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No human can actually know what truth is
Because truth has too many dimensions
mixed with different perceptions
and people's interpretation
No human can see the truth in its true form
I can hardly say this poetry is true
I'm human too
Thought of all those stones hitting my window

The crush lover is like a austere sword
Marble frames
Blue veins

Ducheess ice skies
Pure white sheets
Padded look
Wavy gold hair
Lighthouse freckles reflections

The spellcaster in her room
Gentle sender
Captivating eyes
Creator of edens

She prepares her cotton spell
Si           tele             swee
lk           pa              ts
Mi        dia                 du
lk         mond        st

Thought of all those instants gemstones pictures

- Codelandandmore //23:50 PM ©
Gold hair
I once wrote a poem
About my addiction to poetry
I kicked my addiction
By freebasing life
Now I no longer crave poetry
But I do need a fix
Every now and then
Friends, I'm sorry I don't write or read as much as I use to.
I will breath
I will live
I will love
I will cry
I will laugh
I will see
I will read
I will write
I will ride
For the rest
We have
they go all about dark lyrics/they fantasies roll round spark hot chicks
every line they spit spells death/lost in words,forgive em its only their time of birth
they still new to this/they should be worrying about their first kiss
Rap is truly poetry in motion
With a beat
Hip Hop can move a writer’s pen to pad
Emotions to words
Music, the lubrication to an artist’s ear
It’s motivation
Motivating the writer to be better
Rap is poetry
And Poetry is my life.
I bring hit after hit like a boxer
You haters' inconsistent
Everybody's on the same vibe
Mine's kinda' different
Verse hot, hook hot--
I'm gon' sellout soon as I drop
Verse hot, hook hot--
I'm gon' sellout soon as I drop
Minor in poetry, fine-arts major
Doctor goon on deck, call this a fear-factor
I'm going in, but I ain't got no curfew
I son a lot of you, it's like I birth you
Got a lot of verses, but this ain't a Bible
Fallout when you hear this, I ain't liable
Ain't talking 'bout tearing, but the beats R.I.P
Didn't sell a lot of tracks, but I got D.O.E
Put you up on game, my hustle's M.O.E
Music over everything, ain't moving 'D'
I got cash like the bank, I sell CD's
Smells funny, tickled my nose, I might sneeze
You would think I'm water, the way I flow
I'm just like some dynamite, bound to blow
Act like you're in a recliner, lay back
If I ain't on fire, then why they say that?
Feature, feature, can I get a feature
So far ahead I sit on competition--bleacher
My Raps' like a bunch of apartment buildings, complex
Got chicks on my ****', ain't talking 'bout ***
I'm so different, it's magnificent
Haters want me to fall, but that's not how the script went
Thing's fishy, I ain't gettin' caught in that net
Just killed the beat, without breaking a sweat
We write*

Not for your pleasure,
Your entertainment
Or anyone's attention
We're here writing
Trying to reach something
Left unsaid
Inside of us
Something we find
For a moment
When we feel satisfied
With something
Words that we have
Thrown together
In random order
Some abstraction
We disguise it
Decorate it  
But it's all there
Right in-between the lines

Why do we write?*
Hell, I don't think we know either
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