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bouhaouel zeineb Oct 2015
I chose feminism because I believe in equality between genders.
because I’m against gender roles, men who need a woman to get their **** done are not “cute” and are nothing but spoiled little brats.
because my virginity, my body hair and how I dress up are none of your business.
I chose feminism because I’m not a *** machine nor a baby producer I value much much more than that.
because I don’t need a man to validate my self worth, I already know what I’m worth.
because in some countries ***** women are forced to spend the rest of their life under the same roof as their assaulter.
I chose feminism because a woman who speak up and raise her voice is a ***** .
because in my city a woman was beaten by her husband the night of their wedding because she didn’t “bleed” in the *******.
I chose to speak up because an 8 year old Yemeni girl died of internal injuries at the hands of 40 year old husband on their wedding night.
because ****** is not a ***** word and my periods are not disgusting.
because more women need to speak up and speak for their rights
I chose feminism and everyone should do the same .
bouhaouel zeineb Oct 2015
A lone wolf, that’s what I’ve always been
Walking alone in the shadows
Forever in the dark afraid to be seen
Seeking friendship from the glowing stars
bouhaouel zeineb Oct 2015
I decided to befriend the devil and the one eyed monster
Maybe they won’t be as harsh with me as these humans are
Why is there so much violence
and hatred towards women?
I've been searching for a reason.
I just don't understand.

What is it that makes us different?
Why should I be violated,
simply because of my gender?
I am a human, just like you.

We have feelings and emotions,
Do you simply see us as toys?
Do you not understand that
we are one and the same?
I don't understand.
bouhaouel zeineb Mar 2015
the struggle is not over yet we will keep fighting till our last breath with the same motivation the same enthusiasm
and we will win
we will win
it's a promise
**happy international women's day
bouhaouel zeineb Feb 2015
we live in a world
where people are killed because they are different
because of their race their beliefs
where women are ***** till death
labeled as *** machines and baby producers
where nice people are stupid and naive
and hypocrites are smart and have understood life well
where with money you can get everything
where women and children are sold like sheeps
where the innocents are guilty and the guilty are innocent
where millions are dying from hunger and poverty
we live in a world where since its existence not a single day had passed without spilling blood
what a beautiful world we are living in !!
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