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 Jan 2019 carbonrain
 Jan 2019 carbonrain
One day you will be
A five-minute memory
That fades away
When the music ends.
Genuine conversations
were passion's static overblown
through classical lover's eyes.

Confessing unrevealed tries
in variation with grieving cries.
Sighs and moans were touched
and savored everyday, at the same place.

Unexpected completions
were deviously divulged over
The temptress' despair, while cardboard
arrogance compressed within aluminum kisses.

Chemical liquids were drawing attention,
fingertips quivering at the sight of your eyes.
Palpable tension cutting through the styrofoam walls,
that we gently established to separate this sweet seduction.

Demolition began once playful vengeance intervened.
No longer did the requiem delay its flow and crunch,
for its succulent grin was painted on his chest
and carried on his hands.

Cards were drawn to encaustic wax papers,
captivating lover's delight.
With sudden frustration, we searched evanescently,
for a piece of carton to hide from the fiery rains.

While puzzled Questionnaires were imprinted on catatonic embraces,
we both gnawed on the bone for answers;
barking gently at our feet, we tangled with uncompromising pretenses,
giving ourselves multiple aberrations with heartbreaking waves.

Tonight I cuddle the thorns and the knives,
contemplating lethargic affections,
infected with veracity's confection,
ignoring the ideal that I fell unfulfilled.
 Dec 2012 carbonrain
Shadow Black
Should i forgive you or
should i hate you?
should i desert you or
should i stay here?
should i call you or
leave the phone alone?
should i try to find you or
should i not?
should i apologise or
should i never?
should i hold you or
let you go?
should i make you leave or
make you stay?
should i go with you or
should i stay home?
should i let you talk or
should i walk away?
should i listen or  
should i cover my ears?
should i believe you or
should i doubt you?
what should i do?
 Dec 2012 carbonrain
They told me it was metal,
but I didn't believe a word.
But now I find it's iron
of the strongest, finest kind.
Ah! Here is my little bellows,
I think I'll melt it down.
 Dec 2012 carbonrain
Naima Mungai
I am descended of Lilith,
I am a child of eve,
I am cast out, i am trod on.
I am likeness of Kali,
re-incarnation of Aphrodite.

In my arms nations
  have been built
  and destroyed.

My kiss has charmed
    and killed.
My hips have
    cradled kings and emperors,
   borne beggars and lepers.

I am all this WOMAN.

  not of hips and *******
  and womb.
  not of servitude, meekness
  and petty deceit.

I am Woman.

  of pain and love
  and hate.
of blood rivers and
  barren deserts.

I am Woman.

So heed me
Heed my pain,
watch my deeds,
for my meekness,
  my servitude,
Are mere cloaks worn
  to shield, to imprison
  to impede...

And as the soul sheds the body
So do I now shed
  this lie, this deceit
You create for all to believe

And become just

— The End —