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Athena Aug 2014
Girl for sale: scars all over.

Nobody told me scars weren't washable.

Remember being happy? Yeah, me neither.

Called CPS again. No justice made.

Please stop staring at my arms!

You remember being friends? I do...

Do you love me? reply...

My face is up here, stupid!

Tried writing poetry. Failed miserably.

Walking dog. Car. No more dog.

I was driving, and then I...

Where did I put my hope?
Here's some more six word poems.
Athena Aug 2014
The lights flicker on and off
Not a living being is seen
Empty on the inside,
dead on the outside.
The wind is shrieking,
the sky is crying,
the trees are howling.
But none of it is heard.
Not the endless pleads,
or the silent wails.
Not a living soul remembers
why the once lively streets
have become a run-down truck stop.
Athena Aug 2014
And you couldn't even say goodbye?
It's kind of a long story, but my sister ran off, and refuses to talk to any of her relatives, and she doesn't let her daughter talk to us either. I don't feel like explaining it all, but she does have borderline personality disorder, and she gets rather paranoid. It's sad because she isn't mentally fit to take care of her daughter, and now we are too far away to protect the poor child.
Athena Aug 2014
Hidden away,
frozen in despair,
I await for the sunlight
of caring eyes.
Tired of living a life of lies,
shrieking at the endless cries,
The cravings control my mind,
Taunting my life,
my happiness.
Don't let me fade,
Please come to my aid,
don't let me turn into a statistic
of this disastrous blade.

— The End —