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Madelyn Feb 2018
it is through my rainbow tears
that i learn the colors of love
i see it in the reds yellows and blues
in the sky up above

through my rainbow tears
i see the colors in you
you thought you had to hide
my thoughts would change if i knew

through my rainbow tears
your smile shines the brightest
when i'm with you
my heart feels its lightest

through my rainbow tears
love is my *** of gold
but one day a miracle
my feelings were too bold

through my rainbow tears
i see my *** of gold slip away
my tears flow faster
as the colors start to grey

through my rainbow tears
i lose the colors of life
my tears fall onto your fingers
only increasing my strife

my rainbow tears fall
and let me see
your rainbow colored tears
staring back at me
writing prompt: write about a rainbow
Madelyn Feb 2018
a forceful action
an unprovoked violation
aggression hiding away a fool's pain
brought back only by a sleeping inhalation

like a child
putting shapes into a box
forcefully slamming the two pieces together
screaming at an uncaring world

what you don't understand
these pieces, are my only hope
they're the correct shapes
nothing is wrong

they're perfect
but they don't fit

like a bride
when she stumbles upon her gown
an unnerving frustration
fate playing some kind of game
it's perfect but it doesn't fit

you're perfect
writing prompt: use the words perfect, aggression, and gown

— The End —