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Asim Javid Aug 2016
Patterns of the past follow you like fire blazed,
Ever wondered if they will still find your scars and be amazed?
Changing yourself wouldn't undo the mistakes,
For in this life you will get one time takes.
The soul is always hungry for something wild,
But because of the undenying deeds, the heart turns mellow and mild,
It is afraid of someone looking at her naked face,
Ashamed & embarrassed still holding up with the world's pace.
Maybe in the end we all have to find our kind of people,
Just as shady, wild, bound by the demons of a great keeper,
No matter how much you run, your feet is already set on fire,
Are you gonna choose between pure love or the well-aged desire.
No matter how much escape & how  much you run.
Everything settles,  even the shimmering sun.
Look at you & look around, you think suffering is just in you and you are the only one?
Pain & sorrows lies in every soul and that spared none.
The unsettling desires , the relentless pursuing of dreams.
All hide under the reality when it screams.
The despair and powerlessness take over the soul.
Plant your feet and fight for your goal.
Past is a demon , past is cruel and the past, it sure teaches.
The wild experience and inexplicable lessons it preaches.
It beholds immense complexities and innumerable lessons , for past is the creator of future and past is a dauntless teacher*.
Collaborated piece
Asim Javid Aug 2016
She has annulled the ideas of lugubriousness and sorrow.

She is like a spirited rhapsody with no care for tomorrow.
She is effulgent like a shimmery ethereal.
I see her as an elysian effigy.
Wondering how real can she be ?
Is there nothing broken inside ? Is there nothing that aches ?
May be She is mystery,  not to be solved.
All I can see is that there are strange strings involved.
With her I am falling in these inscrutable ties.
And She is more than what meets my eyes....

                                                 © asim.javid
Asim Javid Jun 2016
Day after day you wipe humans away.
Don't you see in that crowd,  there is
a mother , a father,
a daughter and a son.
What do you want to prove with
your hand holding a gun.
Is is just ? Is it fair ?
You are not a human, not even near.
No matter what you call yourself,
  you belong to no religion.
You are not a father , not a brother,
not even mother's son.
You smear your religion ,
you smear humanity.
Your actions are no more than
a plaguey insanity.
Where are your morals, where is
your human code?
You betray the mother earth , which is your abode.
You inflict anguish,
You scourge families.
We detest you and have branded you
" a Terrorist ".
No matter how much you terrorize,
we humans will always find sheer
strength to resist.
     © asim.javid
Asim Javid May 2016
You are a part angel and part teacher.

  You are my first school and first institution.

You taught me right and you made me aware of wrong.

You held me close and you taught me how to be strong.

I'm  forever indebted under your grace.

A mother like you is blessing to the human race.

You have been with me in the happy sunny days and in
the troublesome  weather.

I'm proud to be your son and call you my mother* .
Asim Javid Apr 2016
Holding her hand , walking on the streets.
Realizing the life in those skipped heartbeats.
Exuding the attar, she dulled my senses.
Tremulous tattered talks due to spooking menaces.
Then she talked in her asthenic voice.
And suddenly everything was just background noise.
All I could do was , stare in her eyes.
And I glimpsed into her soul beyond visible lies.
She was the configuration of pain and hope.
Inside, she was in a scrimmage and clinging with a mope.  
Zealously & tenacious , inside , she was a fighter.
I hankered to describe her beauty in my words, as a writer.
But to describe such aesthetical effigy I constellated nothing, not even a single word.
I was stupefyingly stuck , like a fallen wingless bird*.
Asim Javid Mar 2016
A radiating art poured down her fingertips.
i lost the decency of my mind with just one glance of her lips.
i wanted to succumb into her like the paint on her art.
her beauty was so painful that it pierced my heart.
she was close a breath and as far as God.
I lied next to her longing to talk ,
but all we
exchanged was the silence,
wondering if that was odd* !
Asim Javid Feb 2016
Strive and strive,  O dear, it's a long drive.
Fear no fear, fight without care.
The roads are rough and challenges tough.
Fear no fear, fight without care.
Take a stand, and push your limits
Follow the flare your soul emits.
The road to triumph, is full of  trammel.
Trust your resolve,  and never scramble.
There will be hurdles, ups and downs.
Keep your fortitude above the crowns.
  Do not yield,  do not cede .
Struggle against the resistance &
you'll be freed.
Impel your soul with throes of agony.
And the trace you face
is your destiny*..
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