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It sleeps right beside you
Close to the heart
It breaks out the talons
And tears you apart

It follows your mind
Everyday till you fall
It curls up inside you
As you scream through the halls

It's silent as winter
When it's needed the most
It screams while you sleep
Haunting you like a ghost

It's the problem you face
Each day you're alive
It will leave you alone
The day that you die

It's your biggest fear
And your only hope
It's the demon inside you
And it's yearning to cope
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
September 25, 2010
(Posted a day late due to lack of a title)
I wish I could help you
Get back to who you were
Before all this time passed
And you wanted only her

We can pack up the memories
Throw them in the back of the shop
Help you move on and
Reclaim every tear that began to drop

But we can see that you're gone
And there's no chance of you coming to
I can't stand to the side while
You take the blade and do all you do

I just can't stand, I can't stand
The thought of losing you, my closest friend
I've known you forever but
It seems who I've known has come to his end

You're cracked and you know
That I see what's going on
It's time you packed your bags
And moved to the coming dawn

Just forget it all, come back
We all know that you're that strong
Please for the love of god
Don't do that and prove me your soul is gone
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
September 25, 2010
Maybe it's because
We stand beside each other
Maybe it's the way
We use our ways for cover

Maybe it's how I feel
When I'm with you
How everything feels just right
In everything we do

Maybe it's the way
You take a glimpse at me
And the smile that goes from side to side
And everything I see

Maybe it's the way
I don't know what to do
Whenever we are together
Only one person keeps me guessing, it's you

Maybe it's just how
I've never felt this way
Honestly and truthfully
There never was a day
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
September 12, 2010
Now I've lost it
It's not like there was much to lose
My mind, my sanity
Nothing I could choose

I can't stand your sight
I can't see the way you do
How it's always my fault
And you put the blame on you know who

Well I'm sorry honey
But this time you're gonna see
What it's like
To get the coldest shoulder from me

You're twisted mind
And a broken frame
Holding in all your hate
And making you look tame

I'm sorry but
It's good I finally saw the light
I guess I never focused before
Enough to escape the fight

So here's to you gone
Here's to my life
Now that you're gone
I'll breathe easier and drop the knife

That you've had to my throat
For way to long
I'll drop mine to the ground
So long as you're gone

So when you look back
And see the wreckage behind these four walls
Just remember you're second best
Whenever another heart calls

So here's to me
Here's to you
Here's to them
Here's to wreckage too

I don't have time
To say a proper goodbye
Another heart calls
And so does the knife in your eye
Sorry guys, I had it written for a week and kind of forgot about it

Bruno Joseph Orsi
I used to stay away
I used to stay away from you
Now looking forwards I don't know what to do

I'm far too confused
Far too confused about what
Doors to open and the ones to slam back shut

It's just another choice
Another choice that I want to make
Figuring out my heart and what to give or take

There's no right way
No right way to decide what to say
When you're on my mind every single day

I guess Ill just try
I'll try to figure out what'll happen soon
What will happen if I promised to give the moon

I don't know what to do
What to do about all of this
I'll think I'll wing it and pray that I don't miss
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 31, 2010
All he wanted was your honesty
Something more than this
All his dreams thrown into the abyss

Say what he wants to hear
Thinking he will never figure out the lie
Take this down till the day you die

Well now it's all over
You're gone, and now so is he
Now his eyes are open to all he can see

Looking back at everything you said
Only half was the truth, the rest lies
He realized now, it's best you said goodbye

You say that you're both the same
But we know he's not like you
He's a dying breed
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 30, 2010
Black out the sky
For the moon just watches you die
Alone, scared, afraid

Your kiss it feels so cold
The darkness is taking hold
Your eyes slowly fade to grey

I feel you slip away
No longer a brighter day
I can see you floating away from me

Your hand falls and hits the ground
The tears fall without a sound
I’m alone, scared, afraid

So scared of what I’ve done
I’ve blacked my only sun
This blade still gleams red

This blade it feels so warm
Crimson flowing like a storm
I’m shaking…
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
August 29, 2010
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