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When my life is so sad
I shelter inside your heart
Nestled away in your heart
I'm smiling today
My perfect refuge is inside your beating heart.
In Her Heart ❤️
Her heart is so kind and full of love
And my heart is beating feeling her love
From the first moment we kissed I
Fell in love your gentle words I love you
Touched my heart and we'll stay together
And your soft touch of your hands on mine
Truly lets me know what love feels like for the
Very first time.
My Love 💖💖
My love is a promise
To you an unbreakable bond
Of true love we share every day
And my beautiful sweetheart
Forever I’ll love you here and beyond
Every day.
True Love ❤️💞
Love is beating inside your heart
Love is so beautiful in life and always
Remember to love and hold your wife
In your arms every night
And love her for the rest of your life.
My Life ❤️❤️
I am asleep
In this
That much I will admit
slightly amazed
I am honestly
In this
I thank you
God for a
Prayer i hadn't
But you answered
In ways only
You could
And you loved
Me so full
Of flaws
To put me
On the mend
And I thank
With all my
a thousand apologies more will not
make spoken words unheard
You are a
Work of Art
Chiseled from
The Maker's Hand
A unique combination
Of Humanity and
Formed in Flesh
With a spirit.
Of love
Bestowed with gifts
Only you can
Share or keep
If kept to
The gift would
And bare.
No fruit up to
Are you a
Master's Piece
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