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Jan 2014
pouring out the cold coffee
but the bitter taste is in my mouth
got some coffee for your nose hole
heres a little, try it out
perks you up a little bit
give it a sec, it slows you down
got you flying high
but now its cold so we're flying south.
Down to El Paso
where the coffees made with stronger beans
skinny young Latinas
rubbing coca powder on their teeth
so obscene
follow me for some color green
headed out to west
see if we can score some cali trees
go to sleep
waking up, kinda feeling phony
need a pick-me-up
we're headed home but we take it slowly.
now we're back to the land again
couldn't help but wonder
about these little pills he's handing them
ill try a couple
nah, **** it! Thirteen
rolling harder than a caddy with the brakes cut clean.
but I'm losing it
we were cruising without choosing it
got nailed down to the inverted crucifix
who is this?
that seems to have me by the scruff
If you're looking for a ride
you're gonna get picked up
Brian Downs
Written by
Brian Downs
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