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Yz Doo Mar 13
Wizards, Shamans
Doctors, Lawyers
Fog filled magic in the city of lights
People listening to themselves for themselves
I spin around , my eyes blurry, am I at work
Is this living
Frogs and squirrels , choking through the toxic sludge
The necessary elimination of an overrun population
Souls already sick, a mass elimination is needed
From animals , nature, incurable mutated virus evolves.
It must be as history throughout time follows true it’s timeframe
Overpopulation  must be cleansed
As the world becomes anew again , hope for Mother Earth,
Shamans and Wizards.
Yz Doo Mar 10
Done with your ever ending false words with no actions
Done with you giving me hope
Done over my never ending attempts to make deep heart felt amends
from the pain I caused you.
Done beating myself deep into the soil over the past
Done being toxic to myself
Done not forgiving myself
Yz Doo Jan 4
Eyes droopy
Can’t will them open
Black oil
Sticky emotions
Upheaval of emotions
What works
Black oil
Sticky residue
Pain on all fronts
Yz Doo Dec 2019
Holding on,
Slip, fall ,
Starting all over again
Quick reset
Improper display
Life empty
Coffee exhaustion
Slip inside my mattress
Warm relief
Sweet escape
Hold on,
slip, fall
Black shadows return
Yz Doo Nov 2019
Look out the window
Homeless people
Be thankful for what  you have
Yz Doo Nov 2019
Love the magic
Mother nature’s way
Pure nature
Heavy snowflakes at its finest
Yz Doo Nov 2019
Spinning Gliding
Hair dancing
The wind glides her feet
She feels the music
Hears it to her very core
At last
I dance by myself
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