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Goodnight my love
Tucked into your bed
I'm thinking of you
The lone thought in my head

Sleep well my love
As comfort fills you
A warm blanket too large
Built just for two

Sweet dreams my love
The best you can get
Through setting sun dawn breaks
A new morning just met

Goodnight my love
For we finally must part
Though tomorrow be new
You'll still be in my heart
© Josh Buller 01/16/2011
I want to rip you apart
Strip flesh for every sin you’ve committed
Beat you down while you scream
And rid you of your black heart.

You speak the language of lies
A waste of innocence,
A joke of a companion
I’m tired of your fake and dramatic goodbyes

No one cares anymore
They’re finished playing nice
Honestly, you can't see through their fury?
They don’t deal well with ******

Just do a favour
Next time that razor comes out
Slit your ******* throat
Because there is no saviour.
© December 9, 2010.  Shanna Howse.
an apology isn't good enough,
neither is an explanation.

Sometimes only your heart can help,
but even then it's still not enough.

I guess you just have to tear off your skin,
so they can see what you're really made of.

It's as simple as it gets,
and I hope that you think it's beautiful.

Because I've been sitting in the dark,
to hide from the shadow of my chaos.

Only so that you might see,
what lies beneath my swollen blue.

I know I've used these words before,
but I'm going to try it in a new way.

I'm sorry,
but I'm not in love with you.
As life forms,
A new purpose is made
A new beginning is brought forth for people to witness.
Speaking not only to you, but him as well.
God has chosen me for this one reason,
To love you.
That's how I feel when I'm around you.
Butterflies; they overtake me.
Surround me in ways I never thought possible.
How is this happening?
I only met you two years ago..
You've changed me
In ways..
In ways I never thought were possible.
You've made me
Who I am, and who I want to be
Is here with you, with me.

As life forms,
A new purpose is made
You've made me
Into a life thats just found it's purpose.
By the help of the Lord,
In his hands we will be
Forever young,
Forever free.
Do you love me?
It was possible before not to be with you, but now i couldn’t imagine
Lucky is the perfect word used to describe that slight chance that i could be with you
On that magical day, i believe only you would be able to understand, the
Very connection made when we embraced, how the memories have grown into wonderful gifts of the mind
Every time i was thinking, with or without you, those words were too powerful
Yet i now find it impossible not to let my feelings stay put
Only to set them free brings conflict to the cruel world known as earth
Under these circumstances, i just say ***** the world, its all about my angel
To a very special person <3

© Josh Buller 10/11/2010
the night was bleak, the sky grey
the world reach out to the end of days
the car pulls slowly up to the gates
of the graves
a shrouded boy, a rose in hand. fire in his eyes. lit cigarette
this quiet procession meets its final steps. at the place of the deceased
a blood stained glove. his battered face
lacerations running deep from neck to waist
a final bow to an old friend
who met his end
a bloodlust burnt, saddness grew
the whole world vanished from me and you
here and in the blazing slew
burning all
he woke in the hospital bed
stitched together by the grim who said
"it's not your time to be gone and dead.
rose in hand....
lest one call to a friendly face.
lost a companion in his last haste."
he set the rose down on the cold hard grave
in a last embrace
and drowned in the life he was so hurried to waste
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