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Jan 2014 · 1.0k
Slippery Spiral
Brian Downs Jan 2014
pouring out the cold coffee
but the bitter taste is in my mouth
got some coffee for your nose hole
heres a little, try it out
perks you up a little bit
give it a sec, it slows you down
got you flying high
but now its cold so we're flying south.
Down to El Paso
where the coffees made with stronger beans
skinny young Latinas
rubbing coca powder on their teeth
so obscene
follow me for some color green
headed out to west
see if we can score some cali trees
go to sleep
waking up, kinda feeling phony
need a pick-me-up
we're headed home but we take it slowly.
now we're back to the land again
couldn't help but wonder
about these little pills he's handing them
ill try a couple
nah, **** it! Thirteen
rolling harder than a caddy with the brakes cut clean.
but I'm losing it
we were cruising without choosing it
got nailed down to the inverted crucifix
who is this?
that seems to have me by the scruff
If you're looking for a ride
you're gonna get picked up
Dec 2013 · 748
House cleaning
Brian Downs Dec 2013
im in the hallway just a searchin for some conversation
to find a line so i can tie along and get a head
no need to ever be concerned about my reputation
half the time ill just forget all of the things i said

im in the stairwell just considering some contemplation
a little thinking, see if i can straighten out my neck
im on the top flight waiting for an explanation
but i always find another stair to climb instead

im in the attic just relying on my intuition
i feel around up in the cobwebs with the things unseen
i see a light so i believe that its what ive been missin
then realize its just another television screen

now I'm laying in the bedroom
broken pictures on the walls
im locking down the deadbolt
im not taking any calls
Dec 2013 · 620
Beating Around the Bush
Brian Downs Dec 2013
The bush that I beat around
is round and profound and its not attached to the ground but,
it seems to pound aloud the sound of..
the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees
and the water that we all drown in.
If I could climb the tallest mound
in the smallest town
and sing aloud
as if I scaled the Everest Mountain.
And if he talks down on my leaps and bounds
would you be proud to stand around him?
I astound the clowns who wear the crowns and silly gowns
behind a shroud of sirens.
That claim the grounds of their compound
and are aroused by accounts of violence.
And as the body count arises...
The people around, in silence
while the clowns burn down the city now
Oh, how we've all turned out so mindless.
Brian Downs Dec 2013
Once met a girl with a pretty face.
One day she tried to put me in my place
I said HEY pretty lady don't you act that way
Or else I might just have to put you away
She shot!
And I got
My skinny *** outta that shop
Checked my head, not a bullet gotta worry about

Once met a girl with mountains on her chest.
One day she tried to put me to the test
I said HEY foxy momma don't you do me wrong
someone oughta put ya where you belong
Then she swung!
And I sprung
Up and out, I was gone
Checked my head, next time I better watch my tongue

Once met a girly with an *** so fine.
But she was always tryna spend every penny o' mine
I said STOP baby now you're gonna **** me dry
You done wasted my money now you're wasting my time
She pounced!
And I bounced
My broke *** out the house
Not a dollar in my pocket, not a girl I gotta worry about

Once met a woman with skin like honey.
She never asked for nothin' and put food in my tummy
I said LISTEN here darlin' we should run away
Cuz with you I would spend every night and day
Then she left!
And I wept
She played me like a clarinet,
Had me on a string like a marionette,
Then put me out like a cigarette,
That summertime sweetie took the heart right outta my chest
Brian Downs Dec 2013
Falling out of love again,
but not with whom I need to
my past obsession
has become nothing more
than my new addiction.
well, one of the many at least.

to recreate the situations,
is a cause forever lost.
to formulate retaliations,
leaves the souls of lovers lost.

holding fire in your heart,
burning brands upon your brain
a grudge of blood and tears and scars
the spark of which will still remain

as long as ashes are collected
and ember fanned alive  
the beast possesses reason,
a motive to survive.

I seek relief in my relations,
mostly trivial in nature,
from my newfound deprivation
of optimism for the future

I seek relief in my relations,
mostly trivial in nature,
from my newfound deprivation
of optimism for the future

no regard for heart of others
who tide me over while you're gone
leaving cracks, slow to recover
leaving faces in their palms

Its been two years since we were in it,
but maybe that was just a phase
the time has come to face forgiveness
and forget those better days.
Apr 2012 · 1.0k
wasted time
Brian Downs Apr 2012
A wise man said you aint young forever
well forever is a **** long time
so I packed my bags and I headed for Georgia
cuz Georgia is on my mind

don't waste time

because wasted time is like a hobos change
it aint good for nothing but crime
Apr 2012 · 1.5k
travis the wiseman
Brian Downs Apr 2012
he missed the days when he could sit down and relax
a paradox
a parallax
the stories of youth and tales of old
the nights of flame and soot and coals
colors blurred and faces too
he needs a way to get him through
the night is his home but the day is too long
so he spreads his worth till the yawn of dawn
and he gets by because he needs to
he's gotta prove them wrong
a soul who has been flushed
but the drain is clogged
they would have let him go
but hearts are softer now then ever before
travis was a wise man who got caught up in the feel
now *** and mary j replace his every meal
Apr 2012 · 1.8k
Clock necklace
Brian Downs Apr 2012
My heart is a golden ghost
that lies in the river at the city limits
yearning for the rays of the night
and the light of the moon to illuminate my sorrows

My mind is a diamond sailboat
sailing through the waters of the coldest dessert
searching for the key at the ocean floor
to kick start the motor of the ticking time bomb

these legs of mine have got eyes of blindmen
oblivious to these shackels of mine
running through the halls of the endless labyrinth
when I get to the end it will all be fine
Apr 2012 · 457
The N'd is sneer
Brian Downs Apr 2012
waiting for the wake to take my mind away
to sail it to a place to slip the time of day
and find a way to place the time behind us,
remind us of a day when reminders
could remind us of the times when time was timeless
and the lines were straight as circles and the sun,
the beginning has begun and the end was
always one that we pretend would never come
but we would wind it up and play it just for fun.
Mar 2012 · 434
White (disambiguation)
Brian Downs Mar 2012
Take it from me
there are things that we hear and see
and feel and perceive
and they tangle and weave
and stab and they bleed
into the cracks in the street
at the souls of our feet,
and we fall and we fail
and we whimper and wail
at the sound of the gavel
in the court at the trial,
oh the sentence is life
and the walls are white
for the rest of our lives,
and when we start anew
I can promise you
that the sky will be blue
and the oceans too,
but the shade of the walls
and the doors and the stalls
and the floors and the halls
and the roofs and the panes
and the pictures and the frames
and the mind and the brain
will bleed a color all the same

Feb 2012 · 633
The Millennium
Brian Downs Feb 2012
we had our chance to dream, but not to live.
Jan 2012 · 338
set in stone
Brian Downs Jan 2012
another tear dropped
another lesson learned
never trust a girl with a cigarette burn
never trust a girl with the summer time stare
leave her to the wind to get blown somewhere

i gave her too much time
and thought i was being patient
i drew myself a line
but i made my self erase it

but the worst part of it all
is that it is yet to unfold
but i have a good idea
of what the future holds

believe me when i say
that there will come a day
that every lovers soul
will let her get away
Jan 2012 · 573
Brian Downs Jan 2012
If heaven were real, girl you would be an angel.
Jan 2012 · 320
learning to cope
Brian Downs Jan 2012
I'm too far away to hear you sometimes
and you don't even know of the half
you still say that you've got feelings though
feelings is all that I have
Jan 2012 · 675
Thank you note
Brian Downs Jan 2012
to be quite honest
I hate you
you make my insides burn
and my ears ring
with rage,
I rake my nails into my palms
when your voice
rattles down my ear canal
and into my brain
and your laugh
it makes that vein on my temple
flare and pulse
like a earthworm on acid
you you you
are the reason
I have these thoughts
and drive around
with my eyes wide
and senses dull
are the reason I write

so thank you
Jan 2012 · 588
Truth be told
Brian Downs Jan 2012
we can make it if we run
we mustn't let the night catch up
and spoil all the fun
let it be known
that days are never ending
and the spoils of existence ring true
let yourself be decadent
and the world will become one with you
bring all of your pleasures
with you on your back
take your mind to the sailors star
and watch it from the dock

as the boat rocks....

don't be bothered
just be free
close your ears
and come with me
well float away
to mystic lands
sift our brains
and strangers sands
colors bright
and feelings bold
ask the lights
and truth be told
Jan 2012 · 579
The Point of No Return
Brian Downs Jan 2012
I'm walking towards the ground
I'm never looking back
I'm taking what I want
and I'm keeping it
I spent my whole life
reaching for the meaning
made it to the top  
now I'm leaping off
poised painless weight
towed down by the immortal force
I'm ready for the end
and I'm feeling it
the sensation behind the mask
hidden in the point of no return
I found it for myself
and I'm keeping it
Jan 2012 · 335
Poet at heart
Brian Downs Jan 2012
Im a poet at heart
but sometimes i can't hear my heart
because my brain is too ******* loud
and thats when i get *******

and write things like this

and throw ****

like this remote
Jan 2012 · 872
The Cherry Man
Brian Downs Jan 2012
the dark man sits in a cherry tree
whistling a melody
for them to sing along to
his faded overalls hung
over his strong broad shoulders
and his straw hat shaded his sweaty nose

The dark men stalk the steamy field
singing the melody the cherry man whistled
their coarse earthy claws continually latched to the cotton
potato sacks and whicker baskets tied around their waists
holding the accumulations from a long cruel day

They picked till they bled
and then picked some more
but the cherry man sat
and hung his legs
and let his haunting tune
shepherd the peons
Jan 2012 · 2.0k
Join me
Brian Downs Jan 2012
please join me baby
on a sinister ride
please join me baby
crystals in the tide
please join me baby
i think its time for change
oh join me baby
in a heartless game

ill give you all my reasons
ill show you all my cards
and if you think of leaving
ill surely fall apart

so join me baby
oh join me baby

im breathing heavy
you drank my wine
your sinful whisky
burnt in my mind
I'm sliding under
im fallin in
come join me baby
reach it again

please join me baby
Jan 2012 · 378
Brian Downs Jan 2012
i will never bend in such a way that will disturb
the perfect equality that i strive for
but never fully achieve

i will forever place the quenches of my own comfort
above any annoyance that prods my soul,
and remain as welcoming as a rusty hammer

i will never blink at the innocent eye
of any woman until i snake my way in and out
of every hell burnt curve of her vulnerable body

i will forever spend eternity
twisting down the long black hole of existence
reaching out into the breathless air
hoping to catch enough
to exhale the final breath of my cowardly life

i will always be

Don't know how i feel about the ending, i was under a different set of emotion towards the closing lines.
tell me what you think of it
Jan 2012 · 538
Brian Downs Jan 2012
I take my time like I have time to take
And embrace every moment
because in the next moment it could all be taken away
And then all I would become is a thought
cradled in the back of the mind
occasionally coming forth when I am called upon
and in every instance
dragging pain and remorse along with me
thrown over my shoulder in an unwanted sash
wandering in the sands
dipping my toes in the surf of the subconscious
polluting the waters of my loved oned innocent heads
So take your time
we have all we would ever want
Jan 2012 · 448
Searching in the Static
Brian Downs Jan 2012
Your cool cranium is undisturbed
by the current of our cruel world
Your eyes are floating in an amber sea
float along through the harmony

Float along, Float along

Static searching you may never find
what you looking for is in your spine
Re-created by the seeking wind
Reach the ending and begin again

Float along, Float along
Dec 2011 · 363
Brian Downs Dec 2011
Twisted like its metal
Twist it like the time
bodies twist together
pleasure on their mind
horror in the hearts
of those you call the gifted
growing ever slowly
Some foreign sands I've sifted
Dec 2011 · 530
Thats Fishing
Brian Downs Dec 2011
I went fishing last evening and a girl caught feelings
I decided not to through her away,
so I threw her in my cooler and hopped in my truck
I left my pole when i drove away.
Dec 2011 · 376
Brian Downs Dec 2011
When its all said and done, i will have grown into myself
ill be walking down a beach of burning gold
my mane reflecting all of my days,
and my broad weathered shoulders will sway with my stride

When its all said and done, i will make peace with it all
ill sit in the sand and feel its age
touch my skin i have worn along the way
and reminisce with the tales of the marks I've made

When its all said and done, i will walk alone
carry myself along the shore,
i will meet with the people I've loved  
and tell them to remember me well

When its all said and done, ill melt into the sea
ill slip of my cloth and let the foamy surf encircle my knees
and as the warm dark breath of the stars surround my ears
i will realize that I'm free
Dec 2011 · 404
Brian Downs Dec 2011
We all grow up,
we all get a chance to live,
choose your moves,
and watch your back

we will all meet that girl
and miss that chance
or have that night
or slip

We all move along
or give it up
or start again

We all grow old
And lose our love

We all die
Dec 2011 · 482
Little Adolph Horowitz
Brian Downs Dec 2011
Ohh I'm proud of this one
look what he's become
waving guns and leaving mums
bloodied in the sun

run little rabbits
don't let him catch your legs
he'll cut them at the tendons
and keep your brothers head

so young to be so vicious
he's got fire in his eyes
and venom in his gums
and he smiles when he cries

little Adolph Horowitz is a troubled little boy
don't let him in your home unless you wish to be his toy
Dec 2011 · 490
Brian Downs Dec 2011
You seem a bit used
but not in the sense of beaten or bruised
You tastes have been drained, and secrets accused
the jack is out of the box and the weasel has gone pop
So what is it your trying to do?

Your vibrant arrays have drifted to grays
and moments lengthened to days
give me a call when you reclaim a soul
i assume this is all just a phase

But in actuality it was the contrary

your fire was burned to an ash
was flicked but it missed the glass
now an empty bottle clanking along a path
and your cork had been left in the grass

Don't get used
Dec 2011 · 606
Man so Rare
Brian Downs Dec 2011
His presence tagged along behind him like it wanted to.
The old man was genuine and worn like a leather glove, from his bow-legged stance and his unfitting P.O.W M.I.A hat to his squinted-eyed look of disgust and confusion toward the world.
He came from when boys were men.
We stood across from each other like two towers for a moment, then he broke the stare.
He wedged the bow of his pipe between his majestic fingers and pulled it away from his mouth with a tail of smoke.
This man took his time like he had time to take.
He blinked and dampened his lips, the air was ready for him to speak, and with a powerful voice that reflected all of his years and experiences he rumbled: "whats your name, boy?"
It in a sense startled me.
He sounded like a god of a man, and i heard his voice echo in my ears.
I didn't respond.
So he brought his pipe back to his lips and puffed it once, Squinting, but never breaking his heavy stare.
His cane then slipped from his grip and clanked on the tile floor.
Pause, silence, he wobbled slightly.
I cannot explain what happened next..
He spread his fingers and lifted his warped arms to his sides, palms open.
He Was Glowing...
The deep wrinkles in his face and hands began to tighten and his liver spotted skin cleared.
all of his features transformed around his unchanging eyes that continued to keep me in my place, stunned. His youth was being injected back into him. year by year, day by day
Then his flannel shirt, khaki pants and suspenders began to smolder and burn as he rewinded to adolescence.
Still the calm look in his eyes was tied to my head.
When his clothes had finally burned to an ash nothing was left but an infant suspended above the ground.
Squirming and crying reaching out at the air.
Man so Rare.

— The End —