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  Feb 2015 bouhaouel zeineb
I wonder if
Teachers ever realize
That some of
The students sitting
In their class
Have serious
Mental  Illnesses
And are collapsing
Under pressure they
Put on them.
bouhaouel zeineb Feb 2015
RIP Deah Barakat.  RIP Yusor Abu-Salha.  RIP Razan Abu-Salha.
the three muslim victims  of chapel hill shooting

because **Muslim lives also matters
bouhaouel zeineb Feb 2015
not mine**
how to stop time: kiss
how to travel in time: read
how to escape time: music
how to feel time: write
how to waste time: social media
bouhaouel zeineb Feb 2015
don't fear the demons
and the midnight monsters
fear the humans
they will not only hurt you
and then ask you what's wrong
but they would **** you
and then they will come to your funeral
bouhaouel zeineb Feb 2015
Slow dance with me
And take care of me
Ease me when I'm mad
Cheer me when I'm sad
Kiss me in the rain
And do it and do it again
Don't fool around with girls just to make me jealous
'cuz I would be nothing but furious
Write me love poems,write me letters
And let me wear your favorite sweaters
Let's have pillow fights
And watch the moonlight
Let's go on an adventure hand in hand
To a far distant land
Make love to me softly
Make love to me roughly
Surprise me amaze me
And tell me you love me
****** me charm me
And tell me you are mine
  Feb 2015 bouhaouel zeineb
That all of our dreams came true,
For every problem we found a clue,
That we could dive and fly,
In that deep open sky,
We live forever,never die,
Never ask or wonder why,
No drama tragedy or Goodbye,
Forever just you and I.
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