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Jun 2020 · 71
Caitlin Jun 2020
Do you ever have something in your grasp,
Something good
Something that makes you happy
Then the world cracks apart and you feel like you’ve lost it??
Maybe forever?
I hope not.
Jan 2019 · 136
I Lo....
Caitlin Jan 2019
There are words I want to say
But I don’t want to scare you away.
We’ve known each other forever
I don’t want to lose you, No never
Even though we are just friends
Three words can change us dramatically
It’s funny, because I use those word with my other friends, but with you it’s different.
Should I take a chance?
G-  it’s true, I do. Maybe you’ll see this soon. Maybe not. But I love you. 1/17/2019
Mar 2017 · 726
Inside Jokes
Caitlin Mar 2017
I feel like a lot of relationships take the next step, when all it takes is one word, and the both of us are smiling or laughing.
I've got a lot of inside jokes with my family here on campus.
It's great.
Mar 2017 · 712
We dont talk anymore..
Caitlin Mar 2017
Maybe we've both matured.
Maybe we've just drifted.
Maybe we were meant for only a short amount of time.
Maybe we were meant for this fate..

That doesn't mean I don't miss you though.
Mar 2017 · 423
Caitlin Mar 2017
Is it too much to ask to be happy?
To have someone who honestly makes me happy?
To have my heart smile when he walks in the room?
To have a half dozen inside jokes, where all it takes is one word and we ae both laughing?
To have someone to know me better than I know myself?
To be loved?
And to love them back with all my being?
Is it too much to ask if I can be happy?
Mar 2017 · 363
That I would be enough
Caitlin Mar 2017
I feel like I continuously go through a cycle where I finally meet someone who makes me happy and then I begin doubting everything and insecurities creep into my head..
I can't breath and every little thing bugs me. I retreat back with in my head and it freaks people out.
If only, I could tell my heart to remain guarded all the time. I don't want to be like this, but every time, I get hurt. And I don't even have a reason to be. Its all in my head..
Jan 2017 · 368
Caitlin Jan 2017
So, I learned today that I minimize my own pain and hurt for someone else's
Not to belittle myself, but to be more compassionate of the other person
And that little tidbit of info, really changed my perspective of a lot of things..
Jan 2017 · 253
Caitlin Jan 2017
Why does everything seem to happen right at the beginning of something?
Although I suppose that you cant have a beginning of a book, without something happening, or at the beginning of a new chapter.
I just wish sometimes things would slow down, or just stop all together.
Second semester hasn't really even started and I've already had my absolute worst day ever..
But things are semi looking up, I think.
Jan 2017 · 362
Caitlin Jan 2017
Is what drives us most of the time.
That feeling in the pit of your stomach
Right before you take a jump.
The flutter of your heart
When you take a risk.
The gasp that you breathe in
When you realize that you can’t go back.
Its when you realize that conquering that fear is the goal.
Then what?
What happens then?
Does fear still drive us?
Nov 2016 · 266
Caitlin Nov 2016
It's been so long since I've been home,
I can't wait to go back.
College is great, but there is something about home;
That keeps calling me back.
Nov 2016 · 251
I can.
Caitlin Nov 2016
I can tell you how beautiful my roommates look when they don't even try.
I can tell you all the colors of the sunset and how tragically beautiful the bare trees look.
I can tell you how silky his voice is to my ears,
I can show you the best things in music and nature.
I can show you all the amazing parts of people's souls.
But what I can't do, is tell you of the scars that I have.
I can't tell every story of how I got each blemish on my skin.
I can't tell you what I love most about myself, but I could tell you everything I hate about myself.
I can't look at myself in the mirror for more than 2 seconds.
I don't see all those beautiful things in myself.
I just can't.
Nov 2016 · 377
One Person
Caitlin Nov 2016
I've been told that I care too much.
And this is actually true.
My heart is too big,
Too open,
Too willing to simply give.
That I need to pull back some,
I come off too strong.

Its very hard for me to hate someone,
It's just something that I do.
You can hurt me,
Way down in my core,
Emotionally, Physically, Mentally
But You will still have part of my heart.

Some people say that this isn't good,
that its a curse.
How so?
I love people,
Yes, maybe more than I should.
But do people complain about loving too much?
Shouldn’t we be more concerned about those that aren’t loved enough?
Those that go through life broken, and damaged?

I am simply one person,
Who cares.
A lot for the people around me.
Strangers, people I’ve only met briefly,
Friends since birth, and yes,
Even you.
Nov 2016 · 294
Caitlin Nov 2016
I want to say something loud and clear tonight.
I am me.
I am Caitlin Moody.
Born and raised Floridian,
Singer, French Horn player
Roommate, Friend.
I often care too much,
I love too much.
I get hurt,
I fall.
But see the thing is,
I always get up.
Nov 2016 · 204
Caitlin Nov 2016
22 hours.
That's how far away I am from home.
I was ****** into a whole new environment,
Half the time, I'm freezing.
and the other half,
I swear Michigan is winning over my heart.

And that's ok.
Nov 2016 · 497
You don't.
Caitlin Nov 2016
You don't see how you've hurt me.
You don't see my pain.
You don't see why I'm so afraid,
Afraid of you, afraid of talking to you.
You don't see your mistake.
You don't see your failure.
You don't see anyone but yourself, do you?

I hate this feeling.
Of worthlessness
Of pity
Of "I told you so"
Of being used.

Especially when it's from you.
Caitlin Nov 2016
I can't trust myself when I'm alone anymore.
The silence is almost dreading.
I can't breath properly anymore.
The will isn't there.
I can't think straight anymore.
The thoughts are so jumbled, so tangled.
I can't anymore.
This has to stop.
Nov 2016 · 373
I hate this feeling
Caitlin Nov 2016
The funny thing is,
You don't know what you did to make me react this way.
And I don't know how to tell you.

How can I tell you that my heart throbs when I look at you?
That the physical pain of avoiding you, even though it was your idea, Hurts so much I can't stand it.
How can I tell you, that I'm afraid of losing you?
That I'm afraid of being used by you, and then just thrown away...

I can't tell you that.
Nov 2016 · 372
Caitlin Nov 2016
I love to laugh,
I will laugh at my best friends face,
jokes, someone else's laugh,
I laugh at inside jokes,
even ones that happened months ago.

For me, laughter is the best medicine.
If I'm down, or haven't laughed in a while,
You know something is wrong.
Nov 2016 · 513
You Try Too Hard.
Caitlin Nov 2016
My dear,
You try too hard
You are constantly looking for the approval of others,
when all you need is your own approval.

My dear,
You work too hard
You constantly feel like you have to stay busy,
in order to live.
Relaxing won' hurt.

My dear,
You are so blind
You are so concerned by what's ahead
That you don't see what is standing right in front of you.

My dear,
if only you saw yourself though my eyes,
and you stopped trying so hard
for things that aren't worth it.
Aug 2016 · 432
Tug of War
Caitlin Aug 2016
I feel as if this is a tug of war,
Back and forth
Forth and back.
Some giving it all, some letting others do all the work.
Sometimes I want to give up
Stop pursuing this goal.
Then you go and confuse me.
It leaves me wondering if this is worth it.
What should I do??
Jul 2016 · 440
Time Away
Caitlin Jul 2016
Things I have learned since I've been away from Poetry.

1. Sometime it's ok, if you don't write for a while. It still flows in your blood.
2. You see words everywhere, people's smiles, laughter and tears.
3. Not all poems are fueled by drama or fear or confusion.
4. Poetry is beautiful, even more so than it was before.
5. Even though I am not that good of a writer, I write, and will continue to, until the end of time.
May 2016 · 265
Caitlin May 2016
I don't want to get hurt again.
I don't want to be hurt.
It's a feeling of emptiness.
It's a waiting game.
I hate it.
You started our conversations,
But now I seem to be more invested in them.
I'm the one catching feelings,
And what's even worse,
You don't even know.
Apr 2016 · 239
Caitlin Apr 2016
Everyday, for a long time.
Good mornings and goodnights.
Time zones and distance.
Terrible connection and difficult schedules.

Haven't talked in two days,
Feel like I lost a part of my soul.
Especially when I need you the most.
I need you...

Apr 2016 · 294
Caitlin Apr 2016
I'm so lost without you.
Come back to me?
Apr 2016 · 283
Letting You In
Caitlin Apr 2016
I've already let you in.
It's been done.
No going back.
You've hurt me.
Just a little.
But that's all it takes.
A tiny crack,
Then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

Stop it before it gets to bad ok?
I DON'T want to be hurt.

Feb 2016 · 332
Caitlin Feb 2016
My past is not simply my past.
For a while it haunted me, like a ghost.
But now, it is a reminder;
Of my mistakes,
Of where I've come from
Of who I don't want to become
Of what I want to escape from
But my past is just that.
Nothing can change that.
I've accepted it.
My past is my history.
I've got to look forward now.
Feb 2016 · 280
Caitlin Feb 2016
It's funny how you can prepare for something,
Then all of a sudden be pushed to your knees
With crippling anxiety.
And I know I'm not all that prepared,
And I'm stressing the little things,
But my future hangs in the balance.
If I don't pas this audition with soaring colors ,
I don't know what I'm going to do.
Jan 2016 · 222
Caitlin Jan 2016
Today was great day.
Today was an awesome day.
I wanted to share that with everyone.
Jan 2016 · 261
Caitlin Jan 2016
A weight has been lifted off my shoulders
I can finally breath again.
No more stressing about the little things,
I'ts time to focus on the bigger picture
Jan 2016 · 261
New year
Caitlin Jan 2016
As I enter into 2016, I find myself wondering.
Where will this year take me?
Where will I be lead to go?
For college? For life?
And as I'm wondering I can't help but smile,
Because the future is full of mysteries;
But I'm talking it one day at a time.
Dec 2015 · 241
This season
Caitlin Dec 2015
I feel awesome.
I love the holidays,
It brings such joy and happiness to all.
I wish you all the very best holidays and new year!
Nov 2015 · 288
Caitlin Nov 2015
I got butterflies with you.
When I was anticipating me seeing you.
When you showed me card tricks.
When you mentioned the ten of hearts

I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic.
But I can't have you, not now.
You have someone else.
Nov 2015 · 265
What do I do?
Caitlin Nov 2015
I've been talking to you for a while now...
You seemed interested.. But at the same time not.
I thought you knew I liked you.
I guess not.
Because now you have a girl.
And it's not me.
I guess I should get over these feelings then.
I'll stop.
Oct 2015 · 333
Caitlin Oct 2015
I am gasping for air.
My eyes see nothing but blues, greens, and blacks.
My arms tangle with waves and my legs are pumping, treading water.
This ravenous sea has taken me captive and isn't letting go
It pulls me under and I silently scream.
I cannot let this win me over.
I propels legs and will my body to go above the waves.
I am gasping for air as my head breaks the waves.
I see my savior, a ships light.
I scream and wave my arms as best I could with the waves still fighting to keep their captive.
A search lights starts swaying; they've heard me!
I am gasping for air,
Sitting huddled in a blanket aboard the ship.
I am saved.
Sep 2015 · 233
Caitlin Sep 2015
Is this truly what pain feels like?
I don't need a razor,
You are the blade against my skin.
I don't need a savior,
I'm too far in this hell hole that I created,
I don't need advice,
I know what I'm doing, most of the time.
I don't need this pain,
You're my pain.
I never asked for this.
Is this what true pain feels like?
An already broken heart,
Being shattered again?
And again?
A world that I've worked so hard to bulid around me?
Coming down in pieces?
My walls, in parts and torn,
Being crumbled to dust?
Is this what pain is??
Sep 2015 · 242
Caitlin Sep 2015
I haven't written anything it seems in  years,
No thoughts or ideas have popped into my mind.
I have a blank slate of a brain....
Sep 2015 · 284
Caitlin Sep 2015
I'm afraid I'm gonna have a panic attack,
Or a mental break down and start crying....
Sep 2015 · 291
Caitlin Sep 2015
I'm singing on Sunday,
I'm a nervous wreck.
It's bad....
Aug 2015 · 218
Caitlin Aug 2015
I want to look in the mirror
And see what others see in me.
What makes me so special?
What makes me so different?
What makes me wear my heart on my sleeve?
What makes me me?
Aug 2015 · 255
Caitlin Aug 2015
Do you think I wanted my life to go this ?
Aug 2015 · 389
Caitlin Aug 2015
I wish I were a cloud,
Far in the distance.
Where nobody bothers me, 
Where I'll be alone with my thoughts. 
Where I can be me. 
I wish I were a cloud,
Can I be a cloud?
Where I'd be floating and carefree.
Can I be a cloud?
Aug 2015 · 272
Caitlin Aug 2015
Blue, blue.
Nothing but blue.
As far as I can see. 
I feel so alone; 
Standing next to it,
It's so big, and so important,
And what am I?
Nothing, and nobody.
Blue, blue.
Nothing but blue.
Aug 2015 · 238
Caitlin Aug 2015
I will not cry.
I will not cry.
I will not let my emotions get the best of me.
Not again.
Aug 2015 · 619
Caitlin Aug 2015
Will baring my emotions though my poetry ever be enough?
Is it ever enough to wear my heart on my sleeve?
Are my emotions ever enough for anyone?
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
I hope you're happy.
Caitlin Aug 2015
I hope you're happy.
Wherever you are.

I hope I still haunt you, though.
All the words you said to me that were like bullets,
The actions you took just to make a point.
I hope something reminds you of that and you regret it.

I hope you're happy.
This is not about a guy I dated, for I haven't dated anyone. This is about my section leader from a few years ago. Please don't hate on my writing, its very rude.
Jul 2015 · 306
Caitlin Jul 2015
I need to be broken,
In order to build myself back up again.
Jul 2015 · 215
My Loves
Caitlin Jul 2015
Why are you coming to my thoughts?
The crushes, small time romances, the guys I liked.
Why am I thinking of you???
Jul 2015 · 233
Him p2
Caitlin Jul 2015
I almost called you by his name today..
Why is he in my mind again?
I don't want him there.

I hear him when you play too..
Its so weird and confusing.
Brain, can you stop this?
Jul 2015 · 282
Caitlin Jul 2015
What do I want most in life?
I have no idea.
Jul 2015 · 261
Caitlin Jul 2015
I see Him in you.
My past.
Why does it still haunt me even now?
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