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Jun 2012
This probably isn’t too surprising to you
But your shadow only gets bigger
As the day goes on,
But that doesn’t mean your brain does,
or your skill,
or the “coolness” of that outfit you’re wearing.

Maybe you should train your body and your brain
to be bigger,
Rather than talking about it being so.

How long will it take for you to realize
That actions speak louder than words
And your words aren’t worth saying
Unless you got those actions to back them up?
Maybe then… and only then
Can your words be worth telling
And your words be worth hearing
But probably not…

Because eventually your shadow will disappear
As the day turns into night


**May 28, 2012
The title explains it. There isn't really any sort of person in mind while I wrote it, it was kind of just a thought I had so I went with it.
Ben DuBois
Written by
Ben DuBois
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