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Ardita Jan 2015
in two words,
in two plea,
in two kisses...
I swear
I will write
       till I die
I will suffer
        till I love,
in dark,hope
       will I seek
in two kisses,
in two plea
in two words
I will...
Ardita Jan 2015
Out  in dusk,in the sunset
The flakes invisible go
The wind goes on
As fast as the star slows
Out in dusk,in the sunset
The cold greeds you
Needs your comfort
Wants your warm instead
Out in dusk,in the sunset
The Moon ,your soul dances
Behind the sun,beneath your smile
Out in dusk,in the sunset
Dark and light,in a spot they meet
Makes you jealous,away a spark
Hides your breath,above twilight
Out in dusk,in the sunset!
  Jan 2015 Ardita
wes parham
She never lied, she never lies,
She just ignores.
The truth,
I tried to tell her how I feel,
She just ignored,
The proof.
"Then try to think of something else", she said.
"Write the other way"
Whenever she'd drink and rant like this,
I'd stay out of her way.
Because “real”, for her, seemed to signify,
I tried it once, but should probably try again.
I was real with you, that once,
Only, later,  to find
That those imploring me to "relax",
Insisting things would be different,
If only I could "flow", If only I could "see"...
You said, “be real”, and now the memory
Just turns my ******* stomach
Since all of those whose mantra called,
For a plea to just “be real”
Were the least capable, almost to the man,
Of being anything close to that.
Born in awareness of the shortcomings of humankind, this was a cynical piece of verse, just like the self-absorbed, whining humans it stands for.  It is an exercise in bad attitude and there is some shame in having created it.  It expresses things perfectly, though.  It is an irrational response to the inherent weaknesses of people who claim to care and the ungrateful reaction of those receiving any.

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Ardita Jan 2015
Death has earth,
           placed in.
Grain to grain,
           shout the fear out.
Human body,
           to aim his soul
Dig the memories,
           hiding hole!
Love got sky,
           climbing up.
Cloud to cloud,
           even above,
On snow,on rain,
           letting trace,
Wingging space,
           showing grace.
Either strong..
           either smooth,
Over straining,
           me embrace.
Stuck in dint,
           closed freely,
Tearing my soul,
           a luster pace!
Life which can be enchained and free...simultaneously
Ardita Jan 2015
A love,loved,lovely
         by a lover
Makes,you feel deep
         than a ocean,

A pain,pained,painful
         you recover
Turns you away
         in a commotion,

A wound,wounded,bloodly
            by a pest
Scratch death inside
           within your chest!
Ardita Jan 2015
I crave something
                                          that I never had
                                          I want someone
                                         who I never see
                                          I die for trivials
                                         noone can feel
                                        I'm dying to die
                                        I want to be free
#die #ego #life #unseen  #feel
Ardita Jan 2015
may love kills
                  than death's cold spirit
                     may love's fire
                  and holds you revit
#love  #life #death
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