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May 2019 · 561
cheryl love May 2019
They talk
we hear
they walk
then reappear
where did they go?
its all too queer
should thy know?
they would say
a world sat on the ledgr
a sarp one at that
it saif in anuncertain tone
im going  to die
\the Lord called  my name
I came in, dropped by
to say goodbye
neer a true word said in jest......CHERYL
Feb 2019 · 446
My One Love
cheryl love Feb 2019
My heart
I gave away
it was red
on display
for all to see
on my head
were my brain should be
It drained
through an old vein
it rained
never again
my heart now beats
to a happier tune
and it meets
very soon.
Feb 2019 · 447
cheryl love Feb 2019
Give them five
They would run for it
and I am alive
and I am fit.
Feb 2019 · 302
So Alone
cheryl love Feb 2019
Far away from home
from anywhere
just need my phone
and need to be there
where is everybody?
why am I the only one?
I need somebody
where have you all gone?
Talk to me
please wall, please speak
I know what you see
someone who is weak
Im just alone and afraid
no one that I can call
the difficulties I made
are the worst of all
I hear footsteps in the hall
I hear a cold silent breath
Am I imagining it all
have I faced death?
The ghost of a silent shadow
beams down on my soul
I am buried in a meadow
that was my goal.
Jan 2019 · 276
Stand Up
cheryl love Jan 2019
Stand up straight
and eyes to the front
Where else would they be?
Im looking ahead
I thought I could see
Shoulders back
to where?
the past?
without me?
Bottom in
stomach in
after that curry?
come on
feet apart
Unless I am mistaken
they usually are
stand up
I am not glued to a  chair
although I wish I was
Jan 2019 · 315
The Park
cheryl love Jan 2019
It was a walk in the park
so they say
It was a breeze
There were no children at play
and there were no leaves on any trees
No swings, no peacocks screaming
No papers littering the lawn
No naughty little boys scheming
No white doves at dawn
There were no ice cream vans
parked at the entrance to the fair
there were no fizzy drink cans
slumped and dumped just everywhere
No ducks hungry for their share of your bread
no swans ready to take whatever you have got
no geese angry but still they were fed
just enough to fill them not a lot.
no babies having tantrums all day
no frilly pink girls tearing out their hair
in fact no children were at play
no one here seems to care;
Dec 2018 · 581
Days Gone By
cheryl love Dec 2018
In the days gone by
many , many moons ago
i used to question why
instead of just letting it go
things said in anger led to a sigh
and life came to a blow
then I used to cry
instead of just letting it go
that was then this is now
now that i have turned the big six o
instead of if it is now how
and I just simply let it go
Dec 2018 · 276
Santa Is On His Way
cheryl love Dec 2018
Rudolph is prompt and it is a quarter past eight
He is in a panic thinking that Santa will be late
You'd think with all the elves he employs
they would be on the ball with the toys
he then hears Santa whistling and panting
under his own breath he is stressing and ranting
then through the valley vale and fells
hark it is the sound of the sleigh bells
at long last Santa is definitely on his way
Rudolph and his team pulling the  heavy laden sleigh
Oct 2018 · 348
cheryl love Oct 2018
Ring the bell for he was happy
Wear white they said to be pure
The bell now has no ding a ling
and i am waiting for a cure
Fetch the car to make him smile
wear gold horseshoe they said
The car was crushed years ago
and she is waiting for her bed
Strike the post with an iron fist
it missedm and hit me instead
he does not care any longer you see
and what was there is now dead.
Oct 2018 · 336
Here, There And Everywhere
cheryl love Oct 2018
I took control and pondered over this mad situa5ion
I thought that  I had selected my words with care
however after muh careful considerion
I found myself here, there ane everywhere.
Oct 2018 · 288
Is It Magic?
cheryl love Oct 2018
A slight of hand
will mystify you
a wave fo the wand
will do too.
But to place in a hat
which has become a habit
his daughter's pet
a disgrunled rabbit.
The pull it out
when the magic word's said
accept the applause
and place the hat on his head.
Is a bit of a disgrace
for the poor pet
look at this pitiful face
that's  as much as you will get.
Noh shock, no suprise met by all
is it magic then one would say
the rabbit does not want to know
s llong as he eats at the end of the day.
Aug 2018 · 730
That Time
cheryl love Aug 2018
It is that time
in fear of the dead of night
they surround you
not a pretty sight
grey faces stare
through oval foggy eyes
not exactly aware
of their scary disguise
cool breeze wafts  
followed by a cruel smell
hands cover wrinkled faces
its like a living hell.
Aug 2018 · 1.7k
cheryl love Aug 2018
The Zebra smiles at the Lion
Who is wondering when he gets fed
The Rhino looks across at the Zebra
and this is what he said.....

"Why are you grinning my friend
especially at the old  Lion over there"
The Zebra replied that he was in a good mood
and to be judged just is  not being fair.

"I was not judging just a little bemused
and wondering why the good mood todtay
he saw no reason for it  - he wanted some mud
a nice dollop of sticky mud to have a **** good play.

But he knew life was not a bowl of cherries
not that cherries are his overall delight
No rains meant no mud and certainly n o smiles
not unless he put up one hell of a **** fight

The Zebra hated mud could not see the attraction
cherries gave him wind too  and at both ends
What a mess I'd be in he thought he started to think
Looking over at the Lion - what a strange signal he sends

The Lion was drooling over Zebra kebabs and Rhino stew
a little carrot and parsley he thought would be nice
drenched in gravy - his eyeballs spun round - they noticed
and ran off fast they dd not need telling twice.

Blast thought the Lion wheres my dinner gone
has the place gone mad and have I gone wild
This time the Rhino understood the Zebra
and this time they both stood and smiled
Jul 2018 · 489
cheryl love Jul 2018
Trying to find happiness
and i have searched high and low
and at last I have found it
it  has been with me, everywhere  I go.

Searching, always wondering
where my good feelings lay
but now they have been found
I can smile once more any time of the day.
Jul 2018 · 1.0k
cheryl love Jul 2018
The waves rush to the shore
back and forth for more and more
refreshing pebbles foaming stones
bits of old wood and fish bone
vacant shells rushing out to sea
to claim their lodger back for free
a pier covered in seaweed bright green
wood supporting the test of time as seen
rushing, the tide rushing forever more
back and forth to cleanse the shore
May 2018 · 466
The Bluebells
cheryl love May 2018
A perffume fills your world
as you approach the wood
A blanket of blue before your eyes
drapes like no other could
Bells bow their heads
worshipping their space
fairies like newly weds
have huge smiles on their face
Roots from giant trees
guard their ground
dappled light from the leaves
bluebells are there to be found.
Often they are white
or sometimes pink
amongst lavenders and lilacs
making the blue think.
Dec 2017 · 459
She Had Wings
cheryl love Dec 2017
She was indeed an Angel
and she had wings
She brought good to all
and always did nice things.
Dec 2017 · 436
Santa In Space
cheryl love Dec 2017
Santa thought he’d repair his damaged sleigh.
He was exhaused on this special day
the snow was thick and falling
The reindeer understood he was calling
At top speed he shot off into the sky and away.

He pleaded to stop until he was blue in the face
Because the reindeer were in a competitive race
Santa repeatedly hit the deck
Now he’s a minute speck
As he has shot off to outer space.
Dec 2017 · 473
A Red Robin
cheryl love Dec 2017
The bird was sobbing
all for show
tears meant worms
bit of a blow
but one must live
The camera said cry
he wanted to fly
his feet kicked snow
in a temper
he wanted to stuff
the camera somewhere else
he'd had enough
his chest was plump
red as a rose
he decided to dump
the camera in ice
it froze.
he whistled
he flew away
what more can he say.
Dec 2017 · 468
A Christmas Fairy
cheryl love Dec 2017
This little Christmas Fairy
woke by the light of the silvery moon
when the crystalised cobwebs
started to defrost.
When the snail's trail thawed
on the snowy post.
When the spider's legs snapped free
of the lacy doiley hanging
She brushed her tiny teeth
with a thistle head
using minty sap from the spearmint
her face was washed with a damp petal
carefully cleaning her cheeks
and polishing her nose.
Her hair was raked with a holly leaf
and windswept when the wind blows.
Her dress was a clover head
plonked on her hair
and Santa approved.
He was in rather a jolly mood
he needed help of course
with boarding the sleigh
being a bit stuffed with mince pies
and the odd glass of stout.
well say odd meaning several.
He beckoned the Fairy to assist
he remembered his list
of toys for the girls
and the boys
and the parents
and himself.
A clank by his feet reminded him
to give the deers their boost
an old ginger biscuit did the trick
Dancer was in fact sick
of the very idea.
He rather fancied cheese
to fill his tum
Rudoph preferred sherry
the more  he drank the more merry
he did not know why
he did try
once leaving it off
but he developed a cough
so went back on it
the sleigh reversed
slamming into the gear called first
it sped off into the milky way
for half the **** day
it got to its drop
with an abrupt stop
a scream and a shout
the toys popped out
and off they went again
speeding down a lane
no speed no gain
led by a reindeer that was scary
a Santa and a Christmas Fairy.
Dec 2017 · 329
cheryl love Dec 2017
still as you like
as smooth as silk
as white as milk
it is snowing
I gaze
peering into the night sky
the stars like flakes of ice
gracefully make their way to fall
balancing on a tricky wire
a line of white
a contrast in the night
and all I can hear is
Dec 2017 · 431
Blue Moon
cheryl love Dec 2017
does not come often
then where does it go?
Blue moons are seldom seen
is it a figure of speech
Like the tidal flow
that the moon controls
does it control you
within reach?
A veil of mist drapes
itself around the cheese
like a blanket of hope
I can hear a voice
it is singing "Blue Moon"
Sweet just came too soon.
Dec 2017 · 338
cheryl love Dec 2017
It is like walking in a mist
an opaque vision is to fear
lost in a fog in your mind
but will things become clear.
Come to a junction in a road
choices are left or right
no straight road is ahead
the decison becomes tight.
stressful, lost in a way unknown
no satellite navigation found
no internet for your mobile phone
there is emptiness all around.
Even the sun does not appear
at least you'd fathom east or west
instead you walk in a dense mist
and all that ou do is your best.
Dec 2017 · 560
Santa and Rudolph
cheryl love Dec 2017
This year Santa has a particular personal worry
And I don’t mean to complicate the riddle
But when I say he has eaten far too much this year
And the weight has piled on around his middle.

Yes he has got far too fat around his girth
He is worried the sleigh won’t take his weight
Unfortunately unless he goes on a crash diet
He will be regretting what he ate!

The time came and to cut a long story short
He boarded along with the toys and was on his way
Rudolph noticed he was under some strain
And wondered what he has stuffed on the sleigh.

“What’s he got back there” moaned Dancer
The rest of them pulled hard to drive
They came to an abrupt halt on a roof
Santa shot down a chimney with a nose dive.

He realised he was the wrong way round
But then it had all gone mysteriously black
He wished he could understand the dilemma he was in
The truth of the matter he’d got stuck in the sack.

He arrived at the bottom in a heap with and a crash
Toys, paper and mince pies were everywhere
To put it bluntly he was in a complete mess
And I dare not say what had happened to his hair.

Rudolph gingerly looked through the window
And thought the view was indeed very weird
Santa has apparently got stuck in his sack
And he had carrots poking out of his beard.

Meanwhile just to complicate matters
His team players, the reindeers were getting merry
Eating mince pies like there was no tomorrow
And knocking back the extra dry sherry.

Rudolph managed to get Santa back in a heap
And plonked him on the trusty old sleigh
Carried on and did Santa’s job himself
In a Rudolph the red nose reindeer sort of way.

Thanking goodness that was over he can get some rest
And was proud that he had delivered the toys
What the family will think when they see the mess
And he hoped they didn’t hear the fuss and noise.
Dec 2017 · 447
A Fairy Called Lilly
cheryl love Dec 2017
Now this tiny fairy wanted a garden
a garden where she was the chief
she would be in charge of colours of flowers
and she decided the size of each and every leaf.
She had to choose when each bud was to flower
and how much sunshine each plant was allowed.
She sheltered delicate plants from the heavy rain
and kept an eye on each and every cloud.
She would stand under a mushroom
it was a choice of whether or not to get wet
she would poke her tiny finger in the ground
at that point it was perfect for a seed to be set.
Today is her birthday, and she is the grand age of seven
she wanted a fairy garden she told me
This little cousin of mine was sent from Heaven
She is an angel, has wings, it is plain to see.
She is a thoughtful little girl, a fairy, beautiful, so bright
she is the apple of her daddy's eye
Happy birthday Lilli, an angel in pink glorious light
Spread your wings Lilli and one day you will fly high.

Written for my beautiful little cousin who is seven today.
She is so lovely, have a lovely day Lilli.
Dec 2017 · 221
A Fish In a Second Dish
cheryl love Dec 2017
This golden little fish
had all but one crazy wish
to stop this boring swim
it was getting to him
spinning round and round the dish.
Dec 2017 · 252
The Story Of Diamond Fred
cheryl love Dec 2017
This is the story of diamond Fred
who spent endless hours in his shed
now that sound insane
but he could not refrain
from using his clever old head.

He would use his time to invent
and savoured every precious time spent
He was a Jack the lad
but that was not at all bad
his inventions were thoughtfully meant.

The fact that after they were made
they refused to work he was afraid
he was missing the old bolt
but it was not his fault
if his invention did not make the grade.

So he sat one day rubbing his old head
and came up with a bright idea instead
His faith had returned again
thanks to his marvellous brain
he could knock down and replace the shed.

Now was this really a good plan
he was now getting a rather old man
he let out a grunt
to put it a but blunt
his ideas were given an all time ban.

His wife took away the shed key
after  a long and painful plea
his wife saw red
and banned old Fred
he is now as miserable as can be.

The one thing that he could ever dread
was staring out of the window in his bed
he glared at his wife
he once had his own life
now he has to be a husband Diamond Fred.
Dec 2017 · 258
cheryl love Dec 2017
When I was little
A trip to the shop meant something nice
I used to return empty bottles for money
sometimes I used to make the trip twice.
They were washed and reused again and again
we did not have plastic bags from the shop
you had a huge bag bigger than yourself
to bring items home including more pop.
We saved energy before milk came in plastic
the trend caught on very very well
until that is we realied our seas were polluted
but is it too late to be saved by the bell.
Fish are digesting plastic,
it has seeped into our food chain
I think it is time to go back to the local shop
and start recycling glass bottles again.
Dec 2017 · 221
If Only
cheryl love Dec 2017
If only when was a small girl
All I ever wanted was to be good
I mixed soil in a puddle and I'd get
the most brilliant pie made of mud
Id have it in my socks and on my face
and that was the very best bit
but I was shown the "naughty step"
and that is where I'd have to sit.
I could not understand why oh why
I was only trying to be good
and all I wanted was to feed my dollies
some dinner although it was made of mud.
So there I sat seemed like forever and a day
My mind used to think silly things so they said
I used to ask the reason why I was silly
but that question always got me straight to bed.
I was told I was not hungry before going to sleep
but I was, how did they know, they didn't enquire
I was cold I remember, and the screams got me nowhere
but they weren't cold, they had a roaring fire.
I could smell their dinner cooking but it was not for me
everytime I asked for food  I was given a slap
I could not find the reason why, if only I could
I now realise I was the victim of child abuse
and I dont know why, if only I could have been good.
Dec 2017 · 322
If Ever
cheryl love Dec 2017
If ever I got the chance to change the world
I make mountains out of coffee and cream
the rivers would flow with strawberry milk
and there would be fudge in every stream.
Blueberries would hang from trees galore
the trees bearing non stop fruity jam
there would be sacks of oranges everywhere
plenty for every child, woman and man.
Cabbages would line each street
covered with a sauce rich in cheese
creamy mashed potatoes in every doorway
crammed with grilled mushrooms and peas.
Fences made out of bacon and tomato paste
onion gravy on rooftops with fried bread
plenty of food to go around if ever I got my way
and each hungry mouth would be fed.
Dec 2017 · 229
The Sad Days Of a Cricket
cheryl love Dec 2017
"Forever bashing together"
He was referring to his knees
I am a noisy thing that is plain
More disruptive than bees.
He is sad, no doubt about that
He considered a one way ticket
that is until his mouth fell wide open
his eyes spied the future Mrs Cricket.
Wow, his knees beat louder
his eyes were on stalks that is for sure
and the most brilliant piece of news
he is not a sad cricket anymore
Dec 2017 · 241
cheryl love Dec 2017
Today I think of others
others lying cold in the street
surviving on nothing
with cold hearts and feet.
All they want is a chance
a hope a dream to come true
a meal, a drink a bit of love
and that coud come from you.
It could come from me as well
and I will do all that I can
open a door, open your heart
a welcome is all that they need
a hot meal will do for a start.
I am giving my coat today
to someone to keep them warm
in this cold biting wind
cold bittter snow that blows a storm.
It is no joke, lying with all but a box
cardboard to keep out the rain
endless cold days is enough
to drive anyone insane.
Give all you can as I will do today.
Thank you for reading this
and togther we can help.
Nov 2017 · 281
I'm a Proud Mum
cheryl love Nov 2017
I'm the proudest mum
I have got to say
I love my two sons
forever and a day.
I love them more than
there are stars in the sky
more than blades of grass
I will tell you why.
They are both gentlemen
respect others, and are polite
work hard, are as handsome as can be
they do their best and what's right.
My sons mean the world to me
I am so very proud. that is true
so to each of my loving sons
i say I will always love you.
Nov 2017 · 374
A Bird
cheryl love Nov 2017
There is a bird on the roof
and it is trying to squeak
it's having a bit of a job
beacuse it has glue on its beak.
Its feathers are caked
together and in a knot
I'd like to say old bird
you're in a bit of a spot.
"How did you manage to
get covered in glue I said"
It must have flew over thinking
the white stuff was bread.
He landed and too late
met with his fate
if I were that little bird
I'd clean up before it's too late!
He'd be stuck together
never to fly again
Just a solid feather ball
and that would be a pain.
Nov 2017 · 273
Pudding or Pie
cheryl love Nov 2017
Tip the scales
pour it out
let the stale, cold tea
unclog the spout
chop the onion
grate the mouldy cheese
dip the bird in sauce
cover its knees
soak the bread
spread with jam
chop the tinned pork
and fry the spam
scrape the dish clean
smeard with custard
better on bananas
then red hot mustard.
fetch the fish
from the crowded tank
fry it, boil it, bake it
now its hair's gone lank
quick hide the fat from the duck
its oozing and spilling out
shove the teabags into the ***
before they gush out the spout.
which do you prefer?
pudding or pie?
how would you like it?
wet or completely dry!
Nov 2017 · 310
A Final Romance
cheryl love Nov 2017
They pondered
together as one
They wandered
until love was done.
All that they cared
to pick up threads
all that they dared
had entered their heads.
A romance had began
what more is there to say
nobody was to blame
at the end of the day.
They became strong
from the word go
but things went wrong
hate decided to show
They wandered
lonely hand in hand
they pondered
trying to understand.
dark nights
hard days
bright lights
soft ways
they let go
said their farewell
hugged like an eskimo
one could tell,
through a skin
in a breath
the passion within
died a certain death.
He strolled towards home
silently fearful and ashamed
she was all alone
a tale was framed
sealed in wax now declared
he looked back to where she stood
he was scared
she had gone for good.
Nov 2017 · 279
Uneaten Cake
cheryl love Nov 2017
Utterley terrible.
Baking in the blasting heat
just for somebody to eat.
Being tapped on my bottom
to check it is cooked.
They could tell if it was soggy
if they ever looked
Maybe it is my fruit
perhaps it lies funny
perhaps it is the temperature
maybe I've become runny.
I've sat in the pantry
for a day longer than I should
I'd love to run away and hide
if only I could.
I want to break free
and become a ****
smother myself with jam
what a riot I would start.
No more a cake, more of what I want to be
and a noise is what I want to make
but instead I sit here unnoticed
I am a stale uneaten cake.
cheryl love Nov 2017
He had placed the ring onto her finger
But her eyes were so full of tears
He had hoped this moment would linger
An then get filled with happy years.

Her dress was as white as the sand
Her nerves cool in the midday sun
There was a chill creeping into her hand
And was trembling, what had he done?

Her face was changing he noticed the look
It flashed down the length of his spine
The ground without notice suddenly shook
They were standing on a major fault line.

Parting company was the Earth’s order of the day
Neither had the chance to say goodbye.
Their scream will eventually die away
As the gloom rises to the sky.
Nov 2017 · 312
cheryl love Nov 2017
Silence used to be my friend
Lonliness was always by my side
But I have now a little Godsend
He likes to play games and hide.
He is a constant joy
his little tail wagging to and fro
I love him with all my heart, my boy
and he answers to the name of Joe.
My little puppy Joe is a delight
I get woken with a warm friendly lick
and that is in the middle of the night
but it is he that now makes me tick.
He keeps me going, my furry friend
and IJoe love him with all my heart.
Nov 2017 · 270
We Remember
cheryl love Nov 2017
There lying amongst the sea of red
a single poppy detached, lone
it lies where others bled
fallen, never to return home.
We remember the brave
the fallen heroes, their strength
and courage which they gave
and they went to some length.
We shall never forget, we shall never forget
that single fallen flower bows to their grave
we shall always remember them
and the courage which they gave.
Nov 2017 · 719
cheryl love Nov 2017
The salty spray
Crashing to the shore
Takes my breath away
I want to see more.
The coastline curves
Around the glorious bay
The beach huts serve
The finest cafe au lait.
Crunching pebbles underfoot
Sand in-between my toes
Forgetting the time it’s took
But then nobody knows.
Knows my whereabouts
Where I have been
Cannot hear my shouts
Or hear me scream
I’m joined by a lone gull
I offer him to share my lunch
In two seconds flat our space was full
Of hungry beaks eager to munch.
I enjoyed their company
Although I couldn’t hear myself think
There was that many
Birds fighting to eat and drink.
They eventually flew
They had other plans I could see
They had found someone new
And had finished with me.
I cared not a jot now and explored
The ragged coastline to the new town.
Rusty red boats were moored
Next to new ones clad in brown.
Ropes twisted, knotted and tied
Holding fast against the afternoon swell
The time suggests the incoming tide
My walk was over by order of the bell.
Nov 2017 · 210
One Day
cheryl love Nov 2017
Disappearing in the winds of time
Drowning in a sea of love
Beaming up with the moon beams
To somewhere unknown above
When up there if you get a chance
See the disappearing coast lines and bays
See the dwindling numbers of species
And then tell me what God says.
If you get a chance
Take note of all the plastic
floating in the sea of doom
See it ride with the tide
wash with the froth
see the effervesence combine with the foam
of the natural fizz of the salty drink
then realise what mess we are in
it really makes one stop and think.
One day when the seagulls fly
they will land on rock, no sea, no foam
there will be no earth as we know now
just plain boring rock, no life, just a shell
of former glory.
No white waves, no floaty clouds
just a memory.  One day.
Oct 2017 · 250
Lovely As A Bride Should Be
cheryl love Oct 2017
A ray of sunshine shone through blue glass
mixing with dappled light it was a delight
The green of the shiny leaves sparkled in the sun
but something, just something was not quite right.
Maybe it was the position of the sun at the time
maybe it was something that nobody would have known
out of the silence shot a bolt of unexpected doubt
it was another male voice on the end of the phone.
It was a blast from her past, a shoulder that had tears
dripping down his pale blue shirt just pressed
now he chose the most unwanted time for a call
the rest of the congregation were not impressed.
His voice ran cold down her spine, leaving a chill
his voice was sort of comforting tell you that for free
but she showed no emotion, a poker face was had
and she looked as lovely as a bride should be.
cheryl love Oct 2017
Flapping its ruby wings
the red butterfly sings
to a new lullaby
It brought love,
it brought more than you ever knew
But it brought memories,
and there are a few.
Memories you treasure
On the wings of desire
Like the warmth of comfort
and the need of a fire;
But there are no chills
there were no down days
just peace now on the wings of frills
where each crease brings love
and the red brought you
You rode this journey on
frilly red wings
where the butterfly sings
just for you.
Oct 2017 · 304
Time Waits
cheryl love Oct 2017
Seconds fall
dripping silently
no sound at all
it feels a life time
waiting for the drip
the sand into each hour
If only time could whip
fast like a dying flower
falls to the ground
that is without sound
death,  its mighty power.
Time waits for nobody
each of us growing old
past our sell by date
labelled sold.
But then there is youth
but do not be too sure
when time reaches its limit
it is shown the sparkly door.
Oct 2017 · 234
cheryl love Oct 2017
In places where dreams dare to meet
thoughts are scattered on the floor
ideas just waiting patiently on the street
and major break throughs hang on the door.
Under the biggest bridge you come across
Over the toughest hill anyone could climb
Meeting for the first time the strictest boss
and earning money to keep and say "that's mine".
Situations come and go like the wind and rain
Heart aches and headaches show their face
but then out comes the sunshine and kills pain
and whatever situation, it becomes a nicer place.
Oct 2017 · 221
Sing Unnoticed
cheryl love Oct 2017
My voice booms like a loud speaker in a tight space
My rib cage hurts from the sound coming from my face
My knees are  knocking with a knock that brings a smile
I am singing unnoticed if only just for a short while.
Oct 2017 · 250
cheryl love Oct 2017
As "Lauren" would proably say "Yes I'm bothered
but then am I? Bothered. I ought to be, my tale
will be told.  My heart broke the day you went away
it's as if my heart went up for sale.
My very being packed its emotional baggage and left
left the part of me that was needed, wanted not able
not able to cope any more, the part cries out tearfully
my cards were dealt and shuffled and spread on the table
religiously, hopefully not in a way unblessed, but wished
wished that that part would return,come home, return
but the feelings attached detached themselves and
for the want of a better word left to ignite,set fire  burn
The heat left scorched my soul, brought feelings
to the front I never knew existed, never knew they were there
but I often wonder why now, did I believe it, did I know?did I want this and also did I just care?
Oct 2017 · 332
cheryl love Oct 2017
Half a pound of sweeties, all shades of your choice
Drape a couple of teddy bears around for luck
Light some fragrant candles and relax
You will be surprised how little time it took.
Pour hot melted smooth milk chocolate
into little piles topped with fudge and toffee
find the cream all whipped just waiting ready
and sit right down with a cup of steaming coffee
Oct 2017 · 747
Recipe For Success
cheryl love Oct 2017
An abunance of love
A lot of good things to say
An ability to care
Mix all the ingredients together with care
serve as appropriate
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