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Taylor Ann March Apr 2011
You don't see me
You don't see what we
Am I trying for nothing?
Holding onto something that..
Doesn't exist?
Well, I hope you don't feel that way.
'Cause I don't.
I mean, in all honesty,
Do you understand at all?
When I was the one that loved you first
Back in middleschool,
You were my everything..
You were always there for me as I were for you.
What happened to that?
'Cause I'd have to say,
I miss that a lot.
But what are we now?
I mean, what can we be now?
Or am I trash to you.
'Cause that's how I feel.
And it's about time I tell you,
I can do better than being treated like that.
-You broke me,
Into a million pieces,
And you didn't even see it.
Did you care to look?
You were always with her.
But you knew you had me thinking it was only I.
And I think you took advantage of that.
And then you leave me,
At the time I need you the most.
That hurts; more than you know.
You say I broke your heart,
Well I've gotta say,
You broke mine back
But I was casted under you.
Blindsided by your wing.
At the snap of the fingers I was yours.
And although I knew I didn't have that control over you,
You were still intriguing to me, which is why..
I couldn't let you go.
You could have me back,
But you seem to act like you're too good for that.
Well, newsflash for you,
I'm too good for you.
I don't deserve the way you treat me.
But then there's always the fact of the matter..
You can't break something that's already been shaddered.

So I guess I'll always be there.

Dedication: Ambibear.
Taylor Ann March Apr 2011
Surrounding me,
Around me,
Inside of me.
Won't go away,
A while it has been,
That I have felt this way.
But I adore it.
Can't get enough.
Dot, dot, dot.
Do you feel that?
That sensation bruh,
Can't handle it.
The *happiness
in which your presence brings me,
Is something I haven't felt in a while.
Or maybe ever.
It's something new.
Something I can't fathom,
Our conversations,
So insightful;
Almost so greatly in depth,

After all,
A chance,
It's something you take.
Not knowing how it's going to turn out,
But going down the path and hoping for the best.
Because forever I hope this friendship brings,
'Cause it's surrounding me already.

Brought fourth to one another,
By chance; I do recall.
If only you realized what you had after all;
In the beginning it was nothing,
Or at least a little something.
Confused at the time,
But now I know for certain.

As it seems,
I have much more to tell about how I truly feel,
Let you in on a secret I have yet to reveal.
There's moments in time,
Where you're always on my mind;
Never to far,
And never behind.

Struggles we face only make us closer,
We open a door and it leads to our future.
A look in your eyes,
Is something I can't explain,
Making contact
In such an obscure way.
Day's go by,
But not a moment glistened,
If only you knew,
How often I listened.

Your talent is something I can't seem to explain,
It's tasteful, fascinating and a wee bit strange,
Although I have yet to meet
Another-person like you,
Who's interesting, funny, and talented like you.
I'm quite content at where I am,
If only you could see.

If only you could see that emotion that tends to be
Surrounding me,
Around me,
Inside of me,
That wont go away,
And realize a while it has been that I have felt this way.
That dot, dot, dot, that I can't get enough of,
That's happiness
That you've brought me
And I'll tell ya,
I love it.
Taylor Ann March Mar 2011
This constant pleasurable need that which I seek in my heart is only drifting, fading away.
Eternity is no longer forever.
I am immortal to your insignificant needs.
Differentiating my thoughts from my heart,
not only to protect thy one
but to hold consistency over what I think to be.. Everlasting darkness.
Taylor Ann March Feb 2011
I'm falling into a hole.
And I'm not quite sure how deep it is,
I'm having trouble finding what I need
And I know I can't get out on my own.
I'm never really happy.
Something always tends to go wrong.
Usually, I can hide it,
But it seems like now, it's becoming more difficult.
A task that I cannot bear any longer.
I'm trying to create a new me.
A new life, a new soul.
It's working..
But am I happy with it?
Usually, when something goes wrong,
It's covered by something right.
And I'm happy for that,
But not happy enough to hide what really hurt me in the first place.
I wanna be alone,
But I want him in my life.
I wanna experience what's out there,
But I can't let him go.
I wanna quit.
But it means so much, how can I let it be deceased?
I've been in routine for so long,
You'd think starting new, would be a good thing,
Well, that's at least what I thought.
I'm falling into a hole,
And I'm not quite sure how deep that hole may be.
I'm trying to get out,
Can anyone help me?
I'm so lost,
So struck by the world.
Temptations overwhelming me.
I can't say 'no'
But I need to.
But I can't.
I want too,
No, I should.
I need to remain strong.
But I'M not strong.
I thought I was, but I'm breaking.
And I can't deal with it.
I dug this hole.
And I can't get out..
And at the moment,
I don't think I ever will.
Taylor Ann March Dec 2010
It's just one of those days
That seems to drag on forever.
A day without you,
Like no other.
But for once this isn't the only thing that's bugging me
I can only tell you how it seems to be
Running through me constantly.
I keep my face shinning,
Because its the only thing smiling back at me.
But it's fake,
A glimpse of reality isn't enough.
I'm trying to overcome this,
But this time its rough.
Busy all day,
No sleep, no rest.
I've gotta keep moving..
But of course, nevertheless
These thoughts keep roaming throughout my brain.
I'm trying to run, but it's like I slipped in a drain.
Breaking free is what I want to do,
Run into your arms and say I love you.
But your gone, so why dwell?
You'll be back, when I'm lost in hell.
A place I seem to be right at this moment.
I can't get out,
I might as well shout.
Shout out the reasons which I feel so unworthy
To describe what I'm feeling-
I can't do this, it's too early,
I'm not willingly enough
To say I can get through this.
I need some help,
But what will that do?
Get me a psychiatrist to tell me whose who-
Now that I'm here I might as well say,
I'd feel better off if I was left a stray.
No one can help me,
Do I want them too;
Or am I stuck in this capsule
Like and unwanted fool?
Taylor Ann March Dec 2010
That feeling that overcomes you,
Every time you look in her eyes,
You feel it,
Her pain.
She's convinced
In a righteous, immoral way.
She wants to tell you "I can"
But is faced with lies when reality hits her.
She wants make you happy-
She's trying to.
But it's impossible.
She can't do it even though you want her too,
She's, unwillingly,  convinced otherwise as it seems.
By what seems,
Her master of mortality.
The 'air' to keep her lungs breathing.
But he's hurting you
And your obviously not seeing it.
Confused, you may feel, you tell her
But always know,
You'll be there for her.
"I know," she tells you
As if she's you.
But she's not.
That's what she doesn't understand.
"I get it." she says.
But does she?
Is she sitting there,
From a distance,
Knowing she can't do anything about it.
Getting to sit there and watch,
I can't deal with this.
Your not only affecting you,
But the people around you.
The decisions you make.
Just know,
That, that feeling that overcomes me,
Isn't something I can deal with;
We've known one another for too long.
You should see it,
Shouldn't you?
I'm not going away,
Even though, I don't want to sit and watch,
I'll never be able to leave.
Don't ever forget that;
Because I wont,
And I can make that promise to you.
Taylor Ann March Dec 2010
How do you feel when your stuck in the rain?
Un-satisfied, tasteless, a little bit drained?
How 'bout when it's cold,
A brisk day over sea,
Is it one of those days
Where fire's a necessity?
I feel that sometimes,
It only takes a second,
To realize what you have-
Is more than just a lesson.
To bear one another, is something but a struggle.
A day in your life,
Or maybe a couple.
A couple of people;
Love, it's everlasting.
I have this with you.
It only feels but to be fast-
I'm lovin' this,
Everything with you.
I can't stop this,
I wont end things with you.
Don't worry-
You don't have to deal,
I got you,
More than
Just a feel-
i(h)ing. (;
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