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Ben DuBois Jun 2012
I should have given you
That dance you wanted
All that time ago
I should have given you that dance.

It was so long ago now…
But with you gone forever
The regret hits hard.
The thoughts shouldn’t be a concern
But with your death
The regret and the memories
They hit hard.

We were only kids…. Not even teenagers
But I must have been
Such a **** at the time…
I should have given you
Just one dance…
It’s probably all you wanted.

And now in hindsight
I can’t even apologize
These thoughts shouldn’t be of concern
But with your death
The memories… of how I acted
… We were only kids, not even teenagers
But I should have given you
That dance you wanted
All that time ago…
This one has a sort of sad back story. Basically, way back in middle school (I'm currently in college) this girl named Paige had this huge crush on me and would always want me to dance with her just once at every single one of the school dances (these were nearly every week). Well I would always say no every time naturally (at one point I even think I screamed in her face... or maybe it was her friend), and looking back I must have been pretty mean. So about 2 years ago I found out that she had died, and as I look back at her Facebook page all I can think is how mean I must have been all that time ago.
Ben DuBois Jun 2012
Your shadow’s taller
Than you, that doesn’t make you
Any better, sorry

**May 28, 2012
This one pretty much goes alongside 'Narcissism.'
Ben DuBois Jun 2012
This probably isn’t too surprising to you
But your shadow only gets bigger
As the day goes on,
But that doesn’t mean your brain does,
or your skill,
or the “coolness” of that outfit you’re wearing.

Maybe you should train your body and your brain
to be bigger,
Rather than talking about it being so.

How long will it take for you to realize
That actions speak louder than words
And your words aren’t worth saying
Unless you got those actions to back them up?
Maybe then… and only then
Can your words be worth telling
And your words be worth hearing
But probably not…

Because eventually your shadow will disappear
As the day turns into night


**May 28, 2012
The title explains it. There isn't really any sort of person in mind while I wrote it, it was kind of just a thought I had so I went with it.
Ben DuBois Jun 2012
If I could go back
To when I made my choices,
The choices that led to everything today
I probably would’ve done nothing different.
‘Cause I still probably wouldn’t have stopped myself…
But no matter what
… no matter what…
the guilt will always be the death of me.

I guess in my past
I’ll always have been too ignorant
Too blind
Too stupid,
To see what I was doing.

Even though I knew it was wrong
I didn’t know it was wrong,
Which makes no sense,
But what does it matter?
It all happened anyways.
This guilt will be the death of me
The past will ALWAYS be the death of me.

So all I have left is you, and only you.

You never left
Even when you should’ve
And I never left
Even when I should’ve
So all I have left is you
This guilt
… and you.

**April 21, 2012
See if you can guess why it's called 'Pinta Island Tortoise.' It's yet another frustration poem though
Ben DuBois Jun 2012
What a night
What a night
What a night.
Such a strange night
And I’m not sure what to think.

Maybe the darkness of this night has gotten to me.
Maybe I‘m just losing myself suddenly,
My world crumbling around me.
As I wait, wait, wait
In my alone lonely loneliness.
Among everyone…

There is only one real solution
And it’s two hours away…
… two HOURS away!

Maybe the darkness of this night,
This particular night
Has gotten to me.
Maybe my world is crumbling around me.

So here I am, my antisocial, lonely self
With the only cure being
Two ******* hours away
What a night
What a night
What a night…

**April 19, 2012
Just another poem about my frustrations with my long distance relationship.
Ben DuBois Jun 2012
I’m happy
But I’m interested
I’m happy
But I’m interested,
Interested in what makes others unhappy.

I’m happy myself
But I’m interested in how others can be sad
Happy, any emotion, really.
What makes people tick?
How can people be happy?
How can people be sad?
How can people be mad?

Emotion is such a touchy subject,
Well… not physically… but we all feel it.
I guess it makes me sad
When others are sad
And it just makes me wonder…
Wonder how they got to that point…

Maybe I shouldn’t care,
I mean they’re only strangers.
But I wonder,
I wonder…
I wonder,
Because I’m interested.
Does that make me unhappy?

**April 9, 2012
This poem is kind of just a glimpse at my thought process when thinking of/talking to others.
Ben DuBois Mar 2012
As I sit here
In this car
Wishing I were there
For just one more day
To hug you once more.

Same state
Farther away is what we have.
Near yet far enough.
How long do I have this time until I say goodbye?
How short is the hello?
Not long enough, not nearly long enough
… sums it up nicely.

This distance has been our poison
As of yet.
This distance has been our poison
Our rattlesnake,
Poisonous spider.
it stings us over and over
This distance
This distance… a deadly disease
Our ******* disease

How long do I have until I say goodbye?
How short is the hello?
This distance has been our poison
I hope we find the cure soon.

**March 18, 2012
I wrote this while on the ride back to college after spring break. Pretty self explanatory poem for the most part. Long distance relationships are so hard.
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