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This message you'll find,
A note attched to
My heart on a wire
Will it make you see
Exactly how much you mean to me
The sound of your voice,
The touch of your skin
The taste of your lips
Are all things I don't know how I lived without.
Those short walks around
with nowhere to go
no place to be
just simply walking aimlessly.
The talks at night
that always make me smile.
The sound of your voice making my day go from bad to best
in an instant.
I'd give just about anything
Just to see you smile,
walk by your side
or even just glance in my direction.
I guess what I'm trying to say
Is what I tell your blue eyes sparkling
every day.
I guess all this really is trying to say,
I love you Babe <3
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas everybody :)
These steel bonds 
Tied to the table
Hold me down 
I can't move in any way

Their hearts all 
Black and cold inside
I watched them die
All throughout my life

Grew up with what
Was my idol
Now he's dead 
Leaving me dying inside

I dont know how much 
More I can take
Of this constant mental beating
You were wrong

I don't ever want to 
End up like you did

Cause I don't wanna live
Like my mother
I can't stand taking
And watching the sidelines

And I dont wanna live 
Like my father
I don't want to just
Give up before I die

I can't take this
Constant breaking down
Every turn I take
Is wrong in your eyes

When will I ever do 
Something right?
I'm sorry I have dreams.
I'm sorry yours have died

What this is saying
To my old dead idol
I'm sorry I can't be perfect
But at least I don't fake it
Bruno Joseph Orsi
December 1, 2010
Sorry I haven't written lately, haven't had the chance to sit down to write anything
Burnt it all to the ground
Where they slept without a sound
No light in their cold eyes
The last breath left and died

Darkness slowly envelops the walls
Chasing the angels down the halls
Making room for the demons
to slowly make their way back in

Haunting memories flood in
of their screams that night
Your friends and family
going without a fight

Sweet turpentine
and bitter kerosene
A light of a match
on the floor soaked with gasoline

From ground up the ashes lay
Left from the fire
With no words left to say
The cracking of burning wood
Was their final sound to hear
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
November 2, 2010
Hold your breath
Feel them circling around
The wall's alive
Don't scream or make a sound

It's time to go
Heart's beating like a drum
Feet touch ground
The steel rings an awful hum

Turn around
See what lies on the ground
Your dying soul
Strapped without a sound

Leave behind
Your whole life to start again
Try to find
A way to breathe again

Sorry kid
We tried to stop all you've done
Now stop and look
=And face what you've become
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
November 1, 2010
Tied to the rock
Chains around his feet
Stripped of all pride
Laying with the deceit

Left there alone
Left there to die
The last words he remembers
Is when he was told goodbye

Raise his head to see the
People staring all around
Our eyes met his
Our heads are downed

We can see the suffering
We can see the pain
We don't do nothing,
We don't do a **** thing

The only light
Is trained on him
Our eyes glow alive
And then turn dim

We all fall back
Much rather watch him bleed
Leave the knives in his chest
After we've done the deed

This is who we will always be
This is who we are
**** everything promised to us
And watch the world bleed from afar
For those who are not able to understand this, it is about the world, and how we all take it for granted, destroy it, and never do a thing to fix it even though in the end we are just destroying our future, along with the future generations. Don't ask me where this came from cause I still don't know myself.

©Bruno Joseph Orsi
October 22, 2010
Brush off the dust
Get on your feet
Is what we all scream

You’re on the ground
Coughing up blood
Holding your heart in your hands

Take this knife
Carve up your chest
And push it back inside

Seal you up
Dragged off the ground
Out of this pool of crimson

It’s not the first time
And it getting worse
We can’t lift you off your knees

You do this yourself
We can’t help you see
What she is putting you through

Open your eyes
Take this hand
It’s time to take a stand
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
October 1, 2010
She always got what she wanted
She never had to work at all
Fame and fortune was in her eyes
The day she left home and said her goodbyes

Seven fifteen flight to L.A.
Landed in mid-afternoon
Fame and fortune was in her head
Never hearing what her daddy said

Picked up the luggage and walked away
Hailed a cab, and got right in
Fame and fortune was in her sight
No one knew she wasn't quite right

Got dropped of at the casino royale
Walked in the doors and grabbed a room
Fame and fortune was in her hand
A stack of bills of about ten grand

Luggage man took her bags
Walked to the elevator and walked right in
Only fortune was on his mind
So said the knife hanging on his side
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
Sept. 29, 2010
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