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CC Jan 2021
We all need alone time
To read books that matter to us
Alone time, in order to make things that don't matter
Solitude at a certain time of day when we need to say
"Hello, me. Talk to me. What has been going through my mind these days? Tell me all about it, and let's work it out."
It's never easy
It's always tough
Sometime in a future, that may not exist, I may learn to live through the plough
To steady myself when the Earth's core rocks
To become One with Energy
To have the insight of a young Dalai Lama
I am never 12 anymore I am only older
I get bigger than those I want to converse with
So I crouch myself down to their level
To see the world through their eyes
It's a wonderful world down here
CC Dec 2020
Sleepless nights because of magical awakenings
I like the stars and watching them
Why can't we sleep with them inside our eyes?
If we couldn't dream,  give me more stars in exchange
CC Dec 2020
You have to be a certain kind of love
I'm telling you, you are making me change
Even my words don't seem as careless
I am more careful around everyone
They are watching, measuring, and weighing
I know they would prefer that I was a certain kind of woman
People could be only about certain qualities
Only truth
Only stateliness
Only integrity
Beneath is what you seek
The little light that fuels my soul
The one that transcends perfection
You seek me to be more me
It's enough to know you own all of my incompleteness
If I outgrow this ***
I can only hope you are the gardener who uproots me
CC Nov 2020
To take out the trash
Is a dance of habit
To the rhythm of life
Mundanity may seem like punishment
When it is in fact desire
To distract you from sadness
To exact your madness into disciplining
Unnoticeable and small
The moment you move to its small formations
Without rushing you will whistle
While hardships become oxygen
Gravity becomes your tool
Another rotation and you rise
Your life is all at once brighter
CC Nov 2020
To be real seems like the simplest thing to do
But what if the worst things that you put upon yourself
Occur because of the worst that has already happened?
I'm ready to let bad things happen
I'm ready to stop doing bad things to myself
Isn't that the only way to be good?
I've been making you my god
When all this time you've been the good thing that never happened
I'm not done grieving
I'm ready to receive
The lessons come
Then all you will be is one of them to me
I'm sorry if I forget how good you are
If I forget how amazing we were
I'm sorry if I move on
If only you weren't a ghost to me
If only we were ready to be real
Men don't die of heartbreak
There are only those who give up
I'm one to believe that life is because of will
I will myself to be real
To be no longer lost in the figment of my imagination
To be grander than the scheme
To leave the dreaming behind and live the dream
To feel the wind
To be free
To be real
To be real
CC Oct 2020
Pretty smile, makes me sleep
Makes me want to choke on my own speech
She has the weight of the world
On her beautiful back
I have the gall to touch her
Her hair is so black
It ***** all the air
I can't breath
Just living in her is life
Tables turn and it's free to say we are we
It's pretty priceless
Weeping all over her sleeves
She wipes me so so clean
I can't even imagine
The life I would live without her in the world
In my world
It has a lot of demands. This romance.
Although she knows it's all about our dance
We step on each other
We sway side to side
We harmonize our hips to our offbeat sway
I start to fantasize
You don't take no for an answer
Because it's the real deal
CC Oct 2020
The king is standing while she is demanding
Every part of his manhood
And if he could escape
He would be the king waiting to be
If most of the time she has him in a vice grip
She's knows he's always hers to be flagshipped
He doesn't know he's worth a lot more than she claims

One of of the things we don't understand is that everyone
Is everyman and woman too
There's something about you
You've got to blame it on the patriarchy
They've got a lot of mess you got to clean
If I had something to say
Would they even listen?

'Cos this chess game is making me allowed
To kiss you on the mouth
I'll make you bow your head down
It's about worship

The gods are looking at us now
They've got to be pleased
The gods are looking at us now
They've got to be pleased

If anyone out there knows a thing or two about losing
I'm here to listen
Please listen
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