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 Feb 24 Carl Fynn
 Feb 24 Carl Fynn
In the singing of birds
Under the blue infinite sky,
In silence breathing of earth
Totally calm and fully alive,
That moment I knew where I belong
I see there reflection in me,
Clearly ..... undoubtedly
Every inch of me,
There reflection in me.
 Feb 2021 Carl Fynn
It’s rare to find
people who

 Oct 2020 Carl Fynn
Maria Mitea
feel the time with no arrogance

and think about seconds from not above the sky

one day you'll understand


Moments  Moments  Moments


for some

they fly in love while others fly in sadness

carrying the power for those that seek it out

when many delve all their life arriving

to be born or die

Moments  Moments  Moments

It's time to be little considerate,

It's time to learn to accommodate,

It's time to teach empathy,

It's time to nurture giving,

It's time to heal from within,

It's time to practice sacrifice,

It's time to give the food
from our plate,

It's time to share smiles with tears flowing
on cheeks,

It's time to live life simple,

It's time to acknowledge our neighbours,

It's time to remember we are becoming part of history,

Where future will ask questions for our actions,

It's time to preserve our deeds,

It's time for Google to store the stories,

Of all the good the humanity did,

It's time to raise above all the past examples,

Of best deeds of mankind ever,

Just be kind,

...And the pain will go away!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
Pandemic diaries
 Aug 2020 Carl Fynn
George Raitt
New gravel pathway,
Softened by rain drops, etched
By flowing water.
In pursuit

          of perfection,

Seldom have I

          also seen success.
striving for perfection 10w
 Aug 2020 Carl Fynn
Maria Mitea
Eximious met today with Exiguous,
and what a tragedy,
they both ended up in exiguity.
#eximious #exiguity #tragedy
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