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Sep 2010
She always got what she wanted
She never had to work at all
Fame and fortune was in her eyes
The day she left home and said her goodbyes

Seven fifteen flight to L.A.
Landed in mid-afternoon
Fame and fortune was in her head
Never hearing what her daddy said

Picked up the luggage and walked away
Hailed a cab, and got right in
Fame and fortune was in her sight
No one knew she wasn't quite right

Got dropped of at the casino royale
Walked in the doors and grabbed a room
Fame and fortune was in her hand
A stack of bills of about ten grand

Luggage man took her bags
Walked to the elevator and walked right in
Only fortune was on his mind
So said the knife hanging on his side
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
Sept. 29, 2010
Written by
Bruno Joseph Orsi
   Jolene Perron
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