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Amelie Jan 2014
when all stars are starting to fade
when all lights have been turned off
when the coffee is getting colder
when the ice is melting down
when your dreams have been crushed
when your hopes flew away
be sure that i'm never coming back.

when all the pain reaches your heart
when all the tears reach your eyes
when the food doesn't have any taste
when the alcohol replaces your blood
when your brain says you hate her
when your heart says you love her
be sure that i'm never forgiving what you did.

when all days are spent crying
when all nights are spent crying
when the clouds are rolling in
when the sky laughs at your face
when your whole body cries for help
when your life is a complete Hell
be sure that i still love you.
Amelie Jan 2014
At some point, I have come to realise
That the reason why
I am so frightened about my own future
Is because you'll be in it,
And it gave me so much pain in the past
That it left scars in my heart and mind.
I now wonder how bad it will be
When we meet again.

I am scared because I am scarred.
Amelie Jan 2014
The radio is blasting words I don't quite understand,
My right hand's still holding an unlit cigarette
It's 6 in the morning, worst time of any day,
I feel today's gonna be as blurred as yesterday.

And you are still there, in my freaking mind,
Why can't you just go away. Please go away.
And you are still there with your freaking smile,
Please go away, even if it's just for a while.

There's a bottle of Jack Daniels hidden under my bed,
And there's the bottle of your perfume on my bedside table.
Some may say it's a mistake to keep smelling your scent,
But I'm lonely and I believe I'll go where you went.

Don't worry my dear I'll soon be by your side,
Even if there are some things I'm not allowed to say to you
Like the fact that I'm still so deeply in love,
And that you're the only one I can think of.

It's always okay in the end.
So I guess we never really reached the end together.
I suggest we just go back right to the start,
If you wish to give us another chance - at last...
Je suis totalement irrécupérable. Trop d'espoir en moi.
Amelie Sep 2013
Oh look, you've finally said it
But what took you so long ?
After all this time crying,
I'm hurt enough to write a song.
Why couldn't you just say it before,
Before I changed my mind,
Is that only an excuse for leaving,
Or do I have to consider it like a sign ?
Is this some kind of grudge
You've been holding onto ?
Or are you being honest,
And you want me back with you ?
I don't quite understand how
You can pour those feelings out now
I'm burning from the inside,
You make me feel so down.
In my mind there's that fire,
That just wouldn't go out
I don't believe you really know
What you're talking about

And now I'll just burn, burn, burn,
Burn from the inside
The flames are reignited
I'm just seeing the downsides
You're making me burn again,
Starting from where you left me
Coming back for another round,
I'm ready for it don't you worry.
Amelie Aug 2013
I love you as much as I love
The first ray of sunshine in the morning,
But I love her as much as I love
The first star in the night sky

I love you as much as I love
Getting into my bed when it's really cold,
But I love her as much as I love
A carress of fresh air when it's really hot

I love you as much as I love
My cup of coffee when I wake up,
But I love her as much as I love
Aspirin when I'm hangover

I love you as much as I love
Wearing a nice outfit when I go out,
But I love her as much as I love
Wearing sweat pants when I'm all alone

I love you as much as I love
Getting naked when we're together,
But I love her as much as I love
Getting her naked when we're together
Inspired by my jealous gf
Amelie Jul 2013
Yesterday I dropped a penny in my room
And it ran and hid under my bed,
Looking on the floor, trying to find it,
I found my old diary instead.

I began laughing but after some time,
After taking a few looks at what I had written,
I realised all the things we've lost,
And I have to admit, now I'm a bit fightened.

"Dear diary, yesterday I went round her house,
And we made love for the very first time
She loves me and it's just beautiful,
What can I say, I play with the big boys now."

"Dear diary, like every wednesday afternoon,
Today she came by to say hello,
And we laid on my bed for hours,
Just talking, laughing, and kissing also."

"Dear diary, my world turns around hers,
Therefore she can also be the reason of my tears
But when I cry, she kisses me,
And catches every drop of water out of my eyes."

"Dear diary, she laid down by my side,
And I held her tight in my arms,
Then she said she loved me,
So I kissed her, there's no harm."

"Dear diary, today when we were together,
She kissed my cheek softly
And started counting my beauty spots,
I don't know why it made me so happy."

"Dear diary, today we had a little fight,
And it makes me die a little inside,
I hung up on her and I'm so sorry,
But I didn't want her to hear me cry.."

"Dear diary, it's over."
"Dear diary, I miss her."

Those were the last words I wrote
But I think it's not enough,
So I took my pen and finished the journal,
Even if for my heart it was a bit tough.

"Dear diary, today more than one year has passed, and I lifted the pieces off the ground. I've known ups and downs but hey, I'm still standing ! This is kind of a message of hope for the future me reading this : of course you'll always love her, of course you'll always miss your first love, of course you'll always think about her sweet laugh, of course you're still in love with her. But it's okay, I mean you're still alive right ? Don't forget about yourself."

                                                     ­             RIP my heart. I think it broke again.
My biggest weakness lies in front of your eyes
Amelie Jun 2013
The vague temptation of your deliciousness
Is hanging over my head
And the sweet taste of your salty skin
Still makes me feel like I'm dead,

Killed by your mouth laid on my neck
Chilled by your hands sliding on my body
Thrilled by your fingers intertwined with mine
Quilled by your eyes, bright in obscurity.

I remember your barely visible smile,
And your shivering lips
I remember the tip of your breast
Getting harder every time I touched it,
With the fresh carress of night falling down.

I want to hear you panting again,
Watch your chest go up and down
As you were breathing heavily
Getting ready for the final knockdown.

I remember the burning light in your eyes
And your teeth softly biting your lips
As your hands hovered my naked body
Getting to know me, bits after bits.

I rcan still see your head slightly tilted back
And your open mouth, looking for fresh air
To cool down your own temperature,
And my hands tearing off what you had left to wear.

I can still feel your tense fingers
Vainly clinging the sheets of my bed,
Your hot, heavy breathing sliding on my skin,
The voices screaming inside my head.

Finally I remember your tongue slow dancing with mine
And the three words you said when I never asked you to,
Sweet, soft, quiet, light and almost inaudible
The magical, crazy "Baby, I want you."
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