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Cat's Pajamas Oct 2022
I’ve got arms long enough to hold the whole world
Well, not really, but my arms are quite long
Which means that if I don’t hold it in my arms
But hold it at arm’s length
The world is remote enough for me to feel safe
And if I cross my arms over my chest
The barrier is strong enough for me to feel protected
And if I touch the back of my, also, long neck with my long fingers
The caress is reassuring enough for me to feel calm
It’s a shame, really, that I don’t use my arms to benefit the world
Because I find that when I hold on to people
My grip is a little bit stronger and a little bit sweeter than I expected
Enduring through time, space, and hurts
And I do feel guilty about it
I imagine the first man who wanted to move to the moon or the man who invented fences
Must have felt some form of this guilt
And the first man who was so disconnected from the human race
He needed to touch his chest to reassure himself
That beating hearts exist
Must have lamented, like I do
Who, in Sauron’s name, started this?
Cat's Pajamas Nov 2013
Fear got in my bones - twisted me inside,
Fear of the known
And the seen,
Of the routine.
Opened the window, smoked the night in the sky,
Stated the calmness, wished it was mine,
"I can do it",
Use the light as a crane.
When I left the pane, my lungs withered... again.
Cat's Pajamas Nov 2013
Cracked and twisted. It happened in the war,
It was brave, not pointless, what I was fighting for.

The beast was lingering. An one-eyed man sound the attack.
I charged, I pulled and pushed. And it stroke back.

And then I fell,
I felt it everywhere.

I heard the laugh and I got up.
Admit defeat and search safe haven.
And even there I felt unwelcome.

But still, they patched me up real good, professional,
Now, sometimes when I stand, I am diagonal.

— The End —