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Dec 2010
These steel bonds 
Tied to the table
Hold me down 
I can't move in any way

Their hearts all 
Black and cold inside
I watched them die
All throughout my life

Grew up with what
Was my idol
Now he's dead 
Leaving me dying inside

I dont know how much 
More I can take
Of this constant mental beating
You were wrong

I don't ever want to 
End up like you did

Cause I don't wanna live
Like my mother
I can't stand taking
And watching the sidelines

And I dont wanna live 
Like my father
I don't want to just
Give up before I die

I can't take this
Constant breaking down
Every turn I take
Is wrong in your eyes

When will I ever do 
Something right?
I'm sorry I have dreams.
I'm sorry yours have died

What this is saying
To my old dead idol
I'm sorry I can't be perfect
But at least I don't fake it
Bruno Joseph Orsi
December 1, 2010
Sorry I haven't written lately, haven't had the chance to sit down to write anything
Written by
Bruno Joseph Orsi
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