the lobby
It's time you act your age


Touring shows around the country now
Second touring group, smaller towns
Doing revival shows of Sondheim
"Sweeney Todd " and "Send in the clowns"
Living out of an old suitcase
The countryside a sea of browns
Where you are at the local's mercy
And there's less ups than there are downs


You've made it, you're on Broadway
Starring roles are yours to choose
Where the highlights of last nights show
Are in today's reviews
Where a sold out run continues
And your name is in the news
You're an actor, and you're famous
The world is yours to lose


The kids are out there schlepping
working their way through the *****
singing songs sung by the Beatles
"All This and World War II"
You're just a pillar standing, sweating
As you see what you can do
You're still an actor, and you know it
You'll need a drink when this is through.
She said in a dream:
You act all tough and mighty
You walk as though you are inviolate
You talk as if you do not care
You utter words that pierce through my soul
All the while you do not care.

You do not feel what I feel for you
You hang up as if to quickly call another
But baby I see you
I love you, and your dangerous ways excite me
Your lustful eyes invite me
I see through you
Beyond the player camouflage
Deep within that bitter-solid heart.

I see you, I see beauty
The colours of your soul overwhelm and confuse me
Your strong embrace makes my heart jump for joy
Your embrace eases me to express the scent of my love for you
Fumes of romance-scented perfume blaze searching for the essence of you
Do you not know how much I need you?
Every meal is an illusion for I hunger for your breath
I long for your presence
I thirst for your kiss
The love stage is vacant waiting for dancing lips

Come to me as you are
Come to me truly
Do not leave gaps in magic
Do not let these feelings fall into slumber
For I see beneath the mask you hide under.
All this talk about politics what did u do before all of this  did u give back or build awareness did u teach and push for fairness it really kind of makes me sick that we only get together to talk on this this subject we call politics when months ago it was bad ***** dis don't get me wrong it's quite alright but when this is over we still have to fight  fight until there's a positive light.. We come together every four years to debate disgrace and cheer when win. It should be like this everyday and then we wouldn't need a debate. We are smart I see it daily don't put it away and just think maybe keep it going it never ends because our fight is deep within ..
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