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Yz Doo Oct 4
Memory recalls hurt pain purging out
The source
Hidden in the closet
The Source
People know you know they know
We have to hide it to survive
Memory recall
It is of the upmost importance for us
Secrets deep layers of quicksand
Recalls getting close to being free
Dint hide your mind and body are ready for the
Yz Doo Sep 26
No two teeth are the same
No two people are the same
No one snowflake is like another
Why Is that
It doesn’t matter
It’s your teeth your snowflake
Don’t lose your teeth
Don’t miss your snowflake
Because you have to put in your dentures.
Be yourself
Brush your teeth
Capture your snowflake
Yz Doo Sep 24
Just want to say Hi to my fellow writers
As for some of you
Writing is not just for writing, it is a necessity. For we feel deeply, as it might be a curse and gift in the same breath it is what it is.
It is appreciated to know others if this connects with you
to acknowledge those writings that I read and connect  to know that I am not alone.
In this eminence front  everyone may put on. It is  critical for me at least to purge to purge my true reality. If it is misguided ramblings to others or improper format it does not matter All your verse is yours and that can never be taken away
I’m just me and your just you after all.
So thank you .
Just a mass message and not the purpose of this site
But then again I’m just me so I wrote it.
Yz Doo Sep 23
Eye to eye with a great horned owl today
Spiritual guidance or death
The myth the legend and the razors edge we walk upon
What is it
What am I missing
Guide me please
Sometimes I truly just need it
Yz Doo Sep 23
When the earth was one
many moons ago
Open lands
Unspoiled ground
Fresh flowing streams
Survival in the circle of life a necessity
Earth spinner slower
Thoughts were as one
Mother Earth pure
Carnival clowns and shamans
Magical music
Instincts pure
Life was short and pure
Yz Doo Sep 17
Afraid of what others think
Afraid you can’t do something right
Afraid of stepping out of your safety box
Afraid of living your life right now
Fear is what we perceive might happen in the future
GO FOR IT what’s the worst that can happen
It’s the only way to be in life with little regrets
You can’t take the clock back
Seize the day.
Regardless of outcome
This is no verse but a guide into your own verse that is created by living life with uplifting words to follow
Yz Doo Sep 16
I beat myself into the ground again today
I don’t know why
My mind tightens and the shovel flows quickly
My dirt turns to mud quickly.
I beat myself into the ground again today
and I do know why.
I’m me and have to accept the scratches in my mind
I wash the mud off and a new day begins.
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