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Dec 2010 · 836
What I Meant to Say
This message you'll find,
A note attched to
My heart on a wire
Will it make you see
Exactly how much you mean to me
The sound of your voice,
The touch of your skin
The taste of your lips
Are all things I don't know how I lived without.
Those short walks around
with nowhere to go
no place to be
just simply walking aimlessly.
The talks at night
that always make me smile.
The sound of your voice making my day go from bad to best
in an instant.
I'd give just about anything
Just to see you smile,
walk by your side
or even just glance in my direction.
I guess what I'm trying to say
Is what I tell your blue eyes sparkling
every day.
I guess all this really is trying to say,
I love you Babe <3
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas everybody :)
Dec 2010 · 608
These steel bonds 
Tied to the table
Hold me down 
I can't move in any way

Their hearts all 
Black and cold inside
I watched them die
All throughout my life

Grew up with what
Was my idol
Now he's dead 
Leaving me dying inside

I dont know how much 
More I can take
Of this constant mental beating
You were wrong

I don't ever want to 
End up like you did

Cause I don't wanna live
Like my mother
I can't stand taking
And watching the sidelines

And I dont wanna live 
Like my father
I don't want to just
Give up before I die

I can't take this
Constant breaking down
Every turn I take
Is wrong in your eyes

When will I ever do 
Something right?
I'm sorry I have dreams.
I'm sorry yours have died

What this is saying
To my old dead idol
I'm sorry I can't be perfect
But at least I don't fake it
Bruno Joseph Orsi
December 1, 2010
Sorry I haven't written lately, haven't had the chance to sit down to write anything
Nov 2010 · 545
Memory Lapse
Burnt it all to the ground
Where they slept without a sound
No light in their cold eyes
The last breath left and died

Darkness slowly envelops the walls
Chasing the angels down the halls
Making room for the demons
to slowly make their way back in

Haunting memories flood in
of their screams that night
Your friends and family
going without a fight

Sweet turpentine
and bitter kerosene
A light of a match
on the floor soaked with gasoline

From ground up the ashes lay
Left from the fire
With no words left to say
The cracking of burning wood
Was their final sound to hear
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
November 2, 2010
Nov 2010 · 741
Hold Your Breath
Hold your breath
Feel them circling around
The wall's alive
Don't scream or make a sound

It's time to go
Heart's beating like a drum
Feet touch ground
The steel rings an awful hum

Turn around
See what lies on the ground
Your dying soul
Strapped without a sound

Leave behind
Your whole life to start again
Try to find
A way to breathe again

Sorry kid
We tried to stop all you've done
Now stop and look
=And face what you've become
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
November 1, 2010
Oct 2010 · 664
This Is Who We Are
Tied to the rock
Chains around his feet
Stripped of all pride
Laying with the deceit

Left there alone
Left there to die
The last words he remembers
Is when he was told goodbye

Raise his head to see the
People staring all around
Our eyes met his
Our heads are downed

We can see the suffering
We can see the pain
We don't do nothing,
We don't do a **** thing

The only light
Is trained on him
Our eyes glow alive
And then turn dim

We all fall back
Much rather watch him bleed
Leave the knives in his chest
After we've done the deed

This is who we will always be
This is who we are
**** everything promised to us
And watch the world bleed from afar
For those who are not able to understand this, it is about the world, and how we all take it for granted, destroy it, and never do a thing to fix it even though in the end we are just destroying our future, along with the future generations. Don't ask me where this came from cause I still don't know myself.

©Bruno Joseph Orsi
October 22, 2010
Oct 2010 · 675
Brush off the dust
Get on your feet
Is what we all scream

You’re on the ground
Coughing up blood
Holding your heart in your hands

Take this knife
Carve up your chest
And push it back inside

Seal you up
Dragged off the ground
Out of this pool of crimson

It’s not the first time
And it getting worse
We can’t lift you off your knees

You do this yourself
We can’t help you see
What she is putting you through

Open your eyes
Take this hand
It’s time to take a stand
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
October 1, 2010
Sep 2010 · 791
Final Boarding Call
She always got what she wanted
She never had to work at all
Fame and fortune was in her eyes
The day she left home and said her goodbyes

Seven fifteen flight to L.A.
Landed in mid-afternoon
Fame and fortune was in her head
Never hearing what her daddy said

Picked up the luggage and walked away
Hailed a cab, and got right in
Fame and fortune was in her sight
No one knew she wasn't quite right

Got dropped of at the casino royale
Walked in the doors and grabbed a room
Fame and fortune was in her hand
A stack of bills of about ten grand

Luggage man took her bags
Walked to the elevator and walked right in
Only fortune was on his mind
So said the knife hanging on his side
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
Sept. 29, 2010
Sep 2010 · 551
It sleeps right beside you
Close to the heart
It breaks out the talons
And tears you apart

It follows your mind
Everyday till you fall
It curls up inside you
As you scream through the halls

It's silent as winter
When it's needed the most
It screams while you sleep
Haunting you like a ghost

It's the problem you face
Each day you're alive
It will leave you alone
The day that you die

It's your biggest fear
And your only hope
It's the demon inside you
And it's yearning to cope
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
September 25, 2010
(Posted a day late due to lack of a title)
Sep 2010 · 486
To a Friend
I wish I could help you
Get back to who you were
Before all this time passed
And you wanted only her

We can pack up the memories
Throw them in the back of the shop
Help you move on and
Reclaim every tear that began to drop

But we can see that you're gone
And there's no chance of you coming to
I can't stand to the side while
You take the blade and do all you do

I just can't stand, I can't stand
The thought of losing you, my closest friend
I've known you forever but
It seems who I've known has come to his end

You're cracked and you know
That I see what's going on
It's time you packed your bags
And moved to the coming dawn

Just forget it all, come back
We all know that you're that strong
Please for the love of god
Don't do that and prove me your soul is gone
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
September 25, 2010
Sep 2010 · 511
Maybe it's because
We stand beside each other
Maybe it's the way
We use our ways for cover

Maybe it's how I feel
When I'm with you
How everything feels just right
In everything we do

Maybe it's the way
You take a glimpse at me
And the smile that goes from side to side
And everything I see

Maybe it's the way
I don't know what to do
Whenever we are together
Only one person keeps me guessing, it's you

Maybe it's just how
I've never felt this way
Honestly and truthfully
There never was a day
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
September 12, 2010
Sep 2010 · 373
Another Heart Calls
Now I've lost it
It's not like there was much to lose
My mind, my sanity
Nothing I could choose

I can't stand your sight
I can't see the way you do
How it's always my fault
And you put the blame on you know who

Well I'm sorry honey
But this time you're gonna see
What it's like
To get the coldest shoulder from me

You're twisted mind
And a broken frame
Holding in all your hate
And making you look tame

I'm sorry but
It's good I finally saw the light
I guess I never focused before
Enough to escape the fight

So here's to you gone
Here's to my life
Now that you're gone
I'll breathe easier and drop the knife

That you've had to my throat
For way to long
I'll drop mine to the ground
So long as you're gone

So when you look back
And see the wreckage behind these four walls
Just remember you're second best
Whenever another heart calls

So here's to me
Here's to you
Here's to them
Here's to wreckage too

I don't have time
To say a proper goodbye
Another heart calls
And so does the knife in your eye
Sorry guys, I had it written for a week and kind of forgot about it

Bruno Joseph Orsi
Aug 2010 · 761
I used to stay away
I used to stay away from you
Now looking forwards I don't know what to do

I'm far too confused
Far too confused about what
Doors to open and the ones to slam back shut

It's just another choice
Another choice that I want to make
Figuring out my heart and what to give or take

There's no right way
No right way to decide what to say
When you're on my mind every single day

I guess Ill just try
I'll try to figure out what'll happen soon
What will happen if I promised to give the moon

I don't know what to do
What to do about all of this
I'll think I'll wing it and pray that I don't miss
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 31, 2010
Aug 2010 · 362
Dying Breed
All he wanted was your honesty
Something more than this
All his dreams thrown into the abyss

Say what he wants to hear
Thinking he will never figure out the lie
Take this down till the day you die

Well now it's all over
You're gone, and now so is he
Now his eyes are open to all he can see

Looking back at everything you said
Only half was the truth, the rest lies
He realized now, it's best you said goodbye

You say that you're both the same
But we know he's not like you
He's a dying breed
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 30, 2010
Aug 2010 · 562
Crimson Regrets
Black out the sky
For the moon just watches you die
Alone, scared, afraid

Your kiss it feels so cold
The darkness is taking hold
Your eyes slowly fade to grey

I feel you slip away
No longer a brighter day
I can see you floating away from me

Your hand falls and hits the ground
The tears fall without a sound
I’m alone, scared, afraid

So scared of what I’ve done
I’ve blacked my only sun
This blade still gleams red

This blade it feels so warm
Crimson flowing like a storm
I’m shaking…
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 29, 2010
Aug 2010 · 679
Angels Heart
There is a celebration
In the aftermath of the suicide
Moving on far from here
And this cursed and ****** place

Taste the blood
Pouring from the angels heart
That was spilled on the ground
In pure cold blood

It was for you all
So you wouldn't get burned
From the aftermath of
The end of the world

The angels time is a waste
And so was it's life
It tried to help
But in the end got forsaken

And never repayed
For all it has done
The blood on the floor
Will soon be yours

No time to leave
No time to discard
All those sins you've done
All those times you spat in his face

No time for sorrys
No time to repent
It's too far late
Drink the blood from your demon now
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 27, 2010
Aug 2010 · 2.8k
Black Rose Dying
It's the first day
Of the start of the end
Of my joys
Just around the bend

Staring at the vase
Lined with black flowers
Starting to wilt
Like collapsing towers

Death is sometimes more...
Beautiful than the life
There is no pain
No more strife

At 5am
I heard the news
Sat in the corner
And cried my heart out

Now all that's left
Is this single flower
That's withering away
You are all that's left

All the memories
I wish I could leave
All that reminds me
Is this black rose.... Dying
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 25, 2010
Aug 2010 · 475
Soldiers Hell
I'm far past gone
All the blood i've seen
Spilt on the sand
A bright crimson sheen

It was nothing but a waste
Being here today
No ones coming home
No one but me with nothing to say

I don't want to talk
About all that I do
My best friends helmet cracking
A bullet passed through

The sounds of the rifles
Across the sand
And white hot feeling
Of the shot through my hand

I was out cold
As I collapsed
I don't remember waking
Just the piles and a relapse

Of corpses
I once called my friends
I should of stayed back
And fixed the loose ends

I don't know why
They just let me leave
This IS my soldiers hell
So just let me greave
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 24, 2010
Aug 2010 · 607
Some people live the dream
Some people live the life
While others just sit around
And just survive

Just to live
And breathe another day
Every day is just another struggle
Another time to worry

About feeding the family
About working your job
The dead end one
Where you're on the verge of layoff

While millionares
And billionares
Roam the streets
The rest of us are stuck

We never had the big idea
Or the money to burn
We just had a dream
To be all we could be

We all strive to be known
We all strive to be famous
Of some sort
Weither local or worldwide

We want to be known
For at least one thing
That we have accomplished in this life

Some people have been there
Done that
While the rest of us wait
Knowing our time may never come

We may never be famous
On any scale
But somewhere
To someone

You may have done
In their opinion the world to them
Amd you will be remembered
Even if it's just one person

So if you're in doubt
Just remember
There's someone out there
And you will mean the world

To them
Even if it's only one person
Maybe only for one thing
But you will forever be, remembered
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 21, 2010
Aug 2010 · 499
The only people in this life
That will be victorious
Or have even the slightest
Of pure freedom
Are the ones six feet underground
Dead and gone
No matter what you hit
Or have, or own, or do
You are never free
Even if it seems like it for the moment
It might be a while for it to crash down
But it will crash down
You are happy today
But know that is only an emotion
Nothing else
It can change faster than you can blink
All it takes is a little push
A lie
That's usually all it takes
All it will ever take
To make you break
And twist
The slightest
That someone close to you
Has lied to you about everything
Told you everything you want to hear
And nothing the truth
Is enough to break you
You don't know who is lying
It could be someone else
But their actions make you think
If everything is real or just another
Played on by merciless actors
With dagger-cut smiles
And demon eyes
And through the tears
You will learn life's final lessons
Never trust anyone
It will only **** you in the end
So tell me,
The truth
Cause in the end
I'm still bleeding
The blood of my consinence
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 17, 2010
Aug 2010 · 523
Tale of a Broken Man
The heart beats
The lungs breathe
The blood flows
Lifeless inside

The mouth moves
The toungue works
The throat is cleared
Nothing is said

The fingers bend
The wrist cracks
The knuckles hold together
Just can't get a grip

The arms flex
The shoulder lifts
The bones hold strong
Can't hold any weight on their own

The mind pulses
The brain thinks
The ears listen
But they can't hear a sound

The road ends
The paint wears
The cliff starts
The end of everything begins
©Bruno Jospeph Orsi        August 16, 2010
Aug 2010 · 492
It Just Took One Glance
Hello there
I was walking by
And caught a stare
Out of my eye

I couldn't tell
If it was a good thing
But judging from your reaction
I'm guessing you're a sweet thing

Correct me here
If I'm not right
I think I saw you
Out here last night

With the same look
The same stare
A different dress
But the same glare

Let me buy you a drink
To start off right
Maybe we could end it
At the end of the night

You're a beautiful girl
All alone in a bar
Let me take you somewhere
We can take my car

I'll buy the food
I'll pay for the drinks
We'll have a great ol time
End with a wink

After the night
I'll drop you off here
Outside your car
And watch you disappear

So what do you say?
You had me at a glance
Your beautiful eyes
Just put me in a trance
©Bruno Joseph Orsi      August 16, 2010
Aug 2010 · 447
To Our Graves
Without honor
There would be no order
Without order
There would be no peace
Without peace
There would be no tomorrow
Without tomorrow
There would be no longer love
Without love
There would be no us
Without us
We will all just rot in this place
That we call this world
That we keep destroying
Saying it's all for good
And that everything that's against us
Is wrong
And we are right
We are the only ones right
You can't stop this
It's too far gone
We'll destroy ourselves
And blow each other away
And with our last few seconds
And with our final breaths
What will you say
What will he say
No one will ever know
For sure
Because no one will ever be around
The stop and hear him
We are our own worst enemy
We are the victems of ourselves
All the wrong we have done
Can never be forgiven
As we take these final regrets
To our graves
©Bruno Joseph Orsi     August 16, 2010
Aug 2010 · 448
She's upset
Another bad day
Sits on the bed
And cries away

She looks up
Reaches under the bed
Pulls out a small box
Nothing is right in her head

Unclicks the lock
With the small key
That she hides away
Where no one could see

Opens the top
And looks inside
There lies the steel
There lies her pride

Lifts it up high
Stares at the blade
Perfectly shaped
Offering her aid

Looks at the tip
Wipes it clean
All of the crimson
All of her dreams

Puts it to the skin
Right on her wrist
She already knows
Nothing good could come of this

Slow but steady
It glides across
A little to deep
In rememberance a cross

In the graveyard
Across from the sea
All that was destined
Was life not meant to be
©Bruno Joseph Orsi        August 14, 2010
Aug 2010 · 895
You put your makeup on
Every morning as you stare in the mirror
You cover up yourself
Making my point perfectly clear

Cover up these scars
Cover up the scratches
Cover up the flaws
To make up temporary patches

They cover what you are
They show a total lie
Your act plays it up
As a widow whose husband has died

They take it for the truth
They take you for a ride
But no ones around
When you turn black inside

Forget where you are
Forget what you feel
Forget that everything is fake
And nothing with you is real

It's only for the night
You catch a cab to town
Your friends clearly see
That you'll never come back around

All that cover up
All those minor scars
They can cover up
Who you really are

You're made of plastic
So fake as it shines
There's no truth about you
When you sit there and whine

No help from friends
There's no one around
Cause of your fake, and simple act
No one will pick you off the ground

When you fall
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 13, 2010
Aug 2010 · 587
A Million Miles Away
It's finally over
There's nothing left for us here
The well is all dried up
No need to shed a single tear

It's time to move on
Just pack your bags and go away
I have never seen
Such a brighter day

The day you left
Was the day I was right
I didn't need you anymore
It was never worth the fight

Words were thrown
Around in the hallway
I thought
There was nothing left to say

I was wrong

There was much more
Than meets the eye
The lies, decit
The selfish goodbyes

I could never stand you
After you changed
Your mind was twisted
Mentally deranged

You are not
The person I fell for
I don't even want to look at you
There's too much on the floor

It time to sweep it
Right under the rug
Forget about you
All those selfish hugs

So here it is
I have never decided
To dedicate a poem
To you, the divided

Here it is
My last and final wave
Hopefully the waves take you under
And wash you a million miles away
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 12, 2010
Aug 2010 · 490
Heaven Ablaze
To the heavens set ablaze
I will call out loud
To these heavens set ablaze
You will hear me now

To all these fallen angels
I hope you hear my cry
All the ones gathered here
Hear my last breath before I die

To the bone of the broken spine
I just can't take no more
Left here crippled and weak
You left me bleeding on the floor

For all the letters that you sent
They meant nothing to you
They were just something
For your empty soul to do

For all these times
I wasted beside your empty shell
I think it's time to see you honey
Put straight through my hell
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 12, 2010
Aug 2010 · 364
Over My Head
I could never tell
You why everything went to hell
Why nothing's left in this shell
Nothing but the pain and nothing else

I can't see my ways
They're piercing through this foggy haze
I can't wait for you till the end of days
It hurts this bad, I can't even begin to start

To tell you why Im right
Why I can't stand this stupid sight
All I try to see is this stupid light
At the end of a tunnel that will never end

So we'll forget it all
I'll hold my head high and stand tall
Put on the act that i'm fine through it all
But we both know that I'm not that strong

I'm in over my head
I'm sinking faster, Im better dead
Nothing can hurt when lying in deaths bed
Life is good when you'll never breathe again so there's

No worries anymore
Realize life is nothing but a *****
******* you in till you're flat on the floor
With a broken back you can't move on anymore
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 10, 2010
Aug 2010 · 556
This is War
I'm really not sure why
All these young men had to die...
But this is war...

Marching, gun on my side
They told me it was an easy ride...
But this is war...

Bullets flying so high
Piercing through my summer sky...
This is war...

Not quite sure how to win
A bullet tears right through my skin...
This is war...

I'm bleeding on the ground
Explosions sound off all around...
This is war...

Body full of lead,
My friends have all left me for dead...
I guess this is war...

A man runs up to me
Gets my rifle for all to see...
I guess this is war...

Barrel to my head...
I pray for my family's tears that will shed...
This is war...
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 9, 2010
Aug 2010 · 926
Black Sunday
Live through your life
Day by day
Now you've hit a wall
On this black Sunday

She slapped your face
And screamed at you
You stood screamed back
It's all you could do

She walked out the door
Slammed it shut
Took the memories
Down in a rut

That was three years ago
This black Sunday
The day she tore my heart
And ripped it away

I stared into the grass
Like I do each day
Fall to my knees
And begin to pray

No one could listen
Except the stone and god
I lifted my head
Couldn't bring myself to nod

A few hours after
That black Sunday
A drunk driver
Hit her car that day

I bring my eyes up
To stare and see
What exactly
Was staring back at me

Not your eyes
Nothing was shown
Except the carved and cold writing
On this tombstone

"Im sorry honey
I shouldn't of yelled
You may still be here
And you would be loved"

I'm sorry couldn't cut it
I live just to say
"Dont miss me honey
You know I'll be back the next day"
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 9, 2010
Aug 2010 · 511
House of Cards
Take it all away
In this confusing place
This collapsing house of cards
Is falling on it's face

No more support
No more love
Just lies and decit
All it takes is a shove

We burnt it down
Straight to the ground
We did honey,
Not just me

It not all my fault
You're as biased as hell
I can't take it anymore
You've lost your shell

They've all seen
The side you try to hide
The side black as a *****
Where there is nothing to confide

I can't take
Your empty lies
Your threats of suicide
Your final goodbye

I'm not sorry one bit
That you're right about
But you brought this on yourself
For all the times you shout

Only you are right
I am wrong
Here you are
Singing your twisted song

Here is to the end
Here is to life
Without you
I have no strife

Good luck out there
Hope you stay cold
Your heart is ice
Nothing to hold

I am limited
Cause I have respect
Yet there you are
With your hands on his neck

So *******
I won't give you the time
You ****** yourself
I won't give you a dime

Now that everything is gone
Laying by the door
Is the collapsed house of cards
And my heart bleeding on the floor
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 7, 2010
Heaven's just waiting for you
So close your eyes and say goodbye
Times go on no matter what
Weither you live or you die

So take this knife
And run it slow
Across the skin
The blood starts to flow

Liberating yourself
Of all the pain
All the selfishness
All in vain

It's Everyone elses
Fault not your own
That's what you tell yourself
It's why you're alone

I don't have time
To sit around all day
Hear all these things
That you say

It's a one sided story
Twisted and turned
Everyone on your side
Is all you have yearned

They know the truth
It's so plain to see
What your doing is wrong
Straight to a tee

Suicide, living
Cutting, mending
I tried to fix everything
Even the bleeding

Now I see clearly
There is nothing left of you
Just empty picture frames
And a blackened and twisted heart
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       August 7, 2010
Aug 2010 · 427
What is Love?
A question we ask almost daily,
Is what is love?
It is used constantly but no one
no one at all has the answer
here is my definition:

You can’t stop thinking
About her beautiful face
Or her starry eyes
And the looks she makes

One look from them
You fly from the inside
You look at them from a distance
And hate saying goodbye

You can’t stop thinking
About the right things to say
Because you want them there
All night and day

No matter what you’re doing
And no matter where you are
When you stare deep into the midnight sky
From the hood of the car

You can’t stop thinking about them
Or life without them there
When you’re gone away
Your soul is dark and bare

You never want to leave
Their comfort or their side
She gives you your support
And some place to hide

No matter what they do
No matter how they live
You can hear the worst of things
And no matter what forgive

You love them for what they are
And not how they appear
You love them for who they are
Pray they never disappear

You have a bad day
They brighten up your life
Even through the worst of things
Or the hurt or strife

True love is hard to find,
Very few ever will
They say everyone in the world
Has somebody to be paired to
I’m sorry world but
There’s six billion of you
Chances of it are slim to none at best
I guess what I’m saying is

If you ever find someone
Who grabs your heart and holds,
Hold on with all you got
Before they leave you behind

"Life is like a quick cup of coffee, find someone and hold on with all you got, or you'll end up drinking it alone"
Aug 2010 · 475
Somebody just give me a sign
That everything is going as planned
I can't believe after all this time
You haven't changed one bit
Your smile is cracking
Your temper is flying
So high
Your fists are clenched up now
It's time to leave this matter
To die
Time to bury a hatchet
The details should never survive
I have no interest anymore
No time to think
Just turn around and walk
Straight out the door
And hit the wall
Of conciousness as you awake
From your deep dark sleep
Hearing a noise
Just curtains in the wind 
You think as you stirr
Turn to your left
Think about your life
This time everything Is real
This time it's gone
This time it's taken far too long
You gasp as you see
Turns out it wasn't a dream
The sheets are all tossed
The man there is gone
All that's left is broken dreams in his wake
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
Jul 2010 · 815
A Brighter Day
Clear your mind
Cause there's nothing left of it
Clean up your act
No ones watching you, anymore
It's time to change
Your sick and twisted ways with this
Sick and twisted moments
That you play for what you got

Stay back girl
You're not welcome here anymore
You made your path
Now it's time to walk it out the door
My mind is made
Right up and yours is too
Walk the other way
There just is nothing left to say

Were all done here
We've moved on, or at least I have anyway
Try a new way
To bring about a new and brighter day
Careful now
Don't let this world drag you down
Live your life
Far away from me so you can see
That I'm gone
And life is better like this anyway
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       July 28, 2010
Jul 2010 · 490
I'm... O... Kay...
Before you read, I just say post what you think at the bottom, as I do not know if it makes sense other than in my head. Thank you (:

I'm..... Okay...
I'm.... Okay....
I swear....
I'm... Okay...

Losing my mind
waiting the time
Nothing to lose
Or at least that's how I see it

Patience of god
Lift head and nod
Pretend I'm okay
When we all know I'm not

Fit me for a jacket
To make less a racket
Sleeves all tied
I'm thrown into this cold padded cell

No one's around
I'm on the ground
Tears form in the eyes
Look where life has put you?

Whispers through black
Screaming attack
Leave me alone
Decisions decisions decisions

Run for the door
End on the floor
Bars imprinted in head
I guess life is better beyond here
Jul 2010 · 417
First To Go
She was the first to go
Twisting and turning
Every breath is slow
I'm tired
I'm done
It's over
We're finished
These words replay in my head

Their hollow sounds echo
Straight through my halls
This echo is cracking the walls
I'm gone
You're tired
I've had enough
I've snapped
All these words I have said

You don't get it right
Are you too stupid to see
You're strangling me tight
Can't breathe
I'm choking
You snapped
Why am I always to blame?

It's your fault too
What I see and hear
Is all you do
Leave me
Drop me
Kick me
Spill me
Or at least everything inside
It's all over now
And were finally done

Everybody learns from this disaster

The end of the end
Hit right after the bend

Nothing left, no happily ever after

Gone two different ways
At the end of our days

Nothing good has come from this

Denied everything from the start
Swore it was from the heart

I guess now ignorance is bliss

We stayed out too long
Till we were too far gone

Now everything is done once again

I hope we've learned our mistakes,
When we give what we take

Now that we see everything after

Were better off alone
Our true colors have been shown

Everyone learns from this disaster
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       July 22, 2010
Jul 2010 · 610
Wasting My Time
Im just Waisting my time
Turning for you on a dime

I'm sick of this, Im sick of you

All the lies
Selfish ******* goodbyes

I walked out the door

No turning back
Follow the tracks

Ignored the sound of the southbound train

Stop and stare
Sheet metal bare

The scream of a whistle sounds

Standing and doing nothing
Waiting for something

Life is just Getting dull

No one knows why
He felt he had to die

Lying across the tracks

The funeral is slow
When you're six feet below

Nothing you can do now

Stops at the casket
Looks down in the basket

A tear forms in her eye

This poor girl
Left all alone

He never knew about her

The love can't be
For she can see

The man is no longer alive

Cause were all dead inside
We all can't deny

What is real, the pain I feel
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
Jul 2010 · 474
You Kill Me
Why did I stay
Unhappy for so long
Where on earth
Did I go wrong?

I kept you close
Kept you praised
Kept you safe
Kept your ******* spirits raised

Now it's over
I'm sick of you
And everything
You say or do

I can't stand
The thought of you
I am saying this now
I'm done with you

You say you want
To be close friends
But when I step back
I see the dead ends

Something goes wrong
It's my fault
You sing your song

I'm not a saint
That's easy to tell
But guess what honey?
You ain't no angel

**** the world
I'm sick of this
Grab my blades
Now I'm ******

Pull a blade
Push against the skin
Run it slowly
Blood runs like gin

I'm done with you
Can't you see?
I've hurt you
But you **** me...
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
Jul 2010 · 461
Bring me a scapel
Throw me a knife
So I can catch it
And cut out my heart tonight

Costs me my life
Wasting my thoughts
Rip it out
Prepare for the draught

Cut me wide open
Blood on the floor
Screaming in pain
Looking at the door

Remove from me
The piece that cares
The only piece
That you wouldn't dare

Cutting slowly
Savour the pain
Knowing that
All that's left is gain

Once i'm done
There's nothing there
But haunting memories
That I shouldn't care

I'm done with this
I'm done with you
Start the surgury
My Heartwork is due
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       July 19, 2010
Jul 2010 · 509
Here's to Goodbye
Shot, Beaten
Broken, Scarred
There's nothing left
I'm torn apart

The day you walked away
There was nothing to say
Nothing to do
But sit there and pray

Was it the right thing
Was it the best
God knows I tried
To fill in the rest

Of the holes
From your torn heart
I'm sorry
But we all fell apart

The screaming
The lying
The beating
The dying

Nothing in life was
Good anymore
I got sick and tired
Of walking out the door

Every minute was
Just another yelling match
Nothing could be done
Nothing could be patched

I fell out of love
I fell out of the lies
I got sick and tired
Of always saying goodbye

So here is why
Were not together
I guess it turned out a lie
When you said "forever"

Forever lives
Forever dies
I am sick of the lies

So when you think
About everthing I do
Just remember
I used to love you

Now it's done
Over and finished
Both both tired
Souls deminished

So here's to goodbye
Raise up your glass
It wasn't all my fault
I guess it was meant to pass
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       July 19, 2010
Jul 2010 · 467
Meet You There
I think it's time
To say goodbye
I don't get at all
Why everything had to die

Blackened roses
Sitting on the sill
Lying right next
To the empty bottle of pills

Lying on the ground
Right next to where you lay
Is a small scrap of paper
Leaving not much to say

I lifted it up
Up off the ground
Stared at it
I couldn't make a sound

"I'm sorry for all the problems
I'm sorry for the lies
I'm sorry for all the hurt I've caused
I hate what I've become inside

I'm sorry for how
I have left you here
Don't worry anymore darling
There's nothing left to fear

I've gone to see a better place
A place where angels roam
A place with no problems
Where hate cannot be sown

Good luck down here
Where our family now stays
I am praying for you
To meet me here one day

Untill then
I guess it's goodbye
Just remember there's nothing to fear
When the light goes black and dies"
©Bruno Joseph Orsi       July 19, 2010
Jul 2010 · 881
When Angels Fly Away
I'll make the right decision
To pack up and leave
Not turning back
A new path to cleave

Turning around a life
Is much harder than it seems
It's hard enough to find a place
To lay your head to dream

A broken heart
Has no quick fix
Nothing ever more
Ever just clicks

Life goes down
Down for the count
Lying on the streets
To sick to shout

Am I dreaming
Or am I alive?
How could life
Take such a sky dive?

On your back
Drawing your final breath
Eyes roll back
Welcome your death

Last sight you see
Is a bright light
Your guardian angel
Leaves and takes flight

On your final hour
Nothing left that day
Its the saddest thing
When angels fly away
Jul 2010 · 497
All You Wanted
Run through the door
Search through the drawer

Nothing is ever all right

Fill the syringe
Inject it and cringe

The needle just sits there and burns

Scratching and kicking
Crawling and screaming

This is what you wanted

Kicked in the door
Seeing you on the floor

Syringe still lying on the bed

"Call up the medics!"
You yell "its...."

The words are all lost on your toungue

Lie on your back
Light fades to black

Blood drips out of your mouth

Too much you've used
Used and abused

This is all that is left

Draw your last breath
Reaching your death

Remember this is what you wanted?
©Bruno Joseph Orsi        July 17, 2010
Jul 2010 · 585
By The Shoreline
This Man works hard
Everyday in his life
Comes home to nothin
But a displeased wife

Turns about face
Walks out the door
Walks with a
Bottle of whisky by the shore

The waves are crashing in
A few feet away,
The tide pulls back
And replays

His whole life
Has gone downhill
Doctors results are in
Gotta write a will

Sign everything away
To a total stranger
Cause no one in his life
Can take the danger

For the first time
In a few long years
He, drops his head
And sheds his tears

All the peace
Has gone away
Along with every ounce of trust
Lost day by day

He can't take
This life no more
Practically sold his soul
To his store

In the distance
The church bells ring,
Why won't god
Give this man his wings?
Jul 2010 · 475
Check My Pulse
Check my pulse
I'm not sure if I'm alive
Cause waking up this way
It seems like I died

I'm all alone
Lying in this place
These four walls surround me
I can't see another face

Not sure if this is heaven
Can't tell if it's hell
For theres no one around
Who can tell

I found what I needed
A place for my head
Aside the ****** roses
Laying on my death bed

Because in the end
You try so hard
But you can only manage
To get so far

When you've hit bottom
And you've broken your legs
Just try to stand back up
Your next place the bodybags

No matter how life plays out,
We all end up the same
Just another body
Laying there lame

It's now how you go out, it's what you do in life that gets you
Jul 2010 · 576
Take this deal,
Sign it with red,
Use one of these drops
In which I have bled

I'm tired of everything
Now do you see
What all this ****
Is doing to me?

My sanity is slipping
Slowly losing it's hold
Like in a poker game,
I'm sure it will fold

I'm on the verge
Of losing everything I had
All because I ****** up
Did something bad

I'm sorry I'm not
The perfect child
But could you please understand
That I will never be for a while?

Perfection is a goal
Something you desire
But like a normal man
We all stand too close to the fire

Dreaming of something
That we can never gain
Throughout this journey
There's nothing but pain

The truth comes out
Nobodys perfect
So in the end of it all,
Is the pain really worth it?

— The End —