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Jun 2012
I’m happy
But I’m interested
I’m happy
But I’m interested,
Interested in what makes others unhappy.

I’m happy myself
But I’m interested in how others can be sad
Happy, any emotion, really.
What makes people tick?
How can people be happy?
How can people be sad?
How can people be mad?

Emotion is such a touchy subject,
Well… not physically… but we all feel it.
I guess it makes me sad
When others are sad
And it just makes me wonder…
Wonder how they got to that point…

Maybe I shouldn’t care,
I mean they’re only strangers.
But I wonder,
I wonder…
I wonder,
Because I’m interested.
Does that make me unhappy?

**April 9, 2012
This poem is kind of just a glimpse at my thought process when thinking of/talking to others.
Ben DuBois
Written by
Ben DuBois
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