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Jun 2012
What a night
What a night
What a night.
Such a strange night
And I’m not sure what to think.

Maybe the darkness of this night has gotten to me.
Maybe I‘m just losing myself suddenly,
My world crumbling around me.
As I wait, wait, wait
In my alone lonely loneliness.
Among everyone…

There is only one real solution
And it’s two hours away…
… two HOURS away!

Maybe the darkness of this night,
This particular night
Has gotten to me.
Maybe my world is crumbling around me.

So here I am, my antisocial, lonely self
With the only cure being
Two ******* hours away
What a night
What a night
What a night…

**April 19, 2012
Just another poem about my frustrations with my long distance relationship.
Ben DuBois
Written by
Ben DuBois
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