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Brian Downs Jan 2014
pouring out the cold coffee
but the bitter taste is in my mouth
got some coffee for your nose hole
heres a little, try it out
perks you up a little bit
give it a sec, it slows you down
got you flying high
but now its cold so we're flying south.
Down to El Paso
where the coffees made with stronger beans
skinny young Latinas
rubbing coca powder on their teeth
so obscene
follow me for some color green
headed out to west
see if we can score some cali trees
go to sleep
waking up, kinda feeling phony
need a pick-me-up
we're headed home but we take it slowly.
now we're back to the land again
couldn't help but wonder
about these little pills he's handing them
ill try a couple
nah, **** it! Thirteen
rolling harder than a caddy with the brakes cut clean.
but I'm losing it
we were cruising without choosing it
got nailed down to the inverted crucifix
who is this?
that seems to have me by the scruff
If you're looking for a ride
you're gonna get picked up
Brian Downs Dec 2013
im in the hallway just a searchin for some conversation
to find a line so i can tie along and get a head
no need to ever be concerned about my reputation
half the time ill just forget all of the things i said

im in the stairwell just considering some contemplation
a little thinking, see if i can straighten out my neck
im on the top flight waiting for an explanation
but i always find another stair to climb instead

im in the attic just relying on my intuition
i feel around up in the cobwebs with the things unseen
i see a light so i believe that its what ive been missin
then realize its just another television screen

now I'm laying in the bedroom
broken pictures on the walls
im locking down the deadbolt
im not taking any calls
Brian Downs Dec 2013
The bush that I beat around
is round and profound and its not attached to the ground but,
it seems to pound aloud the sound of..
the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees
and the water that we all drown in.
If I could climb the tallest mound
in the smallest town
and sing aloud
as if I scaled the Everest Mountain.
And if he talks down on my leaps and bounds
would you be proud to stand around him?
I astound the clowns who wear the crowns and silly gowns
behind a shroud of sirens.
That claim the grounds of their compound
and are aroused by accounts of violence.
And as the body count arises...
The people around, in silence
while the clowns burn down the city now
Oh, how we've all turned out so mindless.
Brian Downs Dec 2013
Once met a girl with a pretty face.
One day she tried to put me in my place
I said HEY pretty lady don't you act that way
Or else I might just have to put you away
She shot!
And I got
My skinny *** outta that shop
Checked my head, not a bullet gotta worry about

Once met a girl with mountains on her chest.
One day she tried to put me to the test
I said HEY foxy momma don't you do me wrong
someone oughta put ya where you belong
Then she swung!
And I sprung
Up and out, I was gone
Checked my head, next time I better watch my tongue

Once met a girly with an *** so fine.
But she was always tryna spend every penny o' mine
I said STOP baby now you're gonna **** me dry
You done wasted my money now you're wasting my time
She pounced!
And I bounced
My broke *** out the house
Not a dollar in my pocket, not a girl I gotta worry about

Once met a woman with skin like honey.
She never asked for nothin' and put food in my tummy
I said LISTEN here darlin' we should run away
Cuz with you I would spend every night and day
Then she left!
And I wept
She played me like a clarinet,
Had me on a string like a marionette,
Then put me out like a cigarette,
That summertime sweetie took the heart right outta my chest
Brian Downs Dec 2013
Falling out of love again,
but not with whom I need to
my past obsession
has become nothing more
than my new addiction.
well, one of the many at least.

to recreate the situations,
is a cause forever lost.
to formulate retaliations,
leaves the souls of lovers lost.

holding fire in your heart,
burning brands upon your brain
a grudge of blood and tears and scars
the spark of which will still remain

as long as ashes are collected
and ember fanned alive  
the beast possesses reason,
a motive to survive.

I seek relief in my relations,
mostly trivial in nature,
from my newfound deprivation
of optimism for the future

I seek relief in my relations,
mostly trivial in nature,
from my newfound deprivation
of optimism for the future

no regard for heart of others
who tide me over while you're gone
leaving cracks, slow to recover
leaving faces in their palms

Its been two years since we were in it,
but maybe that was just a phase
the time has come to face forgiveness
and forget those better days.
Brian Downs Apr 2012
A wise man said you aint young forever
well forever is a **** long time
so I packed my bags and I headed for Georgia
cuz Georgia is on my mind

don't waste time

because wasted time is like a hobos change
it aint good for nothing but crime
Brian Downs Apr 2012
he missed the days when he could sit down and relax
a paradox
a parallax
the stories of youth and tales of old
the nights of flame and soot and coals
colors blurred and faces too
he needs a way to get him through
the night is his home but the day is too long
so he spreads his worth till the yawn of dawn
and he gets by because he needs to
he's gotta prove them wrong
a soul who has been flushed
but the drain is clogged
they would have let him go
but hearts are softer now then ever before
travis was a wise man who got caught up in the feel
now *** and mary j replace his every meal
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