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Dec 2013
Once met a girl with a pretty face.
One day she tried to put me in my place
I said HEY pretty lady don't you act that way
Or else I might just have to put you away
She shot!
And I got
My skinny *** outta that shop
Checked my head, not a bullet gotta worry about

Once met a girl with mountains on her chest.
One day she tried to put me to the test
I said HEY foxy momma don't you do me wrong
someone oughta put ya where you belong
Then she swung!
And I sprung
Up and out, I was gone
Checked my head, next time I better watch my tongue

Once met a girly with an *** so fine.
But she was always tryna spend every penny o' mine
I said STOP baby now you're gonna **** me dry
You done wasted my money now you're wasting my time
She pounced!
And I bounced
My broke *** out the house
Not a dollar in my pocket, not a girl I gotta worry about

Once met a woman with skin like honey.
She never asked for nothin' and put food in my tummy
I said LISTEN here darlin' we should run away
Cuz with you I would spend every night and day
Then she left!
And I wept
She played me like a clarinet,
Had me on a string like a marionette,
Then put me out like a cigarette,
That summertime sweetie took the heart right outta my chest
Brian Downs
Written by
Brian Downs
   Lucas and Jonny Angel
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