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Ben DuBois Mar 2012
Did I forgive too quickly?
I guess only time will tell.
Things are getting better
As I have you back now.

I know you regret everything.
But I’m always here
Always here,
I can’t let you go.

Maybe I’m stupid
Maybe I’m too nice
Maybe I’m too forgiving
And trustworthy
But I know deep down
You won’t do it again.

Now you can live in your regret,
Much like me.
That thought is a little dark
But I’m glad you see your light now,
Since I’ve let you walk over me before.

Maybe I’m stupid
Maybe I’m too nice
Maybe I’m too forgiving
But I can’t let you go,
Even if I try…

**March 12, 2012
This is just kind of my thoughts on my recent "break up," now we're back together and i'm happy, yet confused at the same time.
Ben DuBois Mar 2012
A man and a woman,
Husband and wife
Walk down the street
Together in the city, living the life.

They approach a small art gallery
Where they stop to peer in.
The window contains a few
Of the paintings found within.

To the side, on the wall
An innocent view from behind
The husband looking over,
Hoping his wife won’t mind.

Another painting in the window
Has interested the woman
Despite the fact that the man
Just doesn’t seem a fan.

They move along, continuing on
Down the street, not a thought at all
I wonder, had the husband been yelled at
For peering at the painting on the wall?
Had she even noticed at all?

**March 4, 2012
I wrote this one for my Contemporary Arts class. It is influenced by a photograph taken by Robert Doisneau that is contained in a series called "The Sideways Glance"
Ben DuBois Mar 2012
The stains of red
The lines of scars
Cover the skin
Where you chose to inflict your pain

The scars of a life gone wrong
The scars of an unfortunate happening
The scars of mistakes gone terribly wrong

I don’t get it personally
I’ve never done it…
Never wanted to
What does it take for one to hurt oneself physically?
It seems it would only make the pain worse…
Rather than better

In my own experience
I fear pain
Avoid pain
What does it take for one to embrace it?
What does it take for one to decide
That the solution to mental pain
Is to turn it physical?

It always saddens me to hear and see it happening
I wonder what went wrong
Their stains of red,
Line of scars,
Covering the skin.

**March 3, 2012
This is just kind of what came out of my thoughts on self harm I was having. It's not all that good of a poem if you ask me.
Ben DuBois Feb 2012
Your clock’s ticking
Tocking as your reign nears its end
Telling you to give it up for a positive existence
Or is this act in your nature?
Living your life in solitary solitude
Because you can’t go out in public

Is your megalomaniacal lifestyle that appealing,
That alluring to you?
Will you ever give it up
And end your shadowy existence?
Because your shadow is luminous
In the dark alley, luminating.

Tomorrow will be your end
I’m sick and tired of searching
For your sorry ***.

I hope when you’re in solitude
Within those prison walls
You do nothing but curl up
Just like a sleeping cat
For hours on end.

The countdown on your clock
Your watch
Your life
Has hit zero…
Do you feel accomplished?

**February 21, 2012
I challenged myself to have a stranger give me 10 words and I would write a poem containing all of them. The words were as follows: solitary, alluring, megalomaniac, luminous, clocks, tomorrow, tired, existence, nature, and cat. This is what was produced as a result.
Ben DuBois Feb 2012
Seeing the beauty in everyday things,
The connection of society
Through the generally uninteresting
Is actually pretty interesting.

We are all much the same
In what we eat, drink, and do.
As we eat our McDonald’s
With a glass of Coke
And listen to our favorite tune.
We are all much the same

Seeing the beauty in everyday things
Because “a Coke is a Coke
and no amount of money
can get you a better Coke.”

The connection we have in society
Through the generally uninteresting
Is actually rather interesting
To Andy Warhol and I.

**February 13, 2012
This one is very different than anything I've ever written. I wrote it for my Contemporary Arts class about our discussions of Andy Warhol, portraying his style of making art about everyday life and everyday things.
Ben DuBois Feb 2012
What do I mean to you?
What do you mean to me?
So maybe we’ve ******* up once…
Or a lot… over and over.
We’ve fought for hours
To no avail.

But you know what?
We haven’t given up on eachother
And I don’t think we will.
We may not have a lot in common
But we have a lot in common.

I say it all the time
But the feeling never fades
I tell you everyday
And the feeling never goes away

So maybe we’ve ******* up once…
Or a lot… over and over.
But we haven’t given up
Haven’t given up.

I’d rather be with you
Just you…
I can repeat it if you want
But I already tell you enough.

So what do I mean to you?

**February 7, 2012
Quite a change of pace with how my previous poems are. A love poem!  Only the word love is not in the actual poem (other than the title, of course).
Ben DuBois Feb 2012
How long can we suspend
Choosing whether to mend it
Or end it

How long do we intend to go on like this?
We’ve been in a downtrend
Since the time we became boyfriend and girlfriend
It feels…

It’s like we ascended this mountain of a relationship
But now we’ve descended to the bottom

So how long do we intend
To do anything but pretend,
That things will be amended

Maybe next weekend we’ll regret it
But we might just be better off friends…

How long can we suspend
Choosing whether to mend or end?
Both tend to bring me to tears
And send me to my place of fears.

**February 1, 2012
The 12th of 12 poems about my relationship frustrations. I wanted to do another experimental piece by using a theme of words rhyming with "end" in a poem about what I thought was surely going to be our end.
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