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Brian Downs Apr 2012
My heart is a golden ghost
that lies in the river at the city limits
yearning for the rays of the night
and the light of the moon to illuminate my sorrows

My mind is a diamond sailboat
sailing through the waters of the coldest dessert
searching for the key at the ocean floor
to kick start the motor of the ticking time bomb

these legs of mine have got eyes of blindmen
oblivious to these shackels of mine
running through the halls of the endless labyrinth
when I get to the end it will all be fine
Brian Downs Apr 2012
waiting for the wake to take my mind away
to sail it to a place to slip the time of day
and find a way to place the time behind us,
remind us of a day when reminders
could remind us of the times when time was timeless
and the lines were straight as circles and the sun,
the beginning has begun and the end was
always one that we pretend would never come
but we would wind it up and play it just for fun.
Brian Downs Mar 2012
Take it from me
there are things that we hear and see
and feel and perceive
and they tangle and weave
and stab and they bleed
into the cracks in the street
at the souls of our feet,
and we fall and we fail
and we whimper and wail
at the sound of the gavel
in the court at the trial,
oh the sentence is life
and the walls are white
for the rest of our lives,
and when we start anew
I can promise you
that the sky will be blue
and the oceans too,
but the shade of the walls
and the doors and the stalls
and the floors and the halls
and the roofs and the panes
and the pictures and the frames
and the mind and the brain
will bleed a color all the same

Brian Downs Feb 2012
we had our chance to dream, but not to live.
Brian Downs Jan 2012
another tear dropped
another lesson learned
never trust a girl with a cigarette burn
never trust a girl with the summer time stare
leave her to the wind to get blown somewhere

i gave her too much time
and thought i was being patient
i drew myself a line
but i made my self erase it

but the worst part of it all
is that it is yet to unfold
but i have a good idea
of what the future holds

believe me when i say
that there will come a day
that every lovers soul
will let her get away
Brian Downs Jan 2012
If heaven were real, girl you would be an angel.
Brian Downs Jan 2012
I'm too far away to hear you sometimes
and you don't even know of the half
you still say that you've got feelings though
feelings is all that I have
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