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Josh Buller May 2011
Beautiful dancer
So graceful so precice
You move like the water of a river
Deliberate and determined

Beautiful dancer
With your spins and your twirls
A love so passionate
It shows in your work

Beautiful dancer
Creating art
In the form of movement
And elegant grace

Beautiful dancer
How much you care
You master your feet
And build an art for all to admire
Josh Buller May 2011
When everything's bad
The world's got you down
Don't look so sad
It was never your fault

Those dates come creeping
The stress level rises
Your mind keeps leaping
From this to that on repeat

The system fried
Still not your fault
The project has died
Again, not your fault

Please cheer up
Don't shed a tear
It's like one broken cup
On a shelf of glassware

I promise you this
This mess will get better
It is a beat I'll never miss
It's one that makes you happy
Josh Buller Jan 2011
That pain
In my head
In my stomach
Must leave
I know it's due
This feeling doesn't help it get done
But there's just no time
None for the work to get done
None for school
None for friends
And none for me
It hurts
It *****
It makes me exausted
Why does it even exist
I've got two words for it
© Josh Buller 01/17/2011
Josh Buller Jan 2011
Goodnight my love
Tucked into your bed
I'm thinking of you
The lone thought in my head

Sleep well my love
As comfort fills you
A warm blanket too large
Built just for two

Sweet dreams my love
The best you can get
Through setting sun dawn breaks
A new morning just met

Goodnight my love
For we finally must part
Though tomorrow be new
You'll still be in my heart
© Josh Buller 01/16/2011
Josh Buller Jan 2011
What's up and what's down
That lurks in the shadow
Makes a man giggle or frown
Much less then an echo
The cry to what isn't there

A whisper in the ear
But nothing is seen
That bead of sweat strikes fear
What may not be mean
The knowing is just not at hand

Beware of the sly
The eyes of deceit
The question's not why
When one admits defeat
Then what is the question

Never always bad
But always never good
A paradox fully clad
No one would think it could
It can do what it wants

Be afraid of what it may do
Be glad of what can take place
It's more than just five or three or two
It's more than just in your face
The unknown is everywhere
Josh Buller 01/06/11
Josh Buller Nov 2010
Down below
To the class of the dead
The overlord waits
To cut off her head

But the followers of this demon
Not entirely true to their master
For fear of the beast
No one stands up to the evil caster

All but one
The bravest of us all
Will fight the great beast
To attack, to make this creature fall

She fights with her heart and strength
Alas the poor hero may fail
Try as she might the beast will keep living
With its power and might it will prevail

But word of this bravery
Sends to the followers of the beast
How miserable life can be made
When they can be made to a feast

The story is over
The message now done
No effect in the short term
But in the long run, the hero has won
Josh Buller 24/11/2010
Josh Buller Nov 2010
Once upon a time
The dream goes on
That fairy tale ending
Close to gone

An ordinary girl
Fantasising extraordinary things
For prince charming to come
Where bells will ring

But no one would come
To love her so
All alone by herself
Nobody for her to go

Now back to reality
It cannot be
There is one who loves her so
Indeed it is me
© Josh Buller 22/11/2010
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