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Dec 2013
im in the hallway just a searchin for some conversation
to find a line so i can tie along and get a head
no need to ever be concerned about my reputation
half the time ill just forget all of the things i said

im in the stairwell just considering some contemplation
a little thinking, see if i can straighten out my neck
im on the top flight waiting for an explanation
but i always find another stair to climb instead

im in the attic just relying on my intuition
i feel around up in the cobwebs with the things unseen
i see a light so i believe that its what ive been missin
then realize its just another television screen

now I'm laying in the bedroom
broken pictures on the walls
im locking down the deadbolt
im not taking any calls
Brian Downs
Written by
Brian Downs
   Christian Danner
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